Australian LEGO Sales – Boxing Day 2015 Edition

Now that Christmas is almost over, our attentions turn to Boxing Day sales as retailers across the country attempt to lure shoppers back into stores with Boxing Day offers and sales.

LEGO is usually not a focal point in Boxing Day sales and most shelves at retailers will no doubt be Ghost Town-like after Christmas but I’ve put together a bargain roundup of all the major retailers offering LEGO Boxing Day Sales. 

Myer (26 December 2016) – Boxing Day Catalogue Link

Myer LEGO Boxing Day Sale 2015

Myer currently has THE most appealing Boxing Day offer with a 50% off your second toy sale that is in-store only. Assuming you buy two sets of equal price, you’re looking at a 25% off discount off each set.

Some of the newer The Force Awakens LEGO sets such as the Kylo Ren and Phasma Buildable Figures, Battle Packs and Series 3 Microfighters are starting to show up in stores across the country so if your local Myer has some, this would be a great time to pick them up.

David Jones (26 December – 3 January) – Boxing Day Catalogue Link

David Jones LEGO Boxing Day Sale 2015


David Jones has 20% off LEGO City, Friends, Elves, Duplo, Ninjago and Bionicle. The sale is both online and in-store! You can browse all the discounted sets online here. The sale being online should be great news for those of you who want to avoid the crowds tomorrow morning.

Target (26 December)

Target Buy One Get One Half Price Boxing Day 2015

Target LEGO Boxing Day Sale 2015

Target doesn’t have an explicit LEGO sale but there are a few LEGO themes that fall under their Buy One Get 50% off your second toy offer. LEGO Minecraft and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers sets seem to qualify under this promotion, which isn’t too shabby.

The sale is both online and in-store. You can check out the limited number of sets that are on sale online via this link.

Well that seems to be all the Australian LEGO Boxing Day sales that I’m aware of. If you spot any other deals, do drop me a line and I’ll update the post accordingly.

If you’re braving the crowds to score some deals tomorrow morning, good luck!

6 responses to “Australian LEGO Sales – Boxing Day 2015 Edition”

  1. Mark says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that post Christmas sales are a bust for Lego fans. Most of the sales only apply in store. I braved Eastland VIC today to check out the majors and all the good stuff was gone. You can get 20% off (or the tradional Myer buy one get 50% off the second) at numerous times throughout the year anyway when a) they actually have stock and b) the crowds and carparks aren’t borderline homicidal!

    • Jay says:

      Yeah plus the shelves are always depressingly empty. A few years ago when LEGO wasn’t as popular, I still remember when David Jones would offer 30% off LEGO and there would still be modulars on boxing day. Those were good times!

  2. Lesley Needham says:

    In my local paper they are advertising 70% off Lego Ninjago at Toyworld. Not sure if this is a national deal or not.

    • Jay says:

      Ah I saw that too on Toyworld’s website but it only applies to selected Toyworlds, mostly in regional areas. It’s a really good deal, I’d have jumped at the Battle of Ninjago City set for $99!

      • Lesley Needham says:

        One of my boys bought set 70728 and paid just $49.99. But they had very limited range in the Ninjago sets. The Toyworld I went to had 20% all the other LEGO sets in store but there was nothing that I really wanted in stock. This Toyworld is only a few months old. The previous one was a franchise and it closed down a few months ago and sold all its stock. A new Toyworld (which I think might be owned and managed by head office) opened in the same spot. I was hoping being so new that they might have a lot of new stock but they had very limited City range.

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