After massive delays, LEGO VIP Ulysses Space Probe sells out in record time in Australia

So today was an absolute shambles for Australian and New Zealand LEGO fans who were waiting for the highly anticipated LEGO Ulysses Space Probe reward to go up online on the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre.

Update: You know you dun goofed when Brickset gets mad.

There is a lot of rage, frustration and disappointment flowing through the ANZ fan community, and it was especially frustrating for me as well, judging by the conversations happening on the Jay’s Brick Blog Facebook page.

But first, a recap of the day’s events!

Confirmation that the Ulysses Probe was coming

Yesterday, Australian LEGO fans were sent a little surprise email from LEGO VIP, confirming that the Ulysses Probe was on the way. No details, or timing were given and I had to ring up customer service for confirmation and timing and we were given a date and time – 14/4 at 9:00AM AEST!

Brilliant, that’s all we need to prepare, and news was summarily shared on Facebook and I updated my Ulysses Probe post.

The morning of 14/4 – trouble is brewing

So we wake up, all ready to spend our hard-earned LEGO VIP points, but trouble had already began brewing.

For one, the VIP Rewards Section got incredible slow and glitchy, with individual rewards not showing up, and the website generally working really slowly, with people having issues even logging into their LEGO account.

It was probably heaving from eager fans refreshing the VIP Rewards Centre, and websites get funny when under high traffic loads. Remember when this blog was down at Christmas for a few days because the traffic crashed my site?

9:00am comes… and then nothing

It’s go-time, and most people refreshed the second the time ticked over to 9AM but the Ulysses Probe is nowhere to be found!

9:30am passes, and more refreshing occurs. The VIP rewards site is as slow as a turtle.

10:00am – nothing.

11:00am – nothing.

I post a funny photo and snarky caption on Facebook and thoroughly enjoyed the GIFs and chatter. Thanks to all readers for making the conversation fun and lighthearted.

Group chats are going off with speculation of what is happening, and local LEGO Groups are also chattering away.

The Ulysses Probe finally shows up – at 12:22pm!

Some people probably gave up after 3 hours of refreshing the page, or some people probably had to get on with their day. Some of us actually have jobs and not all of us are lucky enough to work from home, or from a computer with easy access to the internet, or our mobile phones.

I was ducking into Microsoft Teams calls and Zooms here and there, so I wasn’t just mindlessly refreshing, and at a few times were I was busy – I terribly feared that I would’ve missed out.

At 12:22pm (according to reader reports), the Ulysses Probe finally shows up! Late, but worth the wait. I scramble to hit the Redeem Button (bye bye 1,800 points!) and lock mine in.

With how much of a shitshow this has been and fearing that LEGO might screw inventory up, or accidentally oversell Ulysses Probes, I then put an order through for the Space Shuttle to capitalise on Double VIP points, and also ensure that I’d get my probe.

Sold out at 12:55pm!!!

About half an hour later, the Ulysses Probe sells out, much to the disappointment of people not able to refresh the page constantly, or weren’t glued to my Facebook page.

Sorry, tough luck, you’ve missed out on this pretty cool VIP reward. Better luck next time.

This is an old photo of mine from 2016, but I think this is the closest I can imagine what the LEGO IT/Digital department must look like.

As I write this, updates are flying through my feed and it seems those in the UK and Europe are also having issues redeeming the Ulysses Probe.

This isn’t a post to talk about solutions, or the changing paradigm of limited edition, artificial scarcity strategy that LEGO seems to be employing with the LEGO VIP Program.

It’s actually funny (and somewhat prescient), but Richard and I were discussing this very issue on Episode 1 of our Extra Pieces Podcast, but I don’t have the energy to talk about solutions, ramifications and the “why” behind this.

I still maintain that LEGO absolutely messed up with this, and they should’ve given this out as a Gift with Purchase with the Space Shuttle.

This post is just here, to document the shambolic chain of events, and preserve how I feel about all that transpired today.

I am really sorry if you missed out – it’s not nice, and totally unfair to have something not go live when promised. Many people just gave up after awhile and I don’t blame them because we all have busy lives and priorities.

To those that managed to get one and I hope I helped a few of you get one through updates on my Facebook page, I’m really glad I was somewhat able to help.

For those of you in the USA waking up to this, please prepare accordingly, because I can guarantee that it’s not going to go perfectly, so strap in for a long bumpy ride redeeming the Ulysses Probe.

Update: LOL

Look at what people are selling the Ulysses Probe on eBay for!

Update 2: Double LOL

For those of you in the USA, the Ulysses Probe is meant to go up on at 9:00am EDT. Good luck and godspeed.

What do YOU think of this? Did you miss out, or did you manage to get one before they sold out? Are you in the future checking in on this and want to vent? Please let me know your feelings in the comments section and I will absolutely ensure they get passed on to LEGO directly.

58 responses to “After massive delays, LEGO VIP Ulysses Space Probe sells out in record time in Australia”

  1. Mark says:

    I was one who got on at 9 am only to find Ulysses not in the rewards section. Around 10:30 I engaged in a live chat with a LEGO support person who told me to keep checking back. I checked every 30 min until 12 noon, nothing the next time I had a chance to check was 13:30 and there they were “sold out”. Then to see people profiteering on eBay makes me mad. I will now only buy off LEGO website to use my remaining points for discount. Great way to treat VIP members NOT.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi, I’m in the US. Started at 8:00am, logged in and began refreshing at 8:30…
    At 8:58 I got the first of many ‘VIP is currently offline for maintenance’ messages.
    Continued until about 9:04 started getting a pop-up to log in or create an account (I was logged in).
    This continued with phone, laptop and desktop (last 2 with multiple tabs and different browsers ( until 9:20 when everything all went perfect on all screens except… Sold Out (of course). 😡

  3. Andy Evans says:

    The instructions are out for it. I have all the parts less sticker so 😜the scammers and Lego Corp.
    If I make a few I’m giving them away to the kids in my class with the printed instructions. We will make our own fact stickers.

    • Mark Saint says:

      That is awesome Andy

      I’m kind of hoping Lego will just release the whole thing as an open set by way of apology, and really screw the scalpers! Even if its just in paper bags via the stores.

      its time this practice was ended (ability to cheat fans out of sets so they can just sell them )
      If that means an end to highly limited sets/add-ons, then so be it

  4. Chris Brennan says:

    Once again let down by Lego, if they can’t get their act together on this sort of “VIP” reward stuff simply don’t do it. I wanted to have one of these to supplement the two shuttles I purchased, one to build along with my other space sets and the other as a gift. This is the third and final time for me. Will be going to the grey market from now on, they can stick their rewards program where the sun doesn’t shine!

    Seriously Lego – stop screwing your fan base over!!

  5. John says:

    I started my refresh journey, here in Canada, at 9am. The rewards section said under maintenance for about 13 minutes, at which point I was able to redeem my points.

    I promptly message 2 friends who could not load the page for about 10 minutes and then the probe was sold out.

    All in all, it took about 9 minutes to sell out in Canada from what I gather.

  6. Andy says:

    I wasn’t interested in the set so I didn’t follow the events from yesterday, but yes it has been a monumental screw up from Lego’s point of view.

    The inflated aftermarket is just insane. Hopefully not too many will pay those prices.

    The best thing Lego could do is to come out with a very public apology and a statement that the probe will be coming back into stock, and not in limited numbers. Maybe retiring it in a few years along with the shuttle. That would kill the aftermarket, which of course Lego do not profit from.

    • Andy says:

      … as for the GWP option, I don’t deny that had it been a GWP then I would have bought the shuttle on day 1, but then would we be swamped with complaints that people couldn’t order the big new set from Lego as it’s sold out?

      • Mark Saint says:

        Easily diverted with a pre-order system and clear and honest notices about any delays.
        (especially with the last years events)
        Most people are reasonable as long as they are kept informed and communications are open and honest.

        What people don’t like is denial of issues that clearly exist , lack of communication and being ignored.

  7. Mark Saint says:

    Does anyone know what the release numbers are on these sets?

    In the comic world a ltd edition of 1.5k is not very ltd, but in Lego that is extreme considering the fanbase is so large and diverse. They KNOW how many VIP space fans they have, and a pre-register or order system could have given them EXACT figures that would not have resulted in this PR disaster!

    Lego should be ANTI – scalper. It is not fan friendly and has nothing to do with collecting.
    Just look at ebay and the prices of any Reward/release add on in recent years – be it the Lunar Lander Patch (£25+), The Curiosity Rover (£250 if in box) or the Porsche 911/ Lamborghini add ons ((about £100).
    Totally ridiculous prices for what they are!

    They could kill it the majority of this practice by just limiting specials to buy with purchase to a time limit (i.e. 3-6 months) with back orders for over subscription. Maybe free or reward for release as part of a promotion / pre-order (not that they have any trouble selling good creator sets)
    How many of us would have happily pre-ordered the shuttle if it came with the Probe? Even paid an extra few £ for it (I certainly would have)

    A good marketer could even increase pre-sales By limiting it to only via the Lego Stores/Online or VIP members would ensure the maximum profit on it and the sets (compared to what they get for wholesale prices)
    and even feed the obsessive collector frenzy by releasing variants (Enterprise, Columbia and other probes/shuttle payloads) via certain store chains

    Yes collecting is about the chase – but that isn’t being sat on your PC at stupid o clock (pandemic or not, a lot of us work) unless its a VERY very special item.
    Its about tracking down that elusive set or part you always wanted but couldn’t get (or afford) at the time

  8. Mike Lee says:

    Serious question: what was the point of this exercise, from LEGO’s perspective? They must have upset more people than they made happy, so it doesn’t work as a promotion. Unless they were trying to load test their web servers, I don’t see how they benefited from this. If they couldn’t produce enough sets to meet demand, they should’ve just canceled the whole thing. Instead they’re creating artificial demand in a marketplace they now own. It’s not a good look for the world’s most beloved company.

  9. Julian says:

    When it comes to collecting things, people often refer to the thrill of the chase. In this case I can aptly substitute “thrill” for “protracted frustrating ordeal”.

    I was looking forward to the release of the Ulysses, but my problems started the day before the actual release date when I couldn’t log in to my Lego account. Two separate phone calls to Customer Service were made over the course of the day where I was given various possible solutions such as clearing my cookies, changing my browser, using a different device, setting up a new account, and ultimately to resetting something from their end which should hopefully resolve the issue by the morning. I went to bed feeling somewhat sceptical that everything would be sorted by 0900…..

    By the time I woke the next morning, I was relieved to discover that access to my account had been restored. Like many others, from 0900 I began the fruitless task of logging onto the VIP site and refreshing every 5 to 10 minutes (while at work) until I gave up about 90 minutes later. By pure chance, I thought I’d try my luck one last time at around 1230 and I was one of the fortunate ones to be at the right place at the time and managed to successfully redeem the code for the Ulysses.

    Shortly thereafter, I made my order, entered my code and after entering my payment details, I received the “something went wrong” message. I tried again and exactly the same thing happened. I tried a third time and on this occasion, after entering the redemption code I was given the message “code invalid”. I tried several more times thinking I had incorrectly entered the code, but with the same result. Feeling exasperated, I rang Customer Service, and after a wait, was told that my order had actually gone through with the Space Probe and that I was very fortunate because there were no more Space Probes left?!

    Afterwards when I checked my credit card, I found that I had been charged twice, so I’ll wait to see what comes of that.

    All of the Customer Service reps were extremely friendly and genuine in their attempts to assist me and I have nothing but praise for them, but……

    …… while I feel extremely lucky that my stars ultimately aligned to have been able to order the set, I’m also disheartened and disappointed for everyone who missed out because I don’t think I should have needed luck to get this set. Sure, I understand that sometimes demand can exceed supply, but for genuine Lego fans to miss out largely due to the disorganised and frankly shambolic execution of its release, is hard to accept. To see the grossly inflated prices on the secondary market just sours the taste even more.

  10. Robert Heinke says:

    Who at LEGO is in charge of these things?!? You tie a VIP Reward to a big new release like the Shuttle Discovery, and you only have enough for a few fans that waited up all night, and the scalpers. I had just received my Shuttle, and wanted to get the VIP Reward to go with it. Somehow I was thinking customers that ordered the Shuttle would have some sort of “in” for the Probe. Guess not. Just an hour after launch….”Sold Out”. LEGO has all the contact information for its customers who bought on-line. The right thing to do is contact those folks and tell them they will have a Probe held for them. And we can use our points on it.
    What’s funny, is that on other recent space sets, special rewards for early buyers were sent with those particular sets. Is the Probe worth more than those rewards? Probably. So we use points on it….we just need the chance!
    The other rub for me was I ordered the Shuttle as soon as it was released, so I wouldn’t miss out on it. The 2X VIP points started a couple weeks later. So, I didn’t even get 2X points.
    Signed, USA LEGO fan with 1,800 extra VIP points!

  11. Kelvin says:

    Absolute shambles and Lego needs to know they have stuffed up yet again, but this time to their loyal customers in the VIP program. Especially space fans who are long standing customers.

    They already delayed this promo for 2 weeks to make more knowing the huge demand yet still botched it. For Aussies/NZ, it’s worst cause it didn’t even come on time as advertised at 9am. Not everyone can keep refreshing all day as we have to work to make a living and then this dropped and sold out without warning. And it seems this shamble have continued on for other regions.

    It should have been just a normal GWP in the first place but they had to make use redeem points for it and then botch the release. If production was an issue, they could at least send a redemption code at time of shuttle purchase on day 1 and then they will know how many to make. And people can redeem it on their next order or pay shipping. Much better than the situation now which leaves a sour taste for most loyal customers.

  12. Craig HOWARD says:

    To rub salt into the wounds during the 2x rewards, you can get a mini dots frame with your purchase.
    Hmmmm, the Ulysses probe to complete my set or a mini dots frame with my purchase of the shuttle?
    That will compensate surely; they have the worst timing!!

  13. Karen says:

    It saddens me to see people selling off these items for crazy prices.

  14. Myles says:

    Dear: Jays Brick & Lego

    Well Lego , Wednesday April 8 was not a very good day for you. I can state that you have alot of very unhappy customers by looking at the comments on the internet.
    I would just like to say that Lego should be giving all of its VIP members the Ulysses Space Probe , who bought the space shuttle discovery ($269). Your making ($899.99) sets that sell out! How hard would it be to gift a 12 dollar retail set (manufacturing cost roughly $2-4 dollars) to your customers who clearly show support and love for all of the sets that Lego produces
    Lego website was clearly not set up to handle to influx in customer on its website and customers could not even log into there VIP accounts leading up towards the time of the product being released.
    This is not a fair to the customers who have interest in the set and not a fair way of distribution on a product.

    In conclusion I have called Lego and been told that they are sold out and do not know if there restocking the product.
    I think we as Lego customers should all be calling out Lego on this as per it’s not fair to have a product worth $12 that is now selling on eBay for upwards to $200.
    I hope Lego puts some serious though into fixing this situation because I’m sure there is alot of unhappy customers that will reconsider before they buy there next set!
    Thank you very much

  15. Mark Mather says:

    Absolutely raging. I genuinely loved this design to build and go with my Saturn V, lunar lander, space stationa and discovery. I was logged in and ready to go 15 mins before launch. As soon as 0900 struck (UK) I was greeted by the ‘agree to terms and conditions’ followed by ‘something went wrong’ followed by ‘sold out’. Then see the greedy bastards selling on eBay for mega bucks. It’s like Lego are purposely in trying to make people rich. They are completely neglecting genuine fans and the promotions are poorly managed. It is massively disappointing and I’m considering walking away altogether.

  16. Mark Saint says:

    I’ve been waiting for this release since they released the shuttle, and think it should’ve just been a add on perk for buying direct from LEGO
    I got no notification that this would be available at 9am today (and yes I’m supposed to be on their lists) not that that would have helped me! I’m a COVID field worker and was out doing my job at 9am collecting data for the ONS on Covid.

    NONE of these ‘special’ sets should be this limited! the only people it profits are the ebay sellers. Just look at any of the reward sets on ebay – how many of them were bought by real fans? (No real fan would let them go – you’d only get my Curiosity Rover from my cold dead hands! )

    Just make them a reward ‘add on’ available to buyers who buy from LEGO direct rather than a retailer – surely the profit to LEGO is enough incentive and kill the scalper market TODAY

    (by all means sell your near mint 1969 lego set, Warehouse find Black Pearl Ship, or hard to find parts for a tidy profit – that’s a collectors market not a scalpers)

  17. syclone says:

    This is why people stop buying lego sets and embrace alternative brands lmao. First you get overcharged for awful quality (just look at the awful colour inconsistency of the Sian for example or the notorious reddish brown fiasco) then you aren’t even able to spend all those points you get from these overpriced sets…

  18. Paul Bowman says:

    It is an absolute disgrace and it is all Lego’s doing. They are creating this false scarcity situation… they could easily make more of these sets. It should have been a free promo with the Shuttle to begin with. Failing that why not make it a set that anyone can purchase to accompany the Shuttle and Hubble. I’d gladly pay a reasonable price for it, rather than the inflated prices on ebay which were listed before I could even get into the vip rewards page. I tried for well over 45mins (from before 9am when it went on sale here in the UK). VIP is a joke and it is not a level playing field, the only vips today were the ones who got this thing and then immediately list it on eBay for ridiculously high prices. Lego is facilitating this situation, simple as that. vip I’m done with you! Hang your head Lego you should be ashamed!

    • Karen says:

      I totally agree with you Paul.

      I have slowed down my Lego interest substantially due to the fact that items seem to be retired too soon and if I want an item I didn’t get before they left the shop shelves I would need to get a bank loan to finish my collection.

  19. Daniel says:

    I’m in the USA, specifically California. I set my alarm to 5:45 PST, since it was going live at 9AM EST. (3 hrs ahead of my time). I had the item I was going to purchase in my cart ready to go.

    I refreshed the VIP page when it was time, was able to redeem the probe, entered the code during check out, and submitted my order only to get an error message that something went wrong.

    I quickly went to my purchased items to make sure I had not actually purchased anything, and my order was not there.

    I started going through the checkout process again, ready to submit another order, but something told me to check my bank account and I’m glad I did. I had been charged!

    Moments later my purchase appeared in my lego account. But if I had not checked I would have totally made 2 purchases as others in this comment section have mentioned occurred to them.

    After reading all these stories I feel like one of the lucky ones. I’m sorry to anyone who was not able to grab one. Hopefully Lego sells this item or brings it back for another round at the VIP store.

    • Glenn says:

      I also had the same error when I confirmed my order as well. When I was about to place the second order with another shuttle, I decided to check my order history and I see my first order did go through. It was in processed.
      This was a bit challenging to get the probe. The Yoda light saber was a gwp and it was sold out when I bought it online. I realized it was not in my order when I submitted it. I called a local Lego store and they had two light sabers left. Now I have two cantinas.
      The frigate was a another fiasco. I had it order and it was CANCELLED.

  20. Tom says:

    Never even had a chance. 😫

  21. Nick Gaston says:

    … and it’s sold out in the Americas now. Maybe I’ll get on at the right magic moment for the next limited time release.

  22. Andy M says:

    So, following the disaster of not being able to accept the new terms and conditions, when I was finally able to get into the rewards centre I too found the probe sold out. I see they are now already listed on eBay for upwards of £100. Shame on Lego – what a disgrace. I suggest it is incumbent on Lego to produce more and give a chance to those who had a genuine interest in acquiring it but missed out because of the messed up technology. I bought a shuttle but I shall be returning it for a refund on principle.

    • Joe says:

      All you need is more patience and not giving up. I encountered all the symptoms mentioned here. Despite it all, I managed to get one because i continue assuming that it must be a polling cylcle and waited my anticipated turn. Wish i had same opportunity last space coin but ended up getting it from Ebay.
      A point again is that patience is not the ability to wait but to keep a good attitude and staying positive while waiting. Lego is doing their best efforts to get them available and I’m sure they know what they are doing with market strategy.

      • Mike Lee says:

        That’s not all you need. When you’re there on time and the website locks you out with errors until the thing is sold out, patience doesn’t help. In fact, I’d say it runs out pretty quickly.

  23. pamela wolff says:

    I wonder if they subscribe to the “any publicity is good publicity” mantra and do all this on purpose. I’ts 9:16 a.m. EDT and the VIP page here in Canada is “closed for maintenance”. Urgh…

  24. Nick Gaston says:

    It’s 9:08 AM EDT now in the U.S. and the VIP section is currently offline under going maintenance. I wonder if they are trying to fix some issues they found during the launch on the other half of the world.

  25. Ehb says:

    One question:

    Does anyone actually feel like a “VIP” at this point? The connotation of that acronym is supposed to coincide with exceptional service and exclusivity. LEGO’s VIP program does neither of these things.

    This will sound elitist, but there is clearly a split in financial demographics amongst AFOLs. Those of us who are “whales” should perhaps be granted a super VIP designation and given higher priority access to exclusive launches or simply super VIP exclusives. We are, after all, the ones who quite literally spend into the thousands annually on LEGO (think $2000-5000+/yr, even $10k+ in some instances). That is a significant consumer investment compared to the average consumer and I feel should be rewarded accordingly.

    I know people will be in an uproar over what I just said but if you’re going to call your rewards “VIP”, then it goes without saying the user experience must correspond with the term being used. Otherwise, it’s just utter fluff and like any other garbage grocery reward card.

    • John campbell says:

      To be fair, you are rewarded with that much more points than the average person, and you can afford all the sets that you want, even more if you’re spending 10k lol.

      There are many fans that likely don’t have the required points period to redeem on these exclusives like the probe or coins etc.

      Is this not enough for you?

  26. Colin Steward says:

    I called LEGO last night, and the rep I spoke to actually said it was going live on the site at midnight, so I stayed up and waited, and waited, and waited…then I noticed another collector had said the site mentioned 9am, so like everyone else, I logged in and waited, and waited, and waited. I was at work, so it was a thrilling experience trying to subtly check my phone between serving customers and other staff interactions. I was on lunch when it finally launched, and with pure dumb luck, I refreshed and to my amazement it was live. I redeemed and thought I was home free. (I’ve never used the VIP program like this before) so when I finally worked out I needed to make a purchase too, I started to panic. I don’t need anything on the site currently, seeing as I bought the shuttle when it launched, (no pun intended).

    Once I’d finally made my selection, I went through the checkout process… all smooth sailing until the good old “oops, something went wrong” error appeared, so I repeated this process again, and then for a third time. Each time, the same error. Finally, I noticed my VIP points had been reduced, so I was a little calmer with that revelation. After the whole ordeal had passed, I realized that I had been charged 3 times, so here’s hoping I actually get the freaking thing after this.

    For such a massive company, you’d think they could pull their finger out and get these promotions working properly, it’s not their first time…

    • Andrew says:

      Colin, I had the same experience with the “something went wrong” message. I noticed that was after the CC had been validated, so checked the bank to make sure it had (it had) and waited for the confirmation email, which came as usual about half an hour later.

      So it seems that the error message was wrong, or at least didn’t mean your order hadn’t been processed. My guess is you now have three orders, and I would assume two will need to be cancelled.

      Mine now shows “in warehouse” so I’m hoping this means it’s been allocated. Who knows these days?

  27. Daan says:

    Im very disappointed in lego. First i mist out on the Porsche 911 vip reward than on the space cion and now i did not even get a chance to get on the vip page before the ulysses sold out. It doesn’t look like lego is learning from there misstakes. So many fans did not get a chance to get what they waited for.

  28. Craig HOWARD says:

    What can you say about this debacle? It just annoys people and fuels a secondary market that Lego do not benefit from.
    Those who want the shuttle want the probe, make it GWP and then you complete the set, without a thought of what it may be worth down the track.
    To do it this way with a limited amount just smacks of the SDCC limited sets that you cant generally get your hands on.
    They need to make another run of these but I doubt that would ever happen.

    Couldn’t organize a you know what in a you know where with a handful of pineapples.

  29. Andrew says:

    The appropriate action for Lego to take now would be to schedule another production run of the set and either make it available to everyone who’s bought a Shuttle or at the very least put it on a general retail release at the $A20-30 a set of this size would normally sell for.

    Lego was quick with the mea culpa when challenged about the Osprey set (the big fail of 2020), perhaps it’s time to recognise that many loyal fans have been affected in this instance and soften the blow a little.

    Personally I love collecting the GWPs and similar items, but it’s just getting to be such an onerous process. I would have loved the Winnie the Pooh prints but didn’t even bother trying for those.

    • WD says:

      I both mailed and called my local Lego Support, to make my frustrations and crappy experience known. The representative wasn’t able to get his hands on a set himself either. Basically all of the EU is supplied by 1 warehouse, so the stock in that warehouse is shared between many countries. The call was nice and friendly enough, I made it quite clear why this is so frustrating, and he was understanding enough and would add my complaint to the chorus they’re already receiving. He didn’t give me too much of the usual corporate pre-scripted non-helpful reply, surprisingly. If enough of us do this, Lego will hopefully feel enough pressure to come up with an answer (like doing another run, selling them in the shop, …), rather than just ‘take it into account for future releases’.

  30. Monty says:

    I missed out, because I was in meetings and couldn’t spend the day refreshing. Very unhappy about this.

    Honestly, at this stage they need to provide the set for sale, even if only exclusive to Lego.

  31. GJBricks says:

    I was frustrated as I’d been refreshing all morning and the one hour window of the day I couldn’t was when it came and went. Was very disappointed tbh. But at least there’s a bricklink parts list available just a shame it won’t have the plaque. Sad as it would have been perfect with the space shuttle!

  32. Cameron says:

    Absolute shambles for UK. Was refreshing page from 9:00am on dot GMT. Kept getting hit with “Accept terms and conditions message” never happened before. Click “Accept” to get hit with “Something went wrong”. Eventually at 9:27 managed to get in to reward centre with spinning circles and not loading rewards. Rewards eventually load at 9:34…….sold out. So much rage, might not even purchase discovery now due to how bad this has been. Waited for release with probe and hit with this shambles.

  33. David says:

    I especially purchased the Shuttle through Lego so I could redeem the points for this. I had exactly the same experience except the 2nd last time I checked was 12:15pm so just before it came available. Work then got in the way and I didn’t get to try until after 3pm so no probe for me. LEGO rewards are a joke. I’m not going to bother with them again and go back to supporting my local toy shop. At least when they say the doors will open at 9am they actually do.

  34. Daniel says:

    It’s funny, I usually buy every real world space set that LEGO releases. I was tempted to buy the Shuttle, and if this had been a GWP it would have been a certainty. When I found out even getting the Odyssey would require several hundreds dollars just to accrue the points I was put off. This seals it, I think I can do without the Shuttle entirely. I have the old Shuttle Expedition that is (almost) same scale as the Saturn V. This whole sorry saga has left a bad taste and I will find better things to spend my money on.

  35. Paul Percy says:

    An absolute debacle. Not impressed at all with the ‘limited’ availability, nor the lack of ability to make it live on the website when stated. So much for the ‘About an hour’ to get it up and running when inquiries were made with customer service. If you want customers to be loyal stop treating us like we don’t matter. This is no way to run a business. Well, husband won’t be getting the Ulysses probe with his space shuttle for his birthday, very disappointing. I was ready and waiting at 9am, refreshing every 10 mins for 3 hrs in between meetings and trying to get work done. Had to give up, turns out i had to stop shortly before it went live.
    Just make it a set we can purchase and not leave so many people disgruntled if it is too hard to get right and supply the demand. These ongoing issues do not put faith the ability to get sets.

  36. Andrew says:

    So pissed off. Set an alarm and cleared diary to make sure I could get it. 3hrs of refreshing later, I had to get back to work. Checked half an hour later and it was sold out!!

    Massive fail Lego.
    I might make the jump to wood carving…

  37. Ian Hazlehurst says:

    Yes here in the UK I’m greeted with ‘Sold Out’ at 10am, oh well 🙁

  38. Bill J says:

    I am so dreading this. I’m in the US (EST time zone) and work a second shift ending at 2:00am. I am setting my alarm for 4 hours earlier than I normally wake up to try and hit the 9:00 am release. I know this probably isn’t going to end well. LEGO really blew it this time. The Ulysses most definitely should have been a GWP with the Discovery shuttle, especially since I ordered 2 at midnight on release day. One for me and one for a workmate.

  39. WD says:

    The exact same as the above story happened to me today (EU), albeit in a much shorter span of time: at 09:57 I get kicked out of the site. Logging in doesn’t work until 10:30. When it does, the rewards in the VIP center won’t load. Once they do after constant refreshing at 10:39: congratulations, Ulysses set sold out…

    I’m done with LEGO, they do this every time. Shopping for what should be a fun leisure product turns into a stressful experience every.single.time. As a collector and fan, forget getting your hands on something mildly unique (which used to be free, now you have to pay for it through points on top of it).

  40. Dorus van der Linden says:

    I waited hours. Then the site crashed and then Sold-Out. So disappointed.

  41. Goff says:

    Like many, I wanted the probe to go with the shuttle (and Saturn v, and lunar lander and space stationJ. Like many I didn’t get a chance due to lego’s stupidly of releasing while we’re at work. Even 9:00am wouldn’t have worked for me. But I assume the scalpers got plenty and they’ll be on eBay shortly.

    Doesn’t lego want customers? Are they trying to reposition to an upmarket brand? What doesn’t logo understand about hobbyists? Why are they pushing us away? It’s not cheap to start with but If they make it too hard to purchase, I simply wont. There’s other things I can do with my discretionary money.

    Like many I’ve spent a lot of money over the years, but now I’m seriously p’d off to the point I’m reconsidering my lego hobby.

    Ps: Jay, while I appreciate your efforts, I’m one of those people who won’t go near Facebook in any way shape or form.

  42. Andrew says:

    On a broader issue, I’d love to understand why Lego creates false scarcity in so many sets. Surely it would be in their interest to sell as many of each set as they can, and in the process make scalping far less attractive? They must have mountains of market research data that would tell them precisely what the demand for everything is likely to be.

    I’d love the Lego House Exclusive Brick Moulding Machine (strange I know). My chances of getting to Denmark at the best of times hover very close to zero, but in our post-Covid world international travel is going to be fraught (and expensive) for a while yet. It would be nice if Lego could recognise that and, say, make that set available through LDCs or shops as recognition that we don’t live in a “normal” world any more.

  43. Paul Avery says:

    Yes totally agree, I spent the whole morning trying with no luck. Complete shambles.
    Now tonight I cant open up the VIP section as it states that I have to agree to the terms & conditions.
    Never had this problem this morning. When I “agree ” it then states that something is not right,
    Its right about that and its at Legos end, They should make good and produce more of the probes for offer.

  44. Andrew says:

    By some sheer fluke that never happens to me, I had to go out after fruitlessly trying for the first hour, got home at 12-30 and saw that it was available. Redeemed, and made a purchase to lock it in, not trusting the 60 day window. I got a website message to say that the order had failed after entering CC details but I noticed the charge was made and I did finally get a confirmation email, so I’m assuming it’s going to happen. All in all a shambolic experience I wouldn’t want to live through again for the sake of a $20 set.

    BTW, there’s one on Ebay going for $1,000. That’s just nuts.

    • Louise says:

      This happened to me too. Error message on payment, no email confirmation but my “shopping bag” disappeared. I called them and they confirmed my order has been placed but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve never redeemed VIP points online before and am unlikely to again after the total shambles that the Lego website is.

  45. Byron David says:

    The limited availability ability of the Ulysses Space Probe is ridiculous. The disappointment over this was compounded further by the sites inadequacy in showing available VIP rewards. Promoting the set without any real mention of its extremely limited availability is an insult to Lego enthusiasts.

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