LEGO 21301 Birds

Review: LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds

One of my favourite contemporary LEGO themes is LEGO Ideas. I await each new quarterly review and announcement with feverish anticipation, curious to see what fan-voted set from LEGO Ideas gets turned into a retail product. The pedigree of LEGO Ideas has been nothing short of remarkable, with modern classics such as Brent Waller's Ecto-1, Peter Reid's Exo Suit and Dr. Ellen Kooijman's Research … [Read More...]


LEGO Store Spotlight: Brick Sanctuary (Malaysia)

Independent LEGO stores are an important component of the retail ecosystem. Like any value-driven shopper, I sometimes pay a heavy emphasis on the big brand stores because they're generally more … [Read More...]

LEGO 70807 Metalbeard Face Feature

Review: LEGO Movie 70807 – Metalbeard’s Duel

Boys are predictable. As a general rule of thumb, we tend to like guns, robots, pirates and swords. When you combine all of these elements together into one single entity, the results are spectacular … [Read More...]

Big W LEGO Sale April

Australian LEGO Sales: The LEGO Movie Edition – April 2014

With The LEGO Movie out in cinemas, Australian toy retailers are keen to jump in on the bandwagon while hype is at an all time high for everyone's favourite building blocks toy. Here's a roundup of … [Read More...]

Lego Movie Poster

Australian LEGO Movie Promotions

After what seemed like an eternity, The LEGO Movie opened in cinemas across Australia today! I just got home from the cinema, making this the third time I've watched the movie and I was every bit as … [Read More...]