LEGO Bricklink Designer Program Round 3 preorders open soon!

This might have gotten lost in the flurry of LEGO Summer 2022 set releases, but the Bricklink Designer Program Round 3 pre-orders will open soon, on 17 May 2022!

Nine previously rejected LEGO Ideas sets will get a second lease of life through the program, with the first 5 sets from Round 3 that successfully receive 3,000 pre-orders making it through as an official LEGO Bricklink Designer Program set.

Round 3 pre-orders open on 17 May 2022 at 10:00am Pacific / 7:00pm CET / 3:00am AEST (18 May). Use this Time Check to confirm in your local time zone.

Here’s a look at all the sets vying to make it out of the Bricklink Designer Program Round 3!

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First impressions and what I’m ordering

First impressions with Round 3, wow! The prices of these are astounding, with the cheapest option being a US$129.99 / AU$179.99 1950s Diner, and over half of the options coming in at over AU$400.

With so many Summer 2022 sets on the way, this will further put pressure on budgets, but at the very least you won’t be charged till the Spring of 2023.

As this is the 3rd and final round of this beta program, I can see why LEGO chose the largest, and most expensive models, to really see just how far they can push the envelope when it comes to highly detailed, adult-targeted sets.

Personally, unlike previous rounds, I think it’ll take a while to get to the first 5 sets to be successfully pre-ordered, due to the price and varied nature of it.

My picks are Brickwest Studios because Western has been neglected by LEGO, Mountain View Observatory because it’s such an awesome model that would fit in any LEGO City, Winter Chalet for my LEGO Winter Village, and Steam Powered Science because the steampunk design looks awesome.

My problem is… those sets total AU$1,580 if I were to pre-order them all, which is just an insane amount of money when you tally it all up like that. I could pay my mortgage with that!

I’m still deciding on what to get, but will likely narrow it down to the Observatory and maybe Steam Powered Science.

A reminder of how the program works

There will be purchase limits in place, where you can only pre-order one of each set.

Shipping is free on all orders. You will earn VIP points but not qualify for gift with purchases (GWP)

Your credit card will only be charged when the sets are shipped

Bricklink Designer Program Round 3 sets will be shipped in Spring (Northern Hemisphere) 2023.

There will be regional caps in place once again, so if you are unlucky enough to be in Singapore, or countries in Asia without an official Online Store, you’re out of luck once again.

Check out previous entrants from Round 1 and Round 2

Space Troopers! (2,670 pieces) – US$199.99/ AU$279.99

Space Troopers!

A from-the-ground-up rebuild of the original “Bulwark” gunship design of the Space Troopers project, the spaceship you see here is chock full of the developments of a decade’s worth of building, yet remains sturdy and with a chunky simplicity that reminds me of what I’d have loved to play with as a boy. From the rear’s double cargo doors ready to discharge rovers, troops, or scientists on an expedition, to the inner hatch and gunner’s console with its cramped ladder allowing access to the cockpit, the hold is packed with scenes ripe for customization and exploration. Crew bunks and a tiny galley round out the hull, and the off-center cockpit rises up between a sensor array and two massive engines that can rotate up or down for flight.

1950s Diner (1,377 pieces) – US$129.99/ AU$179.99

1950s Diner

The classic 50s style retro diner is recreated in detail as a playable display set! The idea was to create a diner with the classy build quality of the modular building series, but keeping the set small enough to be affordable.

The diner itself consists of around 900 pieces, is packed with as much details as possible, and includes lots of iconic features. This includes a jukebox, small but detailed kitchen, retro styled stools tables and chairs, a mini gas pump outside, a classic oversize sign complete with a 3D burger and fries on the roof, plus lots of other little details if you look closely! Topping it off is the stylish pink automobile, the ultimate symbol of 50’s cool!

Train Station: Studgate (4,062 pieces) – US$399.99/ AU$549.99

Train Station: Studgate

Welcome to Studgate, the main station of the city with the largest number of visitors where thousands of Minifigures pass through this station every day. 

This set is a 19th century concept station with new modern acquisitions, large glazing to gain more light, and computer systems for ticket access. 

The station has three heights. At its base, there is access to the first floor or terrace, along with an accessible entrance for people in wheelchairs that leads to the platform. Once there, the platform allows access through the footbridge. For wheelchairs there is a level crossing on the right side of the station for better access to the platform.

Working Waterfall (2,399 pieces) – US$229.99/ AU$299.99

Working Waterfall

A unique mechanism simulates the flow of a real-life waterfall through a lake, cave, mine and mountain! Prepare for adventure and get ready to explore its secrets… 

Inspired by regions such as the Rocky Mountains and the Alps, this natural wonder comes to life as you turn the handle on the side to activate the functional waterfall mechanism concealed within! 

Steam Powered Science (3,403 pieces) – US$299.99/ AU$399.99

Steam Powered Science

The Steam Powered Science (previously known as the Exploratorium) is a Steam-Punk themed research facility whose mission is to delve into the mysteries of the universe. One half of the facility is dedicated to researching celestial motion while the other is dedicated to traversing the ocean’s depths. The set was designed as part of the Flight Works Series, a group of Steam-Punk themed submissions on LEGO Ideas.

Winter Chalet (2,705 pieces) – US$199.99/ AU$279.99

Winter Chalet

Modular Construction Site (3,371 pieces) – US$319.99/ AU$449.99

Modular Construction Site

Mountain View Observatory (3,889 pieces) – US$319.99/ AU$449.99

Mountain West Observatory

The new “Mountain View” Observatory has 3 levels and the shape of the original version. 

  • The basement contains: a computer room, an engine room and a sleeping/relaxing area. 
  • The visitors level contains: a small exhibition about space, drinks & snacks, some books and a relaxing area and a desk with a happy member of the observatory.
  • The visitors platform contains: a small housing with details, a telescope, a great view, the dome contains a huge telescope a computer area and lots of details.
  • The dome has 2 sliding doors that can hide or release the telescope.
  • The complete Observatory can be opened. I also put some light bricks inside to illuminate the levels.
  • The nature surroundings received more details and 2 trees.

Brickwest Studios (3,928 pieces) – US$349.99/ AU$449.99

Brickwest Studios

Welcome to Brickwest Studios, a place to physically recreate 1000 and one stories about the Wild West. 

Brickwest is equipped with the necessary elements to film many scenes such as the water tank, the windmill, or the outhouse. The studio can be adapted to the needs of the shoot: 

Brickwest includes many elements such as spotlights, camera with tripod, microphone, a moving dressing room for the movie star, chairs, tables, piano, bar counter, barrels, safe etc.

Note: Brickwest Studios was moved from Round 2 to Round 3 due to the Rust shooting tragedy, and LEGO wanted to avoid any connection to it for sensitivity reasons.

Are there any projects from Round 3 that appeal to you? Which sets will you be preordering?

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29 responses to “LEGO Bricklink Designer Program Round 3 preorders open soon!”

  1. Nick says:

    Well I was wrong. I though Lego would only charge for the sets that are being produced. My credit card has a “Pending” charge for the full amount including sets that didn’t make the top 5.
    I also didn’t expect to see the charge on my card right now. I thought it was coming when they were close to delivery.

    • Tasnica says:

      It’s just a pre-authorization charge (they want to make sure you can actually afford the purchase). It should go away within a week, and they’ll charge you for real during shipping.

      • Nick says:

        Yes, but it’s reduced my available credit until the charge is removed, so no other big Lego orders this week! 🙂
        Also it included sets that didn’t make the cut, so that feels wrong.
        I’ll manage, but it’s not what I expected.

  2. Tasnica says:

    Wow, it seems like just about everyone underestimated the demand for these sets. Some of them reached the preorder threshold in mere minutes, and they all sold out completely within 12 hours. It makes the 30+ day preordering period look like an amusing suggestion in comparison.

  3. Reader says:

    Not sure whether to be angry or disappointed in this. Disappointed that I missed out or angry at the release time – being 3am in AEST. The chosen release time was basically a giant middle finger to the Asia-Pacific region; occurring midnight-4am across the area. There are ways this could have been worked around, such as making 3000 sets available every 6 hours, for example.

    Pretty sure round 2 had a more suitable time and not all of the sets sold out, so if anyone was like me and assumed round 2 or the price would prevent them selling out too quickly, we were in for a shock. According to posts in Bricklink, five sets hit the 3000 mark in 22 minutes and comments on submission indicated they started selling out in about an hour. Heck, if you were in a meeting, having a shower, at work, driving, or anything that required your attention, you missed out.

    Very unhappy with how this was handled. Perhaps they’ll consider a produce to demand model in the future so everyone has a chance to order if they’re interested. There’s no reason to restrict the number of sets other than perhaps underestimating demand and assuming 5000 / 10,000 would be sufficient. There’s value in the program, but there are learning experiences too.

    • Nick says:

      I feel you. They actually have a regional limit within the 10,000 set limit. I suspect they divide the regions by shipping hubs (e.g. NZ gets their sets delivered from the AU warehouse). Not sure how they determine the number of units in each given region. In Round 1 a set hadn’t sold out. but it wouldn’t let me order. I called Lego and they said the region limit had sold out so had missed out.

      It’s such a great program, but unfortunately slightly missing the mark.
      I’d like to see it continue with each set listed individually, open for a 3 week pre-order, and no (or higher) production limits.

  4. Colin Henson says:

    How are we in Australia meant to order these? The demand is there. Lego, build them and they will sell.

  5. benoit rigoni says:

    Hey, i have a question, what happens if I pre-ordered a lego that is not in the top 5?

  6. Jason says:

    WOW. The Diner and Chalet smashed through 3k in 15 or less. Pricing factoring in there. Studgate also very quickly to 3k.

    Not looking good for my Construction Site, Waterfall, Observatory picks.

  7. Todd Aspinwall says:

    Can I change my address at a later date? I plan to move next month and would need to update it. Just making sure this is possible doing a pre-order.

    • Nick says:

      These won’t be shipped for 9-12 months. I’d say there would be a fair number of people change address within a year. So I’m sure they have a way to do that.

  8. Margaret Foster says:

    Are you ever going to come out with anything from Monty Python? I’ve seen pics and news articles of it in Lego version. I’m looking forward to the day when its on the market.

  9. Jason Stepanski says:

    New to the site and Bricklink, long time builder of 35+ years. These are all magnificent sets and it’s hard to choose., but after some difficult assessing in how they would individually fit in to my collecting, my top 3 in order of my pesonal desire..

    it is a dead heat tie for #1 and #2 with Working Waterfall and Modular Construction Site.

    A strong #3 is Mountain Observatory for the modestly chic combination of function and flair going on there.

    I will be POing 1 & 2 and stewing over the Observatory.

    • Jay says:

      Nice one! I was tempted by the Modular Construction Site too since it’s a “Modular” but space is a premium for me, so I might pass on it. The Mountain Observatory will look splendid next to my other space sets!

  10. Valerie Cannon says:

    How do you place an order from Canada?

    • Jay says:

      Once pre-orders open, you’ll be able to click links on the Bricklink Designer Program page, and it’ll add them to your cart on, and you’ll check out like normal from the online shop. At least that’s how it worked with the last 2 rounds!

  11. Wim Goris says:

    I’m so excited for this round ! I have been waiting for the Winter Chalet since I voted for it in Lego Ideas… And the other one I’m going to give a try is the Studgate Station,… that one would be a great have if you have any Lego train layout aspirations.
    I also would hope that if enough people buy both these sets it will sent a message to Lego to produce a) More big buildings like the Chalet, because there is a market for it (like Medieval Blacksmith), and b) It would show Lego that trains are not a dead end item within the company and there is more than enough people who would support and/or buy train related sets; IF they are targeted at adults and come with nice detail and overall presence ?….

    Either way, I have a countdown timer set for 10:00 American West Coast time,… and I’ll be at the ready for both theses sets. I have been putting $30.00 aside with every paycheck I got over the last few years to make it possible to buy these sets… And I’ll keep on doing that for eventual next ones ?
    Already successful in round 2 as well, when I picked the Venetian Houses as a “must have”…

    You can tell, I’m totally excited and ready for this… Now keep it on the “down low” a bit so that I have a chance on both sets, before everyone else jumps on to them ?… 🙂 Just kidding !

    I hope everyone will get the set they want this time, and that both my choices will make it to production status. I think this whole idea is great but I agree that maybe the program needs a couple of tweaks to make more sets available through the years to everyone..
    But it is a really exciting, and entertaining, way to get a Lego set through this program and I would really hope for Lego to continue doing this…

    Thanks Jay; you’re the best and i enjoy all your posts ! Maybe a “guest review” from my side when I get one of these Designer Program Sets delivered ?… 🙂

    • Jay says:

      This entire program has been a pilot program to gauge just how far LEGO fans will stretch their wallets, especially for large, highly detailed minifigure-scaled sets like these.

      And yes, I hope Studgate does well because Train fans have been languishing and completely ignored by LEGO, so while I’m not personally interested in it, I hope it does well.

      I do think with purchase limits, and the high price, it’ll be less of a frantic dash to get these – Round 2 lasted a long time before pre-orders closed, so this should hopefully be less stressful than the 1st round.

      A guest review would be more than welcome, especially for sets that I didn’t pre-order. If you’re keen on whipping one up, drop me an email at and we can go from there!

  12. Nick says:

    Hopefully the program continues (with some changes).
    I’d like any Ideas set that gets 10,000 votes, but fails to become a retail, but is valid (e.g. no licensed IP or can’t be physically built) is then given an opportunity at the designer-program.
    Each set gets listed individually (not in groups).
    The pre-order is open for longer (perhaps 2-3 weeks). Any that reach 3000+ orders gets produced.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah definitely – with the Ideas program growing from strength to strength, I can definitely see them extending it out further, as a second chance thing. My preference is that when sets get rejected, they immediately go into consideration, and discussions begin immediately with the fan designer on how they can retool it for Bricklink.

  13. Nick says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about buying one or two of these (the diner and the waterfall have attracted my attention.

    I do have a question though – how do I link my Bricklink and accounts so that I can get my VIP points? For such huge prices I want to make sure I get the VIP points to get as much value as possible.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

    • Orc says:

      You don’t have to. Purchases are made via the Lego website. The link will appear when the round opens and you go to the page of the set you want.

    • Jay says:

      As mentioned, when pre-orders open and you add them to cart, you’ll then be redirected to and you’ll check out as usual.

  14. Reader says:

    The price shock is definitely a real factor here and I think that will impact pre-orders quite heavily. When you calculate it though, the price per piece is AUD0.10 – 0.15 per piece, which works out about the same as Classic sets (and half the price per piece of recent City sets). They’re priced reasonably; there’s just a lot in them!

    I’d like to get Winter Chalet, Waterfall, MV Observatory and SP Science. I have a feeling the winners will be Brickwest Studios, Diner, Winter Chalet, MV Observatory and SP Science. Will be interesting to see how it goes!

    I really hope the program continues as a way to give a second chance to rejected Ideas creations and allow the creators to make a little money from them. I would like to see some changes to the program: perhaps offer a new set every two weeks, and give a week for pre-orders. That way every set has a chance to shine and there’s no competition. Having a rolling series of sets might allow them to be shown and produced more quickly too (negating the need to wait a year or longer for delivery).

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, they’re not too badly priced, if you look at it per piece – it’s just that they’re absolutely humongous!

      I’m on the fence with Brickwest – I do wish it was a more traditional Western Saloon, as you could’ve then saved by ditching the film stuff, but that wouldn’t be true to the Ideas concept.

      I think judging from the response, we should see this program continue in another form. With Bricklink Studio officially replacing LDD, it does seem like LEGO have more plans on making it easier for digital designs to be sold/turned into sets directly on Bricklink.

  15. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Jay, that there’s another big hit (albeit delayed) to the wallet on its way!
    I certainly remember you have a soft spot for the western themed Brickwest Studios set and I can’t fault you on your choices, which sorta mesh with mine.

    In priority order, my choices are:
    1. Steam-powered Science. Always loved this set – really hope it makes it through this time.
    2. Winter Chalet. Same reason as you – when you’ve already collected all the Lego Winter Village sets, it’s a no brainer.
    3. Studgate Train Station. Not sure on this set, but I already have large collection of Lego Train sets and this would make a nice addition as a “Main Station” for the line.
    4. Mountain View Observatory. Also not sure. Nice looking set but bit on the expensive side (who am I kidding – there’re all expensive!)

    • Jay says:

      I can buy like 2 Fort Legoredos for Brickwest Studios, so it’s a tough one for me!

      Great options, but man, I sure hope I’m way richer in 2023 when these hit the credit card than I am now!

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