The 4,514-piece LEGO 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle officially announced – the ultimate LEGO Castle of your dreams!

As part of LEGO’s 90th Anniversary, LEGO have officially unveiled 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle, an utterly massive and jaw-dropping LEGO Castle that will make your inner child scream with excitement.

Update: Check out my review of 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle to see more of the set!

Packed with a whopping TWENTY ONE (yes, 21!) minifigures, from Forest people, to the brave Lion Knights, Black Falcons and even a magician that could be Majisto, this 4,514-piece Castle set has it all.

10305 Lion Knight’s Castle will be priced at US$399.99 / £344.99 and will be available exclusively from or your local LEGO Store, with a release date of 3 August 2022 for LEGO VIPs, and 8 August for everyone else.

See below for regional pricing and product links when they go live

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw photos of 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle, I cried a little at the sheer scale of this set. For one, it’s MASSIVE, measuring 38 cm (14 in.) high, 44 cm (17 in.) wide and 33cm (12 in.) deep.

Just look at it next to the set’s designers – Milan Madge and Mike Psiaki.

The set pays homage to classic LEGO castles of the past, with the closest being 6080 King’s Castle. If you zoom in one the size of the box, you’ll also see 3 other sets that provided inspiration for the set – 10193 Medieval Market Village, the classic 375 Castle, and 6066 Camouflaged Outpost, all three sets lending their DNA and heritage to 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle.

There’s just SO much going on with the set, and as a Forestmen tragic, I LOVE that there are hidden enclaves that they use to sneak in and out of the Castle.

Like LEGO Castles of old, the entire set opens up to show both the inside and outside of the castle, and taking cues from 10193 Medieval Market Village, there are plenty of peasants, and non-combat areas in the Castle – such as a bakery, and mill.

The set is absolutely littered with nods to LEGO Castle, with a boy playing with a micro version of 375 Yellow Castle, and even crests and sigils from the set making an appearance in the banquet hall.

I also think it’s HIGHLY progressive, that instead of being ruled by a king, the Lion Knights are ruled by a Queen, and she looks incredibly bad-ass. Did I mention how delighted with the barding on her horse?

Apart from working drawbridges, and a portcullis that can be raised, I really like the overall shape of the castle, which has interesting angles when enclosed, making for a really non-linear footprint – a testament to how far LEGO design has come, compared to the blocky and square Castles of old.

My words won’t do the photos justice, and as a fan of Vintage-era and Classic Castle, this set is a dream come true for me. When I was a wee lad, I could never afford LEGO Castles, and had to make do with smaller sets, so the fact that this is a thing – and I can actually own and afford one now just takes me back to my childhood.

Yes, this is quite an expensive set, but for all that they’ve thrown in, and for the ability to relive your childhood like this, I think it’s incredibly fairly priced, and cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Look out for an early review before it launches!

What do you think of 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle? Is this the best LEGO Castle ever made?

10305 Lion Knight’s Castle will be available on 3 August 2022 for LEGO VIPs from and 8 August for everyone else, retailing for US$399.99 / £349.99 / €399.99

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13 responses to “The 4,514-piece LEGO 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle officially announced – the ultimate LEGO Castle of your dreams!”

  1. Frederick Simpson says:

    As someone who buy lego regularly this is a rip off £150-170 to dear, leaving it out of the reach of most kids and what there parents could afford, I could even justify getting it as a one for my little boy and me to build, I got the lego Medieval Blacksmith for us both to build and it was £129 for around half the number of pieces, also what is with calling it King’s castle when there is no King, call it Queen’s castle as there is only a queen, also I don’t think there were many female knights in medieval times, if the buildings are historical accurate should the characters not be too.

    HOPEFULLY lego release more castle theme castles that are affordable and accurate as from the classic sets of my youth, this is very close to be a great set but unfortunately its for the rich and out of the reach of the normal working class fan, was looking forward to this all year disappointed lego

  2. Hammerdragon says:

    Never had a castle and missed out on the medieval village so this is a must for me. Cannot wait!

  3. Transparent says:

    The queen’s shield, and some of the other shields from the 375 yellow castle set (excluding the crown one that comes with the knight in CMF series 23) look to be stickers unfortunately, but would love to be wrong.

  4. Łukasz says:

    Moim zdaniem jest to mega kupa. W żaden sposób mnie do siebie nie przekonuje. Zamek budowany raczej w stylu wierzowca że Spider-Mana. Gdzie piękne mury jakieś katapulty a przede wszystkim góra na której powinien stać zamek? Jakiś czas temu próbowali wskrzesić “castle” i powielają tamte problemy. Jako dziecko chciałem się bawić w wojnę nie uprawiać ziemię i patrzyć jak się kręci młyn. Królowa?? Szkoda że nie wpadli na pomysł żeby jej jeszcze kolor skóry zmienić. Bardzo dużo sobie obiecywałem po tym zestawie i takie rozczarowanie. Jestem ogromnie zawiedziony i jest mi przykro. O cenie szkoda gadać jak to nawet ładne nie jest.

    • Terhoa says:

      Żaden z dotychczasowych zamków nie mial wejścia wyżej niz ten. On stoi na górze, przeciez ma podjazd. Myślę że twoja ocena boerze się z tego jak kiepsko ogrom wielkości tego zamku przedstawia się na zdjęciu. Dopiero na zywo widac że to jest OGROMNA budowla, ale wciąż z klocków lego. Obejrzyj video z projektantami. A to że cię boli królowa to już jakiś głębszy problem psychologiczny, warto to diagnozować.

  5. Alison says:

    Oh yes, this is what I was hoping for! Will be staying up until midnight for sure – I only need 6 hours sleep for work the next day, right?!

  6. Andrew Gardiner says:

    This looks great but very expensive. Because of the price I don’t see many multiple purchases but I’ll be interested to see what happens when MOC creators add on a set or two of 31120 Medieval Castle.

    • Flocell says:

      Could you let other people enjoy this please?

      • Andrew Gardiner says:

        I have no idea what you mean. I was simply saying that there are people who will modify this to make it even grander and the most affordable source of parts to add will come from set 31120. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

  7. Neil says:

    It just feels like Lego are asking for £100 or even £150 more than they should be; the price is pretty much the same as Hogwarts Castle yet this set has 2000 fewer bricks, and is non-branded, so I’m not sure how they can justify the price. I’m sure they are well aware that many will buy it anyway even though it is, comparatively, a rip-off.

  8. Gina says:

    This set is beautiful, lucky tax time is coming up.

  9. cool-bricks says:

    Not 20 but 21 Minifigures + skeleton. Lego can’t count.

  10. Armando says:

    I’ll have to say goodbye to one of my kidneys hahaha, I’m really looking forward for this, hope it lasts for several days in the LEGO store.

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