Here’s a look at the second wave of Marvel Mighty Micros

Following on from the unveiling of Series 2 of the DC Mighty Micros sets, LEGO have also released photos of their Marvel counterparts on Twitter.

Like the second wave of DC Mighty Micros, the Marvel ones will also be released in January 2017. Let’s take a closer look at the sets.

LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros Series 2 - Iron Man & Thanos

This is probably my most anticipated Marvel Mighty Micro out of the lot. We get Iron Man and most interestingly Thanos as well! In a surprise move, LEGO have created a new custom moulded Iron Man mask, which gives off a very classic comic book look. It looks like it’s one solid piece, without the opening flap.

It’s something completely different and I’m really looking forward to seeing the part in person.

The Thanos minifigure is also a very exciting prospect as we’ve never got him in this scale before. His face – even though its in the over-the-top Mighty Micros style actually manages to look very Thanos-y so you can probably re-use him to make a proper full-sized minifig Thanos if you give him proper legs.

The gold “infinity gauntlet” accessory is also really sweet.

LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros Series 2 - Wolverine & Magneto

Wolverine is paired up with Magneto. I love the X-Men and I wish that we’d get a bit more variety other than these two characters. Wolverine looks pretty cute, but he has a promising looking face with those sweet sideburns. I really like his torso, with the very prominent X-Men logo on his belt.

Wolverine pilots a miniature Blackbird (or X-Jet) which looks quite cool.

Magneto looks really adorable, and I’m most interested in his head, which seems to be a fully black piece with eyes printed on it. His vehicle which has an oversized magnet attached to it is pretty funny too.

C’mon LEGO, I’m still waiting on a Colossus minifigure. I would’ve gladly traded Wolverine for Colossus.

LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros Series 2 - Spider-man & Scorpion

Last but not least is yet another Spider-Man mighty micro. In my review of the first wave of Marvel Mighty Micros, I was less than impressed with Spider-Man’s offering, and I think I’ll feel the same way with this one. At least we get a new face with him.

His adversary, Scorpion is a nice addition, although he’s not exactly a brand new minifigure, as a full-sized version of the classic Spider-Man villain makes an appearance in 76057 Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle with both sporting the new (but totally awesome) tail-piece.

The new Marvel Mighty Micros sets will be out in January 2017, and if the first wave is an indicator of their popularity, series 2 should sell quite well too.

18 responses to “Here’s a look at the second wave of Marvel Mighty Micros”

  1. Harv says:

    I don’t mind another batman seeing as it is a new suit. For spider man they could have done miles morales or scarlet spider or spider woman

  2. Harv says:

    For the night crawler mini gig they should beast boys hair piece in blue instead

  3. Harv says:

    I recently bought all of them on pre order!
    So happy with the iron man and bizarro and doomsday. Wish they wouldn’t have done spider man and included a lesser known character such as iron fist or Luke cage

    • Jay says:

      Ah nice! I can’t wait for them to hit stores here! Unfortunately, Spider-Man has such a huge global appeal, and is Marvel’s posterboy (Iron Man is another) when it comes to LEGO sets. I’d LOVE a proper Luke Cage like the one on Netflix!

  4. WAM says:

    I would have done a Beast v. Apocalypse
    At first I didn’t like these but once they came out with minifigs that havent come out yet *Bizzaro* cough I liked It Alot

  5. LegoFanBlue says:

    Would have loved a Deadpool vs Colossuss, hopefully there is series 3.

    • Jay says:

      With how well these have been selling, I think they’ll be a permanent fixture in the Super Heroes theme for years to come.

  6. Matt Merrill says:

    Love the classic looking Iron Man, missed Scorpion so he may be on my list as well. I buy these sets to convert micros who look close enough to their long legged cousins to convert with extra pairs of legs I may have around.

  7. Mike-1911 says:

    I think for mighty micro Iron Man they remolded the welding mask, and gave it a new print, but it still looks nice, makes me wonder they can use it in a pearl dark grey to make a Mark I minifig.

  8. Raphael says:

    Yeah… I seriously agree with you. Your opinions are always spot on! My little brother just wants a Deadpool mighty micro, but we already have doubles of him from that Chopper Showdown set, so I guess I could just find him some short red legs ?. Though I can already imagine Nigtcrawler… Nightwing’s new hair with ears, a blue version of Beast Boy’s face… Man, Marvel need to collaborate Fox so we can get an X-Mansion set!

    • Jay says:

      I don’t know if LEGO will ever make another Deadpool minifig. I would really like one, so I’m remaining optimistic about it 🙂

  9. Ali Farah says:

    I want Ironman and Thanos

  10. Raphael says:

    Yeah, I agree! I would gladly trade ol’ Wolverine in for Colossus! But… I would even more happily have traded him in for a Nightcrawler minifig! Nightcrawler is my favourite X-Man, and second favourite super-hero. (Spidey’s still my man)!

    • Jay says:

      Oooh, Nightcrawler would be brilliant as well. Shame that Marvel seem to be trying their hardest to ignore the X-Men because they don’t have the movie rights.

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