Is LEGO really working on a Transformers Optimus Prime set?

So this might be the most bonkers rumour coming out of 2022, but serial LEGO leakers Promobricks have dropped the most earth-shattering rumour that we might be getting a LEGO Transformers set in 2022.

Take this with an incredibly large grain of salt, but Promobricks are claiming that we’ll get a LEGO Optimus Prime in May. The set will allegedly have the set number 10302, 1508 pieces, and come with a jetpack, gun and UCS plaque and have some transforming capabilities, retailing for €169.99.

The LEGO rumour-mill is understandably fully hyped up and ablaze with excitement, mostly because Transformers has a massive fanbase, and has been enjoying a bit of a resurgence lately, like with all things from the 80s and 90s, and it too has a healthy community of fans and collectors.

Can LEGO really work with Hasbro?

Transformers is a property owned by Hasbro, which traditionally has been a loose competitor to LEGO, in the sense that they have both sold toys to children and adults.

For those of you that remember, Hasbro also had a line of LEGO-like Transformers sets called KRE-O that was active from 2011-2017 and was fairly successful but obviously didn’t quite set the world on fire.

This rumour seems almost too crazy to be true, but I think it’s plausible. It’s not entirely inconceivable that LEGO would work with Hasbro and license the Transformers property.

It’s been almost 5 years since KRE-O has lapsed, and in that time, both Hasbro and LEGO have evolved as brands since then, with LEGO orientating themselves towards adults, and a heavier reliance on licensed IP sets, and Hasbro, diversifying their revenue streams by leveraging their licenses, tabletop gaming and digital products.

Hasbro currently has no building block offering, so they’re not in direct competition with LEGO, and The LEGO Group is in fantastic financial position, giving them the ability to make a very compelling offer for the Transformers license.

Since 2020, LEGO have also leaned heavily on their collaborations and partnerships – LEGO’s VP of Design Matthew Ashton is a long-time My Little Pony fan (Hasbro-owned), so there’s a healthy sense of mutual respect between both brands.

LEGO also does have an existing relationship with Hasbro, via Merlin Entertainments (who run the Legoland Theme Parks) – a Peppa Pig Theme Park is set to open later this month at Legoland Florida.

LEGO Optimus Prime MOCs

Optimus Prime
Orion Pax

LEGO builders and MOCers have also had a long history of Optimus Prime and Transformers fan designs. Builders like Orion Pax, Hachiroku and Tiago Catarino have built incredible designs and MOCs of Optimus Prime, and if you’ve visited LEGO conventions, it’s likely that you’ve also seen fan-made designs on display.

Check out some awesome LEGO Optimus Prime and Transformers designs from the community below.

By Dion Whitehouse
By Gus McLaren
By Blacklycat

So yeah, unless officially announced by LEGO, I would treat this with a healthy dose of skepticism, but I think it’s entirely possible. I just hope we get a G1 version, but it’s more plausible that we’ll get a tie-in to the the 2023 Transformers Rise of the Beasts movie – thankfully the movie does seem to have G1-inspired designs.

With a reported May 2022 release.. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if this is legitimate, but as a long-time Transformers fan… I would be incredibly happy if this turns out to be true.

What do you think of the possibility of a LEGO Optimus Prime? Does this excite you?

19 responses to “Is LEGO really working on a Transformers Optimus Prime set?”

  1. As a huge transformers fan I hope it’s TRUE. I have hundreds of Transformers and about 20 Kreo big and small ones,but they just dont stick together quite like a lego those. LETS GO HASBRO/LEGO AND DO US FANS OF BRICKS AND CYBERTRON A FAVOR AND GET THIS DONE!!! PLEASE!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

  2. Sketchbook says:

    Hey, you forgot my MOC!

    Many MOC designers, including me, have tried for years to get Lego ideas to consider an Optimus Prime set. Always a flat “no”! I’ll be amazed of the two biggest toy companies want to work together.

    If it happens, I’m sure it’ll be a great set. But a bit surprising considering how many MOC designers have tried.

  3. Zachary & LegoMom says:

    I hate to be coy- but I can say that this is much more than a rumor.
    Let’s just say that I have a friend that is privy to such things – but under penalty of termination the information is classified.

    • Wow, how original. Another person in the internet who says they can confirm a leak because their friend/uncle/dad/cousin works at lego and is privy to such information!

  4. BX Brix says:

    As much as I would love to see the two brands working together on an official line, I would find it hard to believe they would move forward with such an ambitious project without consulting me. Trust me, I do not mean to come across with such confidence. Logistically speaking, if a company as successful as Lego opens that can of worms they would do their research and look for existing ideas (which Lego is not shy about) for the purpose of longevity. They would want quality (user friendly experience) and quantity (insurance of ROI along with consistency). As much as I admire my fellow Lego Transformer builders, I’m the only one with an existing extensive line. With nearly 250 deluxe scale figures built and well over 300 total designs in the bank Lego could kick their feet up for the next several years on my catalog alone. Alas, this rumor was fun for a good kick!

    • Why would they consult you?

      • BX Brix says:

        I guess to summarize my previous comment, I would say due to experience. Rather than having the set designers learn the engineering necessary to complete a model close to their standards, utilizing my portfolio would be the path of least resistance. Also, as a Lego master I might still be considered as an “in house” designer. lol

    • Jay says:

      Oh hey Germaine, good to see you here, and thanks for dropping by.

      I think there’s plenty of great mech pedigree within LEGO. Hopefully if this does come to fruition, your stuff will a broader audience.

      And this also gives you a great opportunity to dip into your back catalogue, and showcase your designs and builds to a new audience!

      • BX Brix says:

        Hey Jay! Your blog is a pillar in the community so it’s definitely an honor.
        I do love the mechs Lego has been putting their efforts into lately, steals all of my money!
        I’m looking forward to Aaron getting some shine in that department, his mech work is hardcore.
        I do see the points you’re making. I don’t think anyone would want this to be true more than me. The most likely case would be a UCS highly detailed prime but it won’t transform. It would be too fiddly and not playable let alone take over a half hour to transform. I’m happy this has so many people on the edges of their seats though! lol

  5. Joel H says:

    I don’t think the “grain of salt” caveat is necessary, in spite of all the reasons listed. Promobricks is about the most reliable source out there. Also, you STILL haven’t released a review of the UCS AT-AT! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

  6. Chris selm says:

    Hope to God it’s G1

  7. Pseudoty says:

    Probably another FAKE leak from a reliable source like the fool that intentionally did the Uncharted leak 😂

  8. shodan says:

    31124 Super Robot might have been a subtle hint of what’s to come. For now we wait.

  9. Paul Castle says:

    I would buy an original 1984 version Optimus Prime like a shot, but I’m not at all interested in later versions. The first one is iconic, and I have the original toy on my desk right now.

    • Krankor says:

      Same. If the rumor is true and it’s around $200 no way am I buying Bayverse Prime. He’s the best looking of the movie Transformers, but he still is not close enough for my liking, but I’d buy a G1 in a second.

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