LEGO SDCC 2014 Batman of Zur En Arrh Minifig

LEGO is giving away San Diego Comic Con exclusive minifigures on Twitter

If you're like me, you'd be extremely jealous at all the delicious LEGO exclusives that are being given out or sold at this year's Comic Con San Diego. Every year, I wish I was there solely to be able to get some of the really cool exclusive minifigures that they typically give out to attendees. These minifigures and sets fetch extremely high prices online for obvious reasons. This year however, LEGO is being all sorts of awesome and has given us non-SDCC attendees a small chance at winning some of these minifigures. If you follow @LEGO_Group on Twitter, they'll be giving away 5 minifigures daily via an online raffle. All you need to do is Retweet their giveaway tweet to be in the running and PRAY that the LEGO deities smile upon you to be chosen. Here's the complete schedule of … [Read More...]

Review: 9473 – Lord of the Rings – Mines of Moria

I’m a little tired of writing about Legoland Malaysia. My last few posts have been about the park, and while I am still very much excited for this weekend’s public opening, I don’t want to keep sounding like I’m a Legoland shill. So I’m going back to the essence of this blog, Lego itself and… 

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Preview – Legoland Malaysia Visit!

During the Raya Holidays, me and Jaron decided to make the long trip down to Legoland Malaysia to pick up our Annual Passes after getting that long awaited alert that Annual Pass Redemptions were finally underway. As an added plus, we were also informed that we The Big Shop was up and running and that… 

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Happy 80th Birthday, LEGO!

To commemorate 80 years of LEGO, this cute animated short film detailing the origins, journey and eventual success of the LEGO Group in becoming one of the world’s most beloved toy. The film is quite sad at time, but hit all the right notes on values that the LEGO Group hold dear, namely quality and perseverance. Their… 

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Lego Team GB Minifigures Review

Just in time for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics later today, 27 July 2012, I finally got my hands on my Team GB minifigs thanks to my buddy Jaron who was lucky enough to be in London a couple of weeks ago! Here’s a look at the coveted packs of the Team GB… 

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