LEGO minifigs series 12

First look at all the characters from Collectible Minifigures Series 12!

My favourite time of the year has arrived! We finally get a complete look at all the characters from Collectible Minifigures Series 12! Posted up on Neoape, the image was (prematurely?) leaked by UK retailer, Argos on their website. Here's the complete list of characters in Series 12: Space Miner Battle Goddess Wizard Dino Tracker Swashbuckler Jester Piggy Guy Hun Warrior Fairytale Princess Pizza Delivery Man Video Game Guy Spooky Girl Prospector Genie Girl Rock Star Lifeguard The release date for Series 12 should be somewhere in October 2014, and I personally can't wait. While The Simpsons and LEGO Movie Characters made for interesting Collectible Minifigure sets, nothing beats having original characters with amazing costumes and … [Read More...]

A New Place To Call Home, and Hello Again

First of all, apologies for going on hiatus. I’ve been extremely busy relocating to my new home, Australia! New digs! (Image source: Now that I’m based in Australia, I’m gonna be posting up more updates on Lego availability, pricing and sales in Australian retail stores but my reviews should stay the same. I’m planning to… 

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Review: 9473 – Lord of the Rings – Mines of Moria

I’m a little tired of writing about Legoland Malaysia. My last few posts have been about the park, and while I am still very much excited for this weekend’s public opening, I don’t want to keep sounding like I’m a Legoland shill. So I’m going back to the essence of this blog, Lego itself and… 

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Preview – Legoland Malaysia Visit!

During the Raya Holidays, me and Jaron decided to make the long trip down to Legoland Malaysia to pick up our Annual Passes after getting that long awaited alert that Annual Pass Redemptions were finally underway. As an added plus, we were also informed that we The Big Shop was up and running and that… 

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Happy 80th Birthday, LEGO!

To commemorate 80 years of LEGO, this cute animated short film detailing the origins, journey and eventual success of the LEGO Group in becoming one of the world’s most beloved toy. The film is quite sad at time, but hit all the right notes on values that the LEGO Group hold dear, namely quality and perseverance. Their… 

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