It’s official! Luigi’s getting his own LEGO Super Mario Starter Course!

Fans of Luigi, Mario’s brother can finally rejoice as we now have crystal clear confirmation that he’ll be joining the LEGO Super Mario theme!

Update: LEGO has now officially has revealed the new LEGO 71387 Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, featuring everybody’s favourite green plumber sibling.

The new LEGO Luigi Starter Course is now available for preorder on, ahead of a 1 August 2021 release date and will cost US$59.99 / AU$89.99 / £49.99.

The set is a Starter Course, so it’s perfect starting point for getting into LEGO Super Mario with the new Luigifigure.

The set also includes a Boom Boom, Pink Yoshi, and a Bone Goomba

The set’s release date is 1 August 2021 is supposedly July. With all the secrecy surrounding the original launch of LEGO Super Mario, I’m surprised this was revealed so far ahead of schedule, but this is a promising sign that there will be more LEGO Super Mario expansion sets and maybe a 3rd Series of Characters to collect on the horizon.

Thanks to for breaking the story.

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8 responses to “It’s official! Luigi’s getting his own LEGO Super Mario Starter Course!”

  1. I HATE this lego set it is so frustrating and does not make sense.

  2. Yes! I hope we get some Luigi’s mansion inspired courses.

  3. gregory ferko says:

    If the rumors are true I would rather get the Legend of Zelda Lego sets. I have most of the Mario sets and I only played with them for a minute or two when I was building them and now they are apart and in bags causes I’ve moved on too much bigger Lego sets. The nostalgia is nice and yes they look cool but I’ll pass on this one and I’ll pass on the other new Mario and Luigia sets.

  4. Mark P says:

    Oh cool! I wonder if he’s physically a different size, since Luigi’s supposed to tall-and-skinny to Mario’s short-and-squat.
    Also, I’m so hoping we get some princesses soon. I’m really enjoying this theme, though we’re struggling to find time to build them all.

    • Vector says:

      He looks to be the same mold as Mario to me. It would make sense for the costumes, unless they want us to buy another set of separate costumes for Luigi 😬

  5. Yeetforlego says:

    Didn’t you say you weren’t allowed to post leaks?

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