LEGO 40586 Moving Truck gift with purchase (GWP) available now

LEGO’s Double VIP Points offer has ended, but if you need another excuse to go online shopping, LEGO’s next GWP (gift with purchase),  40586 Moving Truck GWP is now available from

 40586 Moving Truck will be available from as a free gift when you spend US$180 / AU$300 / £160 or more.

The promotion will last from 21 February to 3 March, unfortunately means that you won’t be able to get it with 10316 Rivendell as the LEGO Lord of the Rings set is only available from 5 March onwards.

If you’re in the US or Canada, it should become available from midnight EST onwards.

See below for regional information and details for the Moving Truck GWP

Thankfully, there is a sizable number of sets releasing on 1 March 2023, such as the following:

It’s still a pretty substantial LEGO GWP with 301 pieces and two minifigures and would look great next to the Jazz Club or on your Modular/City Street.

With plenty of new releases in March, despite the higher-than-average GWP threshold, it should hopefully not be too challenging to redeem the 40586 Moving Truck GWP, especially if any of the new March 2023 sets are on your wishlist.

If you’re planning on getting the LEGO Moving Truck GWP, please consider using the affiliate links in the post to make a purchase. I may receive a small commission with each purchase that helps support the work I do here on the blog.

Will you be picking anything up for the Pickup Truck or saving for Rivendell?

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14 responses to “LEGO 40586 Moving Truck gift with purchase (GWP) available now”

  1. Joey says:

    SO excited for some of these March 1 releases and this GWP. Any chance we’ll be getting reviews for the upcoming Creator 3 in 1 sets?

  2. Reader says:

    Given the ambulance last week was $170, to request $300 for a similarly-sized vehicle is a hard ask.

  3. phlip_phlop says:

    I’m glad this ends pretty early, I really hate the way that truck looks. One of the worst free sets imo

  4. Scott says:

    Any reason given for why this set wasn’t released with the jazz club? I’m glad I got the jazz club earlier in the year to get the blacktron ship, but this feels like a series of mistakes were made or occurred during production to get to this point.

    • Jay Ong says:

      No specific reason. Maybe they switched up the timing because of production issues? Or this was designed to re-invigorate sales of the Jazz Club after launch.

      The Blacktron Cruiser still feels like the better GWP overall, but yeah, if you’re a completionist, the timing of this isn’t great.

  5. legojim says:

    Very craft of Lego to finish it before Rivendell anyone would think they want us to spend even more money.
    I’m getting a little bit annoyed with it now
    Might just ignore Rivendell and wait for Ninjago city markets if they rumours are true

    • Jay Ong says:

      Yeah, it’s all about the timing and promotional calendar. They know what they’re doing, and they know they don’t need a cool GWP or offer for Rivendell to sell.

      Just wait and see if we do get Ninjago City Markets!

  6. Stefan says:

    Oh man, bummer to have it end right before the Rivendell set. Do we know when reviews go up Jay?

  7. Manca Urh says:

    Just made the purchase – was saving up the A-Frame Cabin to get this GWP! Pretty excited! With the next (even more?) expensive GWP I’ll get the Jazz club 🙂

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