Here are the winners of the Build a LEGO Fellowship Challenge!

It’s finally time to reveal the winners of the Build a LEGO Fellowship challenge! I put the call out to design and tell the story of a LEGO Fellowship of 9 minifigures, and was completely blown away by the results!

All up, I got over 300 entries and have been combing through them shortlisting and agonising over who to pick as the winners, with the Grand Prize winner walking away with a copy of 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell.

Apologies for the delay with the winners announcement, I completely underestimated how many entries I would receive and have spent all day poring over every photo, and reading every story!

Turns out, judging is really hard and because there were so many entries (my first shortlist had 85 entries in total), which I had to whittle down, and because I got way more entries than I had initially expected, I’ve decided to beef up the prize pool, adding SIX more bonus prizes.

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who entered! The entries and photos were just brilliant, and once I sort through all the entries, I’ll be putting a gallery post together with some of the best ones as there was just so much creativity, storytelling and very cool (and funny) Fellowships!

Special thanks to LEGO for providing the product for the Grand Prize and First Runner Up prize. All the other prizes are provided by myself, and made possible thanks to the incredible support of Jay’s Brick Blog readers.

Without further ado.. here are the winners!

Note: I will be emailing all the winners by replying to your entry submission, so please ensure that the email comes from me and is a direct reply. I will be in touch very soon to get your prize delivery details! This has happened before, but please keep a watchful eye out for any impersonators as that has unfortunately happened before.

Consolation Prizes

Frank C. (1x US$50 gift card)

The Nine Seekers of the Ancient City by FC4

Judging notes: This was a really inventive fellowship, and I was impressed by the depth of characters, their back-stories and great use of medieval/Castle minifigure accessories. What made all the difference was the use of a Classic Pirates Monkey and Prince Bonecruncher the Minotaur!

M. Perez (1x US$50 gift card)

The Fellowship of the Ring

Judging notes: M. Perez’s Fellowship really good use of colours, with some really standout character design. From weapons to accessories, and surprising heads like the Mon Calamari, there’s a definite air of fantasy come to life, along with a really well-crafted story, which was all the more impressive when I discovered that he was only 13!

First Runner Up Prize

T. White (complete set of LOTR Brickheadz)

Judging notes: T. White’s Fellowship of the Golden Razor might look like a pretty ordinary selection of licensed minifigurs from Star Wars, Marvel, and The Simpsons, but once you properly inspect each minifigure’s face… it becomes quite clear what they all have in common. Their quest is spelt out via the story submitted, and I had a huge chuckle when this landed in my inbox!

Bonus Prizes (new)

1x LEGO set of your choice up to the value of US$200: S. Anger

Fellowship of the Strings

Judging notes: Out of all the musical-themed fellowships, S. Anger’s motley crew of Medieval-themed musicians stood out with some really great characters and expressions used. I love the Forestmen Double Bass player and the use of a wizard as conductor!

1x LEGO set of your choice up to the value of US$100: CF Huang

Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy

Judging Notes: There’s something really playful, chaotic and fun about these Bounty Hunters, and upon reading the entry, I learned that CF Huang’s 4 year old son put this motley crew of minifigures together, making it all the more impressive! There’s a really fun mix of characters, and I just enjoyed how playful this Fellowship was, and the sci-fi epic story that accompanied it.

1x LEGO set of your choice up to the value of US$100: L. Frye

(note: I colour-corrected the photo as the white balance was off)

LEGO Elves Fellowship

Judging Notes: As a huge fan of LEGO Elves, I loved seeing these very familiar wigs and accessories being turned into LEGO Minifigures, and with fantastical background stories and identities, this entry brought something extremely unique to the table to help it stand out against tight competition.

1x US$50 gift card: H. Chen

The Henry Patrol

Judging Notes: I got a really great mix of cyborg and robotic Fellowships, but Henry’s incredible use of colours, and some really inventive builds such as a minifigure-scale mech/robot grabbed my attention. You could tell that a lot of thought went into each member’s identity, and the role they played in the team.

1x US$50 gift card: I. Sekulova

The Fellowship of Plantron

Judging Notes: I. Sekulova’s eye-catching photography, composition and use of Classic Space factions like Blacktron and Ice Planet really made this Fellowship of Plantron come alive. Augmented by an engaging story of conservation, a lot of worldbuilding was packed into this photo that really drew me into the Fellowship. Also, love the claw grabbing Baby Benny!

1x US$50 gift card: U. Manis

Fellowship of the Lego Designers

Judging Notes: This was hands down one of the most inventive and also meta entries I received, which brought LEGO designers to life in a Fellowship. Many of the designer’s key attributes and nods to their bodies of work were captured here, and it was such a clever and inventive concept that helped it stand out from all the rest.

Grand Prize Winner (10316 Lord of the Rings Rivendell)

Meet 9 fearless companions who have decided to take The One Ring to Mordor and the Grand Prize winner, submitted by M.Szymel!

From the stunning photography, to the inventive characters which both fit the Medieval vibes of a LEGO Fellowship, yet combined Droids, a robotic Ringbearer and even an Alien visitor, M.Szymel‘s Fellowship stood out as the One Fellowship to rule them all.

See below for more close-up shots of the characters, and their back stories, which lured me in. A combination of LOTR-inspired characters, humour and such a fun cast of minifigures helped M.Szymel‘s Fellowship clinch the Grand Prize.

Massive congratulations on winning Rivendell!

Cleo – half-hobbit half-elf, always positive and heart-warming. He unites the group and takes care of the good mood of each of its members. Jokes and pranks lover.

Mister Glass, the Ring bearer – indestructible glass guy with no brain.. there could be no better companion to bear the ring Todd the nice guy – you can’t trust him but as he used to be a tour guide in Mordor, no one knows this place better than him.. K2-SO – on loan from Disney, reprogrammed to watch over Mr Glass

Strange guy – new in the Middle Earth. Seeking for the adventure. He couldn’t resist to join the team..

Prince Henry – the owner of an ancient sword with no value. A bit narcissistic guy. He could carry the ring but he doesn’t like the way it looks on his finger. Fiodor – devoted friend of Prince Henry, also his cook, porter and servant..

Doctor Hugo – one of the first researchers hired by Saruman to study the behavior of the Uruk-Hai. He changed the side when found out the truth about the ring. He’s the one who gathers the team. Gustav the berserker – ex Uruk-Hai, recruited by Doctor Hugo. He tries to do the right things but sometimes he fails..

Full List of Winners of Build a LEGO Fellowship Challenge

Grand Prize: M.Szymel (10316 Lord of the Rings Rivendell)

First Runner Up: T. White (complete set of LOTR Brickheadz)

Consolation Prizes:

1x US$50 gift card: Frank C.

1x US$50 gift card J. Perez

Bonus prizes (new!)

1x LEGO set of your choice up to the value of US$200: S. Anger

1x LEGO set of your choice up to the value of US$100: CF Huang

1x LEGO set of your choice up to the value of US$100: L. Frye

1x US$50 gift card: H. Chen

1x US$50 gift card: I. Sekulova

1x US$50 gift card: U. Manis

Full Backstories and Character Profiles:

M. Perez – The Fellowship of the Ring

To explain to you my fellowships quest I must first recount a brief history of my world. It was after the Great division when it happened. It appeared that all was going well, the orcs were scattered and weak, the kingdoms were thriving and good was winning. But then Marquis came into play.

Marquis was one of the warrior elite from the city of the gods, he was one of the best warriors to have ever lived and also had the gift of command quickly rising to his position as the commander of the eastern legion. But eventually all good things have to come to an end.

One day Marquis was scouting in the Sacred Swamps along with a company of 50 men, he had reason to believe that a orc chieftain was hiding there. No one knows what transpired there, but what we do know is that when he came back 2 years later, alone and raving mad he was infected.

Not with a normal kind of sickness like a cold or a cough but something more sinister. Whatever it was it drove him to start a civil war, his natural charisma and leadership skills driving many of his kinsmen to follow him in his mad quest and he marched on the city of the gods. A great and terrible battle was waged there with scores dying on both sides but fortunately Marquis’s forces were overwhelmed by superior numbers.

Tis was when Marquis made his most famous move, on the tip of the mountain where the heavens touched the earth he summoned something that ripped a hole or some say a ring in the top of the mountain and disappeared into it. Those who tried to follow him were not seen again. There was a time of terrible fear and anticipation, but eventually everything went back to normal and the architects and smiths of the city of the gods forged a giant ring over the spot where Marquis disappeared to represent rebirth and that anything can turn into something new and beautiful and christened it the council of the ring.

Where the leaders of the 9 kingdoms and their entourage meet to counter any other threats before they grow to the level of Marquis. But now 5000 years later he is back returned from the evil place where he dwelled until now and with others who follow his bidding the fell ones 9 in total and is uniting the orc factions to fight their common enemy. So a group was formed made of the best of each kingdom to counter this new threat they are the fellowship of the ring

The Nine Seekers of the Ancient City by Frank C

  1. Princess Aud of Ice-Helm
  2. Dr Barnabus, professor of Magical Archeology at the University of Ithilthin
  3. Skegi the Gnome, Minstrel and Cook of Aud’s court, whose axe doubles as his mandolin
  4. Prince Bonecruncher, Minotaur of Crittit island
  5. Simeon the Simian, once counselor to the Chair of Waiyus
  6. Berry-Bush, a magic Sprite of Dark-Wood
  7. Elthon, the Mad Elf of Ice-Helm
  8. Artorius, the royal captain of Waiyus
  9. Dr Morton, the Ranger-Paleontologist of the University of Ithilthin

   When the war against Dineham ended, Princess Aud and Skegi set out to discover what had become of the King of Ice-Helm. Meeting with Prince Bonecruncher and Artorius, their allies, they learned that they had a prisoner, Elthon, who claimed to have been the last person to see him.  

    Elthon was in the group that had gone with the King into a desperate battle during which they fell into a chasm that opened up due to the magical attacks.  Within they found an ancient city filled with extinct animals and plants.  But there was something else, something darker, an ancient artifact, the Diadem of Dinkala.  Elthon was the only one to escape before the chasm closed itself, trapping the combatants in the Ancient City.  He returned quite mad from the experience nearly harming his own allies.

    Prince Bonecrusher had summoned Dr Barnabus and Dr Morton to validate the claims of the deranged elf.  Unfortunately on the way they had been captured in the Dark-Wood by Berry-Bush and her friend Simeon the Simian.   Learning of the quest from the letter they carried, Simeon believed the power of the Diadem might be enough magic to break his curse and return him to his elf form.  Berrybush agreed to let the Doctors go if they take her and Simeon with them.  

    Once all nine people were assembled, and the doctors deduced the location of the Ancient City based on the inane babbling of Elthon, they finally set out on their quest to seek the King, treasure, knowledge and power.  Along the way they would face many challenges, monsters, raiders, and personal development as well as strengthening the bonds of their band.

The Fellowship of the Golden Razor by T. White

When Princess Peggy Carter of Disney Plus Land announced that she would shortly be celebrating her birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement throughout the land.

Excitement levels grew when Princess Peggy declared that she required an escort for the event. However due to her sensitive princess skin (and her hope that there would be much kissing), she stated that the escort must be freshly shaven by the mythical golden razor.

So what is the mythical golden razor I hear you ask? Well, legends of the land, talk about a razor that was made of the purest gold and sharpened by the great forges in the days before streaming services existed (often called the first age). The razor had never been seen in generations, but in rites of passage from father to son, stories of it’s existence and a map containing it’s location had been passed down. Many had tried to find it, but to this day the faces of the men remained hairy.

As news of the chance to kiss the princess spread, a group of potential suitors was formed. The group consisted of men from all parts of Disney Plus Land (well 2 parts mainly, the Kingdom of Marvel and the Kingdom of star wars, but a mysterious man, who not many could understand also appeared from the Kingdom of Springfield). The men called themselves the Fellowship of the Golden Razor and the members were:

  • Cassian Andor & Bodhi Rook, two friends who had pledged to grow old together.
  • Thor, a man who some called a god, who had skipped leg day, and stomach day a few times recently.
  • King T’challa who saw this as an opportunity to join two great royal families
  • Groundskeeper Willy, who spoke in foreign tongues
  • Steve Rodgers, who claimed to have danced with the princess before
  • qui-gon jinn, an ancient wizard of sorts
  • m’baku who had some history with T’challa 

And finally werewolf by night, a man / wolf who really hoped the razor was sensitive on all parts of the body.

The men met and vowed to travel the land until they found the razor. They had one week to complete their mission. Please wish them luck

To be continued…..???

Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy by CF Huang’s 4 year old son

At the forefront is their leader “Big Boss”, accompanied by his most faithful hawk bodyguard. And the team includes three attackers and five masters.

The first attacker is holding a scanner to detect any traps, the second one has a sword and can run as fast as the Flash, and the third one carries a shield and a guitar, serving as a speeder driver and the musician as well.

Next are the masters: The first master wields a super-powered rocket launcher, and his shoulder pads can transform into weapons when needed. He also has a jetpack on his back for missions that require aerial coverage. The second master is the team’s mechanic, with a hand replaced by a spiked device and claws on his back are capable of carrying four weapons.

The third master is an alien name “TM”, who has killed 11 policemen and is also known as the legendary arsenal, with ten different weapons on his person! The fourth master is the strategist and also serves as the driver of the team’s flying vehicle.

Finally, there is the “Trainer-OFF” robot, with incredibly powerful firepower. If the opponent is hit by the heart gem on its hand, they will receive a terminal illness.

Today, their mission is to capture a rare beast inside a volcano. However, the monster is too strong, and the team must work together to catch it…

LEGO Elves Fellowship by L. Frye

Fellowship Characters (from left to right):

  • Tidus Stormsurfer; dragon trainer.
  • Rosalyn Nightshade; potion-maker.
  • Aira Windwhistler; wind elf.
  • Naida Riverheart; water naiad.
  • Lumia; Guardian of Light.
  • Azari Firedancer; fire elf.
  • Farran Leafshade; earth warrior.
  • Sira Copperbranch; navigator.
  • Johnny Baker; chef.

Based on the LEGO Elves theme:

Emily’s grandmother was one of the five founders that brought magic to the world of Elvendale. Prior to her passing, Emily’s grandmother taught Emily how to travel to the world of Elvendale, but Emily soon found out that she couldn’t travel back to Earth. When she arrived in Elvendale, Emily became close friends with Azari, Naida, Aira, and Farran, who helped her to understand her magic and travel safely back home to Earth. With years of experience using her magic to travel between Earth and Elvendale, Emily has honed her skills and helped to ensure the safety of both the worlds she has become a part of, making many friends along the way.

With Emily’s affluence in creating magical portals came an unforeseen danger; the threat of opening a gate to a hidden world. Unbeknownst to her, the dark witch Noctura has been trying to escape the Shadow World after being banished there by Lumia, the Guardian of Light. Emily accidentally opened a portal to the Shadow World and before she could close it, Noctura was able to escape into the world of Elvendale. Noctura quickly casts a spell and imprisons Emily, preventing her from using her powers, and attempts to gain control over Elvendale by destroying cities and threatening the residents. Noctura publicly declares that she would spare the people of Elvendale if Emily would willingly sacrifice her power to travel between worlds to her, giving Emily an ultimatum of three days’ time to make her decision.

Upon hearing this news, and knowing that Noctura will never keep her promise, Azari, Naida, Aira, and Farran seek the help of Lumia to understand how to stop Noctura from gaining the ability to travel between worlds. Emily’s other good friends, Rosalyn, Tidus, Sira, and Johnny, volunteer to help the five in their quest to save Emily and Elvendale from Noctura’s wrath, forming the Fellowship of Elvendale. They will face many hardships on their journey as a result of Noctura’s spells and the minions she has created, leaving the fate of Elvendale, and all worlds, in their hands.

The Henry Patrol by H. Chen

As some of the most villainous foes such as Kang the Conqueror threaten the multiverse’s safety and stability, one man decided it is about time that someone took the matter into his own hands before the multiverse became plagued by the fires of war. Henry Chen, a man with a dream, and conviction to bring peace and love to the multiverse, rallies his variants from across the multiverse. These variants are brought together for a single reason, to shatter the forces of evil that pose a threat to the multiverse. The Henry Patrol now embarks on a journey, venturing into countless dimensions and universes, with the sole purpose to let the light of love, peace, and hope shine down upon the multiverse once again. 

Character Introductions:

Top L~R:

The Oni Sorceror/Henry Constantine Chen, Crucified In Heaven (the Stand of Henry Chen), Iron Centurion/Henry Stark, Henry the Dragonborn

Bottom L~R:

Captain Formosa/Henry Chen, Knight Owl/Heinrich the III, Henry Chen (Stand master of Crucified in Heaven), Henriquetta Djarin the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Mighty Thor/Henrietta Thorsdottir

The Fellowship of Plantron by I. Sekulova

There is a story about 9 fellows who wanted to keep the planet safe and green as possible. They wanted to keep the plants and trees in their best condition so that life can go on and on. They live on a planet named Plantron. It is a small planet, but who needs wide open spaces? If it was huge they couldn’t keep everything under control. 

The names of our 9 heroes are: Keitah, Maximilian, B-moss, Joshua, Aquila, Terry, Dexter, Icemel and Bob. 

Keitah was small becauze when he was a baby he fell into a bowl with a potion. His father was experimenting and wanted to make a potion to make the big plants smaller, healthier and long living, so that they can keep an specie of every plant on their tiny planet. 

In order to keep everything in piece and control, they need to guard the Rock of life. They believe that this very rock contains special particles in it and can revive every dead cell. If you touch it with your bare hands you will live forever. That’s why the fellows keep it under a glass jar. 

But not everything is as happy as it can be. Maybe you’ve wondered why they have to keep something safe when everything around is peaceful and green. There is another planet, a dark one. They barely have water on it, with no plants. The people on it were unable to keep a plant healthy so every time they steal one, it dries and dies quickly. The people were pretty dark also, nasty little creatures. And like every nation, they have a leader who is called Darktanian. 

Darktanian has an army of the black riders. He sends them to Plantron to get a vital plant so that they can continue their existence. They only had to ask for a plant and our fellows would be kind enough to create one for their special needs. But since they don’t ask, our guys don’t give anything withuot a fight. 

Back on Plantron, Aquila saw that the black riders are approaching and our friends needed to gather and quickly make decisions for their fight. B-moss got the green book of life to search for the potion that will make them stronger during the fight. Dexter found whe right page on his desk and quickly bought it to B-moss. Keitah is …um.. well he loves to have fun even in the tense situations.

So now our 9 fellows are against the black army again, ready to fight back and protect their home.

  They are the fellowship of Plantron

Fellowship of the Lego Designers by U. Manis

It was an average day in Billund, Denmark until a magical portal opened up in the middle of town and nine Lego Designers were sucked through into a magical realm. A long and arduous quest awaited them to return to their own world, but they had all been equipped with magical powers or weapons to aid them on their journey. 

(Back Row L-R)

Markus Rohlbuhller became a master blacksmith, and under his steady mastery of the forge, any tools for the journey could be effortlessly forged. 

Justin Ramsden’s penchant for magical designs resulted in him becoming a wizard with mystical powers beyond comprehension.

Nick Vas has become the Frogromancer, his army of froggy minions are nigh unstoppable unless a desert arises on the quest.

Mike Psiaki has gained a weapon from the future, blasting through obstacles with the power of NCS!

(Front Row L-R)

Niek van Slagmaat has gained a sword fitting of hunting down the most outrageously anime monsters possible, and any ghosts who cross his path better watch out!

Chris Perron fears no frozen wasteland, his enchanted chainsaw and shield will never dull.

Jens Nygaard Knudsen is the wise elder of the group, through his visionary foresight and master tinker skills, this ragtag group will seek their escape.

Wes Talbott is very familiar with the ways of the forest and the mystical dragons that dwell within.His Dragon blade is a fearsome weapon, not to be trifled with in battle.

Carl Merriam is the intrepid explorer of the group. No trap will snag him as he makes his way through the most challenging dungeons. 

Together these 9, the Fellowship of Lego Designers, must make their way back to our world, relying on their newfound powers and each other.

Special thanks again to everyone who entered! In the coming days, I’ll be sharing more of my favourite entries that were in my shortlist!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed this challenge and if you’d like to see more! I absolutely plan to run more giveaways and build challenges, so keep a lookout for more!

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  1. I’m so impressed by the quality of the content on this blog – it’s really well researched and thought out.

  2. Nancy says:

    Thank you for the contest Jay. I did not participate but really wanted to go dig through my LEGO storage boxes and come up with something amazing. I might still do it when I get the time, just for fun. Thanks for inspiring everyone to mix it up a bit and be creative. It’s great to see the winners. Lord of the Strings… love it! Don’t let the haters get you down.

  3. zidane says:

    thank you for the information

  4. Marcy says:

    Well done winners, what wonderful creativity displayed here. I look forward to seeing more posted up.

    To those sour grapes… shame on you. Jay didn’t have to do the contest at all, and certainly didn’t have to add 6 additional prizes, but he did. What a pity we live in a society that believes everyone deserves a participation trophy and that tearing others down is the normal. I was just thrilled to get to participate in this challenge.

    Well done Jay and thank you. I’m not sure I would want to judge the entries you received.

    • Sam Vimes says:

      Well since Jay is an RLFM (Recognised LEGO Fan Media), has a direct relationship with The LEGO Group and he makes a commission out of the site, He kinda did have to do the contest?

      And it’s not sour grapes to call out awarding a significant prize to another LEGO® professional as reeking of cronyism.

      • Jay Ong says:

        Stop spreading misinformation. I do not “have” to do the contest.

        Each RLFM is allocated support from LEGO that they can do what they please with it, whether its for giveaways, build challenges, social media content or reviews. I did not need to do this contest, or use a significant chunk of my allocated support to the prize, nor did I “need” to add on additional prizes which come out of my own pocket.

        Cronyism? Again, very serious accusations that you’re levelling here that I do not appreciate.

        Do better.

        • Sam Vimes says:

          Ah but you do have to account for your allocation. And your blog is monetized dude.

          And serious accusations? Maybe think of the optics? Maybe recruit more eyes for determining winners?

  5. Keith says:

    These are great, they’re all so well done! And nicely photographed too … I’m starting to feel a little sheepish about the quality of my entry 😆

    I’m really looking forward to seeing other fellowships when Jay gets around to posting those, I’m sure there are many fun & inventive scenarios that people submitted.

  6. Sam Vimes says:

    So the winner was a professional toy photographer with over 40k followers on Instagram? How in all that is great and good is anyone supposed to compete with that?

    I feel TLG maybe need to look at your ambassador status.

    • Jay Ong says:

      I’m disappointed that you insinuated that I would select the winner based on the size of their following. I didn’t even factor that in and I do not like what you’re insinuating.

      • sam vimes says:

        I’m not insinuating anything. You awarded a fairly significant prize, the cost covered by LEGO® I might add, to someone whose work is instantly recognizable. And given his following, not to mention the camera work, and the location shooting, that should have raised a few *neon* flags?

        And you don’t like it? Tough. You, ultimately, made the choice to award someone who makes a living photographing LEGO®.

        The optics for that are BAD my dude.

        • Jay Ong says:

          Unfortunately, as per the terms and conditions, All decisions made by the judge (editor of Jay’s Brick Blog) will be final and at the full discretion of the organiser.

          You already seem to made up your mind about my integrity and capabilities, so nothing I say will change your view.

          • Sam Vimes says:

            Oh , I understand the T&C. I’m not looking to change any decision.

            Now I get judging 300+ entries would be challenging, so I’m not besmirching your capabilities. I’ve evaluated others’ work so I understand what is involved.

            As for your integrity, I don’t think you are ignorant enough to not do some basic social media on your winners, you work in marketing after all.

            But driving those numbers toward the site is a motivator for you.

            I mean you obviously have integrity, The 2K piece is a great example, but everyone has their unconcious baises, and logical fallacies.

    • Marcy says:

      Thanks for posting his Instagram, gives me someone new to follow from both of my accounts. His entry was amazing, maybe I’ll learn some things from him.

  7. Legomas says:

    Wow, the winners definitely put more effort into the entries than i did 🙂


    Looks like you need a minimum of 3 paragraphs of backstory, not one!

  8. Daniel says:

    My first time competing for anything on this website. It’s good to know what the judge wants: weirdness, backgrounds and a lots of story.

    Congrats to the winners

  9. Steven says:

    This wasn’t judged very well considering a toddler who threw some pieces together was able to get a higher prize than some really good ideas like the designer fellowship for example. The fellowship of the golden razor shouldn’t have even been considered since zero creativity went into designing the fellowship which I feel is unfair to the hundreds of other contestants who likely made a good fellowship.

    • Oliver says:

      But hey, imagine how happy that kid will be with his 100 dollar voucher, also all of the ones that won looked very creative, and they all deserved a placing in this competition. If you are going to complain, maybe you should try competitions on a different site

      • sam vimes says:

        But hey, imagine how happy everyone who entered would be if the winner *wasn’t* someone with a 40k+ follower insta account and a fairly successful youtube channel, and who is certainly part of the LAN already. And who’s recognizable enough I knew his name before I read the post?

    • Daniel says:

      I do feel like they did put a lot of creativity into it (or their stories at any rate), but I also feel a bit cheated that the people who won didn’t even try to make it look like the fellowship. They just stuck 9 cool looking figs onto a nice background.

    • Jay Ong says:

      Playfulness is an essential ingredient of creativity, and I thought the kids’ entry was fantastic.

      I’m sorry if you disagree with the winners, but I did my best trying to judge an incredibly wide field of entries.

  10. Isaiah P Kepner says:

    I love the Lego designer entry. Wasn’t it Markus that forged the legendary Brickscalibur blade? And is his forge made of iron?

  11. Isaiah P Kepner says:

    I guess I wasn’t creative enough, I went with a more faithful (and recognizable) reimagining of the fellowship.

  12. Lisa Chambers says:

    As an older adult Harry Potter fanatic, I began building the foam 3D puzzles and loved it … but also ran out of room and puzzles. Whenever I discovered the HP Lego kits I was like a kid in a candy store!!! The kits are beautiful, very well constructed, and have excellent directions. I loved building successive sets that fit together and created this amazing HP landscape/preserve in my modeling studio (if you could call it that)! Then, I ran out of kits until all these new ones began showing up late last year in addition to kits from Star Wars, nature, etc. They are pricey and we are currently installing a walk-in shower in our bathroom (for safety) + I really need to majorly declutter my study, however, there’s always a way. This time I would like to create a display area in our home and not have to give them away. I absolutely love all the new sets coming out seems like every month so I may think about branching out, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lego!!!

  13. Cara says:

    Holy cow, >300 entries is amazing! Congrats to the winners, and I’m looking forward to seeing more cool builds in future contests (clearly there is an appetite for such things!)

  14. Trevor white says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for holding such an amazing compy

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    *cheering* congratulations to everyone! beautifully done!

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    Congrats! Szymel!

  17. Jagz says:

    What a wonderful and diverse collection of fellowships. I can see how challenging it would be to select the winners. I cannot wait to see some more fantastical collections. I thought I stood a chance, but then again, I guess not. Perhaps I made the short list at least.
    Congrats to all the winners.

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