Shell Tanker

Second Wave of Limited Edition Shell LEGO sets make their worldwide debut in Singapore

Here's some fantastic news for Singaporean LEGO fans, the second series of promotional Shell LEGO sets go on sale at Shell Stations across the city-state. Dubbed the Shell V-Power LEGO Collection, the exclusive range of sets features four iconic Ferrari cars, a special limited edition Shell Tanker, a Finish Line podium and a Shell Station modelled after the  one at Fiorano circuit, Scuderia Ferrari’s private racetrack in Maranello, Italy. From 29 August to 20 November 2014, fans will be able to purchase these sets at Singaporean Shell petrol stations with every S$60 purchase of Shell V-Power, Shell FuelSave fuel or Shell Diesel. If you fill up your vehicle with V-Power, each set (except the Shell Tanker) will cost you S$5.95 but if you opt for  Shell FuelSave fuel or Shell … [Read More...]


Review: Lego Batman The Movie Super Heroes Unite DVD

Last week, the long awaited Lego Batman The Movie: Super Heroes Unite DVD finally appeared on shelves across Australia. As an adult Lego fan, I had little interest in the movie but was after one thing: the exclusive Clark Kent minifig! The DVD is available in pretty much everywhere that sells DVDs, from Target to… 

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Australia Toy Sale 2013 : Lego Deals

We’re currently neck-deep in every Australian Lego fan’s favourite time of the year, the much-awaited Australian Toy Sale. Which Lego deals are the best? Which retailers are deserving of your hard earned cash? Going to do a quick write-up of the deals that caught my eye this year. Kmart (Sale begins 27 June – 27 July… 

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Review: 79004 – Barrel Escape

After months of putting this off, I’ve finally built the Barrel Escape! I received this for Christmas from a redditor in last year’s Reddit Secret Santa which I’ve written a little about here.  I guess a little inspiration to build this set came from the trailer to Part 2 of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy… 

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First teaser trailer for The Lego Movie!

Early this morning, the first trailer for the hotly anticipated Lego movie surfaced and after only watching on repeat for 5 times, I must say that I’m pretty impressed! Without further ado, here’s the trailer! Featuring a pretty star-studded cast that boasts the likes of Will Ferell, Liam Neeson, the sublime Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, Chris… 

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