LEGO Chinese New Year 2019 Sets coming to Asia Pacific (Australia included!)

Early this month, LEGO revealed their plan on cracking the lucrative Chinese market – by introducing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) courses designed specifically for Chinese schools, as well as the release of region-exclusive sets that seek to appeal to Chinese consumers.

Update: I’ve just reviewed 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner! Check out the post to see more photos and my thoughts on the set.

The first announcement probably won’t apply to 99% of my readers, but the second definitely does.

In the New Year (1 January 2019 to be exact), the Asia Pacific region (which includes Australia) will get access to two Chinese New Year-themed LEGO sets – 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner and 80102 Dragon Dance, which I’m really excited about.

The sets will be available on (confirmation that they’re now not going to be on the Online Shop), department stores like Myer & David Jones, and independent retailers like Toyworld. They’ll also be available at the LEGO Store at Dreamworld, and for us Melburnians, the Chadstone Legoland Discovery Centre Shop.

Update 3/1: So, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at least it’s official news. Both Chinese New Year Sets will not be available on No idea why the change, but it’s probably some form of miscommunication/internal change. Again, I am terribly sorry if I’ve misled anyone.

What to do now? My advice would be to keep an eye out for to Myer and David Jones’ website, or in-store if you’re close to one. Stock is already in transit to them, so they should show up by next week. HOPEFULLY they add them to their online store.

If you’re in Melbourne, the Legoland Discovery Centre Chadstone should have them by Saturday, 5 January.

Alternatively, if you live close to a Toyworld, give them a buzz and ask them to reserve the sets for you when they’re in. They’re usually pretty helpful in that regard.

Good luck finding these! I would not be waiting for a sale, and would snap this up if you can find them.

DISCLAIMER: logistics is hard, so dates may or may not change.

Update 2/1: So, the set as many of you have noticed the two sets haven’t showed up on in Australia and New Zealand. I’m trying to chase up information on what’s the status of that, but I’ll keep you posted. There’s been lots of conflicting information floating around with some people reporting that LEGO’s Facebook page told them that the sets aren’t going to hit now, however we were previously told by LEGO’s AFOL Engagement team that they would, so I’m trying to get to the bottom of this.

If you’re in Queensland, the Lego Shop at Dreamworld has apparently started selling them, so you might want to give them a buzz.

Update:  Chadstone’s Legoland Discovery Centre Shop will be receiving the sets on the 4th or 5th of January, depending on when the shipments arrive.

LEGO’s CEO claims that this is the first time they’ve created region-exclusive sets, but that’s not entirely true… given that we’ve had 4 Chinese Zodiac builds so far (early this year, we got the Year of the Dog). 5 if you count the Year of the Snake. But I guess this is the first retail set for the APAC region, so maybe he’s technically correct.

Chinese New Year is THE most important holiday and festive period for the Chinese diaspora. It’s kind of like Christmas, where families get together, eat lots of food and be merry. Oh, but instead of exchanging presents, you get red packets (hongbao in Mandarin) if you’re unmarried, or get to hand them out if you’re married.

It’s the best time of the year, and as a kid, this is one holiday that you look forward to every year. Everyone wears red (the colour of good fortune and prosperity) and the holiday lasts for 15 days, which is awesome.

I’m ethnically Chinese, so these sets are perfect for me and you can bet that I’ll be picking these sets up when they’re released.

80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner – AU$89.99

This is the set I’m most excited about as it depicts one of the most important aspects of Chinese New Year – the Reunion Dinner, which occurs the day before the Chinese New Year.

Filial piety is a massive cornerstone of Chinese culture, and the Reunion Dinner is the event that officially kicks the Chinese New Year Celebrations off. As the name suggests, families reunite during the dinner (typically on the paternal side), and enjoy a big feast with Chinese cuisine, all in the name of togetherness.

The set depicts a traditional Chinese home, designed in the same vein as the Big Bang Theory set, with exterior walls and a dollhouse cutout.

On the inside is a massive banquet table filled with all manner of Chinese dishes such as bowls of rice, bok choy, chopsticks (!!!), fish, chicken and of course, crab which is a premium delicacy beloved by the Chinese. They all seem to be printed tiles which makes me really happy.

I want the rice tiles so badly. 

We get 6 minifigures, the elder grandparents, whom the family are visiting, and a nuclear family featuring a husband, wife and 2 kids. All the minifigures come dressed in traditional Chinese outfits (cheongsams and qipaos) and look absolutely great.

This is definitely THE set to get for. It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but given all the new and unique elements in this set, I think I can easily justify this. Shame they didn’t price this set at AU$88 – a missed opportunity as the number 8 is a very symbolic number, meant to represent prosperity!

80102 Dragon Dance – AU$79.99

Up next is 80102 Dragon Dance, which as its name implies, pays homage to the traditional Dragon Dance which is a staple during Chinese New Year, but not to be confused with the Lion Dance.

The set features a mechanical crank, which will bop the dragon up and down, similar to the real life performance.

This is a beautifully designed JK Brickworks-esque set, and the dragon features some really intricate details and great new parts.

For minifigures, you get 4 dancers in their dancewear, which are all identical to each other, but feature 2 variations of hairpieces which are pretty cool. Also included is a re-release of Piggy Guy, which you may remember from Series 12 – it might seem like a strange addition, but next year is the Year of the Pig, so thematically, this is a really clever use of an old minifigure!

This is one of those sets that look sensational on display, and is sure to be a conversation starter, especially with the ability to demonstrate it in action.

Overall, as someone who’s ethnically Chinese, I am beyond excited by these sets and the chance to share and celebrate my culture using LEGO. Like the Zodiac animal sets, these are great vehicles to get people aware and interested in Chinese culture – it also really helps that these set designs look absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them to review.

I think it’s a little frustrating that LEGO has decided to only release them in the Asia Pacific region. There is a massive Chinese/South East Asian diaspora all over the world, especially in America, so I really feel for American and European LEGO fans who will have to resort to purchasing these sets online on the secondary market.

I hope LEGO reconsiders and makes these available globally – but in their effort to appeal to the China market, I can see why they think it’s a good idea to throw them an exclusive.

There’s also supposedly a third Chinese New Year set – the Dragon Boat set, which I have no information on. Hopefully we get more news on that soon.

So that’s my thoughts on the LEGO Chinese New Year 2019 sets – what do you think? Will you be picking up these sets when they release next year?

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35 responses to “LEGO Chinese New Year 2019 Sets coming to Asia Pacific (Australia included!)”

  1. Scott White says:

    Got my Dragon Dance set today from Mr Toys @ Docklands Melbourne. They were great taking my Pre Order weeks ago. No sets left on shelves by the looks of it though.

  2. The limited edition Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set arrives at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne Friday 11 January and will be available from 9:30am when our store opens, until stocks last. The sets are expected to sell out very quickly so we encourage to get down early. We are limiting sales to one set per customer.

  3. John Boxall says:

    Just got 80102 from Dreamworld. Thanks for the blog post.

  4. z3k3 says:

    Saw both sets this morning being sold at a local online classified ads here in Toronto. Seller asking $350 CAD per set!!!!!

  5. Lanny says:

    Im interested the chinese new year lego set. But when is it available in malaysia pls? Where to buy? Toyrus?

  6. Bradley Mitchell says:

    I believe already sold out at Dreamworld 🙁 I was only there Tuesday too so not impressed.
    Already being flipped for over double RRP

  7. Ray says:

    Did check lego online shop AU and do not have these product available.

    The korea store have this item though.

    is it going to arrive later in Lego shop au ???

    • Jay says:

      Sorry, not too sure what’s going on with LEGO. Looks like they might have delayed the launch or something must’ve happened with the roll-out.

      Only new news is that Legoland Discovery Centre is slated to get it around the 4th and 5th, hopefully the likes of Myer and David Jones soon follow suit.

  8. Yvonne says:

    I checked lego website and cannot see these two sets at all 80101 and 80102. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Alesha says:

      I’ve been checking it obsessively since 9pm (WA time= Midnight in “main” Australia), and to my knowledge it hasn’t been put up. I’m not sure what’s going on either. I really don’t want to miss them.

    • Jay says:

      Nope, it’s not you. It has been loaded up yet. Not too sure if the online launch has been delayed, or if there’s been some change.

      Only new news is that Legoland Discovery Centre in Melbourne are slated to get it this weekend. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long for Myer and David Jones to get it up on their online stores.

      • Ally says:

        I just called Lego Australia
        They said that they cannot disclose what it hasn’t not been available on the lego website, but to keep checking in the next few days! I sure hope it comes soon. Or even purchasing at myer to get Myerone point is good lol

  9. ShienEe says:

    Soooo cool!! First time being in Australia is a bonus! ? I cant find them at the Lego online store though. Used the product codes and all. They are there to pre order already?

    • Jay says:

      Hey mate, so sorry for the late reply. There’s been a few updates on the situation and I’ve updated the post with details. Basically, they’re not going to be listed online, so best look out for them at David Jones, Myer, and or Toyworld.

  10. Kangababy says:

    Hi. I’ve checked the Lego website for Australia and don’t see these listed on the site even under the coming soon section. Are you still expecting them to be available in Australia and do you know if they will be available in New Zealand as well?

    • Jay says:

      Hey mate, so sorry for the late reply. There’s been a few updates on the situation and I’ve updated the post with details. Basically, they’re not going to be listed online, so best look out for them at David Jones, Myer, and or Toyworld.

  11. Elise says:

    I am a Lego Fan from the USA and I am seeing these sets on ebay already. The 3rd set I believe is the 80103 dragon boat for the festival. Thank you for providing the retail price so I know how much more I am paying in the secondary market.

  12. Stuart Maddison says:

    So glad I live in Australia! Can’t wait to get the banquet set! Saw box at for the dragon boat race which looks cool too.

  13. Jack says:

    Thses are pretty nice. Tempted to get the dragon as I’m a big fan of crank builds. Nice to see these coming to Australia, and what’s more, they’re available at department stores!!! Whoop! Do you know if these will be available in New Zealand?

    Also, about the Dragon Boat Race – it hasn’t been officially revealed, but I can describe it for you!
    Comes with red and green dragon boats (one of each), and each boat has 5 minifigures in it. It also has a docks build and judging stand.

    15 MINIFIGURES COME IN THIS SET!!! (10 rowers, 4 civilians and 1 judge)

    • Jay says:

      Yes, they’ll be available in New Zealand at Toyworld, Toyco, Mighty Ape and specialty toy stores.

      The dragon boat sounds absolutely massive – I don’t want to know how much it will cost!

      • Daniel says:

        Actually the Dragon Boat Set doesn’t look that massive, it just has a ridiculous number of Minifigures due to the two boat crews and spectators. There is a picture of the set on AnJ’s Brick Blog if you’re interested.

  14. Lia says:

    Do you know how one could get a set in China? Do they sell on china’s shop.Lego site (if any), or one can just pick one up at the Lego store in China?

    • Jay says:

      I’m not too sure about China as I’m not from there! I believe there are some LEGO Brand Retail stores in China, so they’ll be available there.

      Given how big of a deal LEGO made about this set to target the China market, I would also expect this to have a wide distribution in toy shops/shopping malls – basically anywhere you’d be able to find LEGO.

  15. Hammerdragon says:

    Oh yeah baby they both look awesome. Hopefully they’ll be purchasable alone instead of having to buy $80 of something else to qualify!!

  16. These look so amazing!! I wish they would come to the US as well.

  17. R.E.F. says:

    Can you tell us – culturally – would it be wrong to get two of these sets and make a longer dragon, or is there some fundamental significance of the length of the dragon?

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