Review: LEGO Minifigures Series 21

There’s no better way to ring in 2021 than with a brand new Collectible Minifigures Series!

Series 21 is the latest LEGO Minifigures Series to be released, showing up in stores (and online) globally from 1 January 2021 onwards. It’s a slightly special series as it provides one of the biggest overhauls to the Collectible Minifigures Series format, with only 12 characters in a complete set, instead of the usual 16.

Special thanks to LEGO Certified Stores ANZ for supporting this review LEGO Series 21 are now available at all LEGO Certified Stores in Australia and New Zealand.

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Here’s a look at the individual Series 21 blind bags, which have a green colour theme this year.

To those who are new to LEGO’s Collectible Minifigure Series, each minifigure comes in a blind bag, which introduces a sense of “randomness” to what you’ll get. Each blind bag costs AU$5.99 (US$4.99 in the US and £3.49 and €3.99 respectively in the UK and EU). You can also find them at your local toy store, or on

For most minifigures series, unless you only want a select few minifigures, I saving time by ordering a full set online through independent retailers, or on Amazon.

I’m currently on holiday and don’t have access to a scanner, so I’ll be uploading a complete scan of the Series 21 instruction manual and character checklist in a few days.

Box Distribution

Along with the shift to only 12 characters in a complete set, LEGO have also overhauled the box contents.

Each sealed box of Series 21 Minifigures contains 36 blind bags, and there are 3 complete sets in each box. It’s a really simple system and kind of eliminates chase/rare minifigures, as there are just 3x of each character in each box, which I think is a really nice move.

It allows people to buy and share boxes much easier, and also helps retailers who part out boxes to assemble full sets.

Here’s the complete list of characters.

  1. Paddle Surfer
  2. Violin Kid
  3. Shipwreck Survivor
  4. Ladybug Girl
  5. Pug Costume Guy
  6. Centaur Warrior
  7. Beekeeper
  8. Ancient Warrior
  9. Airplane Girl
  10. Space Police Guy
  11. Alien
  12. Cabaret Singer

If you click the name of each minifigure, you’ll instantly jump to the corresponding minifigure review! For the “feelers out there”, my reviews also contain a “How To Find One” section with actual tips on how you can best identify the minifigs in their blind bags.

If you’re new to my LEGO Minifigure reviews, I use a 5-point scale review scale to rate each minifig. Here’s what the numbers mean!

5/5 – I love it
4/5 – I really like it
3/5 – I like it
2/5 – I don’t like it
1/5 – I didn’t really like it
0/5 – I hate it

Now all that’s done, let’s jump straight into the LEGO Minifigures Series 21 review!

Paddle Surfer

Here’s the Paddle Surfer, a great new beach-themed character that has a TON of gear and an all-new LEGO Dolphin!

The designers really nailed the vibe of her outfit, with her bright blue cap (with a ponytail fused to it), very retro design top, and board shorts.

For some reason, the illustration on the Paddle Surfer’s shirt, gives off heavy Paradisa vibes, and it feels like it’s an amalgamation of these two torso designs from Paradisa. Or is that just me?

The Paddle Surfer also comes with a new blue lifejacket, and an alternate face with sunglasses on, which just scream “I’m on holiday and am so chilled and relaxed”. 

She also has back printing, with the same stylised R logo that’s present on her printed surfboard – it might be some sort of in-universe LEGO Surf Brand?

I really like that they included a LEGO Dolphin as well – which is unreal value, being able to get it for the price of a blind bag.

We’ve had dolphins previously in LEGO Friends sets, but those were always a bit more cartoony eyes, so getting a proper LEGO Dolphin is a treat for those of you that enjoy collecting marine animals.

It’s really hard to argue with just how much value you’re getting with the Paddle Surfer, and the addition of the printed surfboard, plus the Dolphin makes this an all-around great minifigure.

You’re really paying for a LEGO Dolphin that comes with a Paddle Surfer accessory, and that’s really okay.

How To Find One: Feel for the LEGO Dolphin, which has a very distinct dorsal fin, and tail, which splits into two. It’s a really large piece, so you won’t really miss it, but if you do, you can always feel for the surfboard.

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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Violin Kid

The Violin Kid is an adorable pint-sized violin prodigy, that is really into the classics. And by classics, I don’t just mean Beethoven, Tchaikovsky or Mozart – I mean Blacktron 2, as evident by the Blacktron 2 logo monogram shirt he’s sporting underneath a green zip hoodie. 

With carefree side-swept hair, and a pensive look, the Violin Kid gives off this air of youthful nervousness, probably as he psyches himself up for a recital or concert. 

Here’s a look at his back printing, which has his hood and some fabric lines on the back. 

Of course, the highlight of the Violin Kid is his awesome new Violin piece. Brand new LEGO musical instruments are always a treat to get in new Minifigure Series, and I especially like the design, and sharp printing on the violin.

Violin Kid’s “in the zone” focus face, with his eyes close, and a small smile as he plays his fiddle, is also very adorable, and fits the character well. 

Violin is one of the most popular and recognizable classical instruments, so for those of you who had fond (or terrifying) memories growing up learning violin, or if you’re a professional Violinist, you’re going to enjoy finally having a proper LEGO Violin piece. 

For the rest of us, we’ll be happy with the cool Blacktron 2 reference.

How To Find One: The Violin is the easiest way to identify Violin Kid, it has a long stem, with some ridges at the tip, and a small rod that sticks out the body for the hands to grip. You can also try feeling for the Wand Sprue, which is about the size of a 2 x 4 tile, but has grooves and ridges in it, and feels very thin.

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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Shipwreck Survivor

Let’s just call the Shipwreck Survivor what it is – a LEGO version of Tom Hanks’ iconic role in Castaway.

He has all you’d expect from someone surviving on a Desert Island – an overgrown Caveman beard/hairdo, seashell necklace, and tattered pants. 

In an attempt to get rescued, the Shipwreck Survivor has prepared a message in a bottle, which is a cool exclusive element, printed on a green bottle. On his right arm, he also has an anchor tattoo, which suggests that prior to being shipwrecked, he was a sailor of some sort. 

I like that his back printing has a few scuffs on him, to really illustrate that he’s roughing it out on his deserted island. 

As a companion, the Shipwreck Survivor comes with an adorable hermit crab, a brand new LEGO animal introduced in Series 21!

I was really impressed by the moulding of the hermit crab, which has beady black eyes, and very distinct claws, and legs. His shell is formed by a white round stud, and a white “poop” piece, both of which are attached to his body. 

It’s obviously a letdown that the Shipwreck Survivor didn’t come with a volleyball with a face drawn on it (Wilson if you didn’t get the reference), but that would’ve been really too on-the-nose, and this homage to Castaway strikes the right balance between being instantly recognizable, and having enough plausible deniability to avoid any form of copyright infringement. 

The Hermit Crab is a great new addition to my LEGO animal menagerie, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want at least a dozen more of them. 

How To Find One: The bottle is the most identifiable element, as it’s exclusive to the Shipwreck Survivor, and has a thin neck attached to its body. If not, try feeling for the white poop piece, which feels like a Hershey kiss, and has a pretty sharp pointy tip. 

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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Ladybug Girl

Move over Animal Suit Minifigures, Bug Suit Minifigures are taking over!

Series 21 introduces one of the cutest LEGO minifigures yet, the Ladybug Girl! Dressed in a Ladybug Costume, she joins Series 10’s Bumblebee Girl, Series 18’s Spider Suit Guy, and Series 17’s Butterfly Girl (and maybe Series 14’s Fly Monster) in a growing swarm of insect-themed minifigures. 

The Ladybug Girl’s immaculate polka-dot wings are what ties the entire minifigure together, and I was very happy to discover that they were made out of hard plastic. 

I had feared they’d use the rubbery plastic like her headpiece, which is the same as Bumblebee Girl’s headpiece. 

She has an adorable face, with bright red cheeks, and two variants of smiles.

You also get not one, but TWO Ladybug printed tiles, which are just the cutest. I can see these being used on all sorts of LEGO plants and foliage for some extra bit of detail. 

It’s undeniable that Ladybug Girl is simply as cute as a bug, and one of the standouts of Series 21. As a collector of Animal/Bug Suit minifigures, I’m beyond delighted with how well she’s designed, and is one of my top picks for Series 21. 

How To Find One: Try feeling for her wings, which are rigid, and split into two, with a neck bracket. Alternatively, try feeling for the Ladybug round 1 x 1 tiles, which are unique to her. 

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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Pug Costume Guy

Now Ladybug Girl might be cute, but she’s not excitable little boy in a Pug Costume cute. 

A welcome new addition to LEGO’s esteemed collection of Animal Suit Minifigures, Pug Costume Guy is peak LEGO adorable-ness. Fans of Pugs, and cute minifigures will rejoice at how excellent this minifigure is, capturing the Pug’s squat proportions, and distinct facial features so well.

Oh, and the printed toes are such a nice touch. 

The bandana is a really cute touch, but LEGO’s attention to detail doesn’t stop there, and I love that they also printed a short curly tail on the back as well for maximum pug accuracy. 

Here’s a better look at the moulding, printing and details of the Pug helmet. 

As if all that cuteness wasn’t enough, Pug Costume Guy also has the most adorable minifigure face I’ve seen yet – an alternate expression which has his tongue sticking out like a dog.

So damn cute it would be criminal to give Pug Costume Guy anything but a perfect 5/5 rating. 

A very worthy addition to the LEGO Animal Costume Minifigures, and I can’t wait to get home to get an updated photo of the lineup with the Pug Costume Guy added!

How To Find One: The Pug Costume Guy can be found by feeling for his bone – there are two bones in each blind bad for reference.

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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Centaur Warrior

I feel like 2021 is going to be a good year for Medieval and Fantasy LEGO fans. No reason, just a hunch. 

The Centaur Warrior is such a ridiculous minifigure to include in a blind bag – the new Centaur horse bodies were first seen in 75967 Forbidden Forest: Umbridge’s Encounter

The Centaur Warrior’s legs are in a shade of light brown, and are just begging to be amassed as they make the perfect Centaur Army builder minifigure. 

Her torso design has distinctively Elvish influences, and she comes with a bow, a quiver that attaches to the stud on her back, as well as a red apple. Whether it’s a target, or food is up for debate. 

The Centaur Warrior has a cheery face, and I do like the freckles on her face. The wrist armour printed on her arms are also a great touch!

Here’s another look at the Centaur Warrior from behind. 

It goes without saying that the Centaur Warrior represents tremendous value, and will be highly sought after. I think she will be the most popular/rarest minifigure as I and everyone else who wants to build a Centaur army can now do so cheaply, and easily. 

Kudos to LEGO for including a Centaur in Series 21 – you’re getting so much plastic and bang for your buck with the Centaur Warrior that I’m still in disbelief that this is an actual LEGO Collectible Minifigure. 

How To Find One: The Centaur Warrior is extremely easy to feel for thanks to her legs – they’re the largest piece in the series, and you can easily tell by feeling for the four legs, or the pins that are inserted into her torso. 

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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The Beekeeper is another bee-a-utiful addition to the LEGO Minifigures series.

A distinctly recognizable and important occupation, I’m mostly surprised that it’s taken this long for a Beekeeper to make an appearance. 

I’m glad they waited this long because they did everything right with the Beekeeper, such as his Beekeeper mask, which is an awesome new minifigure accessory that completely envelopes the minifig’s head. 

I was very impressed by the visor – to mimic a Beekeper’s mesh mask, LEGO have opted for a translucent visor, which has a frosted glass effect that creates this brilliant blurry look on the minifgure’s face – the effect is really, really nice, and I would love for this not to be a once-off use of the glass effect. 

Here’s a look at the back printing, and the Beekeeper mask from the back. This has to be one of the most detailed headpieces that LEGO has created recently, and the quality, accuracy and attention to detail is just insane. 

The honeycomb tile with two bees printed on it are sublime as well, and I can see this being a really useful tile. I can’t wait for someone to create a massive beehive out with dozens of these tiles. 

Removing his beekeeper mask reveals a kindly old gentleman, with an epic moustache. On his torso, you can also see a logo with a trio of hexagons, and some honey that’s spilled onto his suit, which is a fun little realistic detail.

Did you think we’re done? Not yet! The Beekeeper also has a hilariously cute alternate face, with him licking his moustache, probably to savour some honey that has somehow gotten to his face. 

The Bee Smoker is also terrific – made with an upside down cup, which I think is a new shade, as it’s made out of a dark shimmery grey, and an minifigure posting stand as the spout is just inspired. 

The Beekeeper is an excellent choice for Series 21, with near-perfect execution. From highly detailed accessories like his mask, fun dual-sided faces, and an all-around great occupation to introduce to LEGO, it hits all the right spots for me and is a total gem from Series 21. 

How To Find One: Try feeling for the 2 x 2 flat tile, which is unique to the Beekeeper. If not, his Beekeeper Mask is also quite easy to feel for as it’s quite large, and has a prominent opening where his head goes into. 

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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Ancient Warrior

I’m really disappointed that LEGO went with Ancient Warrior as the official name, instead of Jaguar Warrior, which is clearly what this minifigure is. 

The Ancient Warrior is a Meso-American/Aztec historical warrior character, outfitted in a bad-ass Jaguar Headdress. Jaguar Warriors were elite soldiers in the Aztec Army. 

The Ancient Warrior is equipped with a Macuahuitl (a blade embedded with obsidian pieces), which is brand new to this minifigure, and a pearl gold shield with a Jaguar deity in the art-style of ancient Aztec civilisations. 

The level of detail printed onto the minifigure’s body is incredible, with jaguar markings, wrist details, pants, claws on its foot, and an ornate necklace draped on his chest. 

The Ancient Warrior has a fierce primary face, with him baring his teeth to intimidate his foes, but he also has a happy side to him as well! 

That said, the Ancient Warrior’s incredibly detailed and stunning Jaguar Headdress is a thing of beauty – moulded in the same style as Series 7’s Aztec Warrior, with the pearl gold base colour, and intricate prints, such as the Malachite eyes, and geometric designs on the sides. 

It goes without saying that this is an utterly incredible minifigure, and I’m also sorely tempted to build an Aztec Army out of as many Ancient Warriors I can find. 

This is one of the best-designed minifigures ever included in a Collectible Minifigure Series, and I think will also be very, very popular with collectors looking to amass as many of them as possible. 

How To Find One: The Jaguar headdress is easy to feel as it’s bulky, and the back has ridges that are easy to feel for. Alternatively, try feeling for the shield, which has a flat, smooth domed shape, and a handle. 

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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Airplane Girl

Moving on to more innocent and playful characters is the Airplane Girl, an adorable girl who’s undoubtedly inspired by female aviators like Amelia Earhart to take to the skies. 

She’s equipped with a bright red toy plane that’s new to Series 21. One small detail I really enjoyed is that this girl is brave, and can take a few knocks, evidenced by the scratch on her cheek from flying and zipping about her toy airplane. 

The airplane is a large single-piece, which slots between her torso and legs. It also has studs on the front, and wings, which open up upgrade possibilities, as well as ensures that it looks like it belongs in the LEGO System. 

The propeller is attached to the red piece and not part of it. 

She also comes with a hairpiece, and some really neat printed details on her torso, such as a golden wings pin, a patch with the initials JP, and a large airplane propeller design on the back of her torso. 

She has really cute facial expressions, including a beaming smile, which I think looks fantastic at translating the joy of her pretending to soar through the skies. 

Airplane Girl is a really fun, light-hearted character in Series 21, and is a perfect accompaniment to Series 18’s Race Car Guy.

How To Find One: Try feeling for the airplane, which cannot be hard to miss – it’s relatively flat, and has a T-shape, and you should easily feel the recess where her legs/body goes in the middle. 

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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Space Police Guy

Classic Space-era fans rejoice, as we get a brand new dedicated Space Police minifigure in Series 21, and we can finally answer the age-old question – who quells riots and galactic uprisings in LEGO Space? 

The Space Police Guy, that’s who! The red visor against the white helmet is an iconic Space Police aesthetic, and he’s also armed with a Riot Shield which has a very generic “Police” and Star-Shield on it, which suggests that you can easily use it for your LEGO City Police Force. 

He’s also got a no-nonsense frown, and I do not want to be beaten by this guy. 

The gold Classic Space logo makes a triumphant return on his Space Armour, which is going to be highly sought after by Classic Space fans. 

In addition to a blue baton, the Space Police is armed to the teeth, with a blaster, and a sleek pair of black handcuffs. 

From this view, you can also get a closer look at the back of his helmet, which has a ribbed neck, which I think is a very contemporary upgrade to the usual helmets we get. 

Here’s a look at his back printing, which has words POLICE in gold. If you recognise the font, it’s the exact same typeface as Space Police II!

Thankfully, the Space Police Guy isn’t grumpy and mean-looking all the time, and he has a smiley face underneath it all. 

Removing the armour, you can see his Futuron-inspired spacesuit, which has the Classic Space logo, and the iconic diagonal zip detail found on Space Police 1 minifigures. 

Space Police Guy is clearly a love letter to Space Police 1 minifigures, from the visor, to the suit underneath, and colour scheme, but I have questions – what’s happened to the cheery Classic Space universe that requires such heavy-policing and riot shields? 

Who exactly is rioting in space and why?

I really hope we get to the bottom of this, but in the meantime, the Classic Space geek in me is very happy that we have a refreshed Space Police 1 minifigure included in Series 21. 

How To Find One: Try feeling for his riot shield, which has a rectangular shape, with 4 studs on each corner, and a handle on the back. Alternatively, try to feel for his visor, which feels like a flat curve, or armour piece which is chunky, and has a noticeable gap between the front and back plates. 

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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Is this the Alien that’s causing trouble that requires a heavier Space Police Force? I don’t know, but I do know that “Alien” as a character name is deeply uninspiring for a minifig with such an interesting design. 

Series 21’s Alien minifigure is unlike any other alien design we’ve seen, which is really cool. He’s wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, which at first, just screamed space-prisoner jumpsuit!

He’s carrying 2 random accessories, a crowbar, and a jewel. He has a really cool design, with some sort of breathing apparatus attached to his face, and very futuristic prints on his body and legs. 

You know who else has a cool orange jumpsuit and carries a crowbar? This guy – Gordon Freeman, from Half-Life! 

it’s a loose connection, but looking at the design of the Alien’s suit, I’m fairly confident that it’s as close as they can get to a Gordon Freeman reference, and I’m all for it!

Here’s a look at the Alien’s back printing, which has two vials of liquid attached to it, probably to help him breathe in alien atmospheres. 

The detail on his head is also really cool, I love the black spikes, and scaly print on his head. 

This completely reversed my view that he’s a space prisoner, and I think he might be some sort of Space Scientist, that just so happens to get sucked into this inter-dimensional conflict to save the world. 

Like that other scientist we know. 

New Aliens are always a lot of fun, and I really need to credit LEGO for designing and producing a brand new alien species in Series 21!

How To Find One: Try feeling for the crowbar, which is thin and feels like a rod with a hook on one end, and a flat edge on another. 

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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Cabaret Singer

Last but not least, we have a Cabaret Dancer, a fun, flamboyant character that’s all about glitter, feathers and putting on one heck of a singing performance. 

I think the designers have successfully managed to sneak in a Rupaul’s Drag Race-inspired minifigure, and I really love how bright and vibrant the Cabaret Singer is.

She also has a flowy skirt that extends out her back, with sparkly sequins as well.

Unfortunately, LEGO still has not been able to master printing yellow on a darker-coloured base, and her back is a completely different shade to her arms and head, which isn’t great. 

She has sparkly sequins across her entire body and an ornate feather headdress. 

Oh and an excellent singing face as well, as she belts out her favourite ballad. 

One really nice detail is that her eyeshadow and lipstick print is actually shiny, and when you view it at just the right angle, it shimmers beautifully. 

I do wish the Cabaret Singer had a lot more elaborate make-up, ala Rupaul’s but I really like the entire package, most of all the teal and purple colour blocking, and her feathery headdress.

How To Find One: Try feeling for her mic stand, which is the only rod in the series. Alternatively, try feeling for the mics, which are small, but have a distinct maracas shape to them. 

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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Final Thoughts: I was initially very apprehensive about LEGO’s decision to change the complete set of minifigures to 12 from 16, but after spending some time with Series 21 minifigures, I can see why. 

Series 21 is an exceptionally strong lineup of minifigures, and this “less is more” approach by LEGO to Collectible Minifigures makes a lot of sense. 

By trimming down the number of characters, they’re able to really focus on rock solid character concepts and designs, which I believe have given us such heavy hitters such as the Ancient Warrior, Centaur Warrior, Beekeeper and Paddle Surfer, with her bonus dolphin. 

With 12 minifigures, there’s also less filler characters, which is a welcome change, as it was beginning to feel like LEGO have been struggling to fill in all 16 character slots, relying on gender-reverse versions of existing characters to fill out previous series. 

So yeah, I’m a believer in 12 minifigures for complete sets, and as an extra bonus, it’s also less painful on the wallet to collect an entire set. 

I think Series 21 has really knocked it out of the park, with something for everybody – from Classic Space tragics, to Fantasy/Historical aficionados, or parents/kids who just want cute minifigures like the Pug Costume, or Airplane Girl.

LEGO have struck the right balance with Series 21, and I think really sets up future numbered Series to focus on quality over quantity. 

If I were to rank my top 5 minifigures for this series, they’d be:

    1. Ancient Warrior
    2. Pug Costume Guy
    3. Ladybug Girl
    4. Centaur Warrior
    5. Beekeeper

Series 21 is a fantastic series, and I highly recommend picking a set up!

Overall Rating: 4/5 ★★★★✰

That’s my thoughts so far on LEGO Minifigures Series 21! This has been a really great series to review, and truly represents a return to form for LEGO’s Minifigure theme, which was running the risk of running a little stale. 

LEGO Minifigures Series 21 is now out worldwide, and is available for AU$5.99 (US$4.99 in the US and £3.49 and €3.99 respectively in the UK and EU). 

Special thanks to LEGO Certified Stores ANZ for supporting this review. Look out for a giveaway to win a complete set of Series 21 minifigures soon!

Let me know what you think of this series in the comments section, and which characters are your favourites! Do you like the new 12-character format?

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28 responses to “Review: LEGO Minifigures Series 21”

  1. I love the LEGO Minifigures Series 21! It’s so cool to see all the different characters and their outfits.

  2. Monique in TX says:

    Thanks for the tip—-I was able to feel around and find my Jaguar Warrior!

  3. Thank you Jay for the great review, I made my review as well.
    I have a question: do you know what the JP initials on the suit of the Airplane Girl stands for?


    • Jay says:

      Ahhh, another one. That’s a large number of his designs that have made it into LEGO minifigures now.

      I do think it’s a coincidence and that LEGO have a massive bank of internal minifigure designs/sketches to draw on.

      From speaking to LEGO Graphic Designers who work on minifigures, a lot of their work involves creating concepts, so that when LEGO creates products, there’s always a ready bank of designs ready to go.

      It’s unfortunate but also really hard to prove.

  4. Chris says:

    We really like the stand up paddler… the dolphin included is bigger than the minifig!

    Don’t understand the “pug-guy”… it’s really a Lego “Furry”. Ha!

  5. Håkan says:

    I guess that the Space Police I design is a little bit more than “inspired” of Futuron. Except for the white hands, the torsos are exactly the same as black Futuron torsos.

    I do prefer the color scheme of SPI to the more Classic Space-inspired* colors of SPII, but I have to admit that the figure design is a bit lazy…

    *Classic Space largely followed three different color schemes, Blue/Gray with Trans-Yellow highlight, Gray with Trans-Green highlights, and White with Trans-Blue highlights. The last one was also carried over to Futuron and SPIII…

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Hakan, you’re totally right. Yeah Space Police 1 was really striking, especially with the healthy dose of trans-red on blue. SP1 had better ships too!

  6. Sharon Donohoe says:

    AND! an extra Pug Costume Guy.

  7. Sharon Donohoe says:

    As we are in full lockdown again, no travel over 5k, no click and collect in shops, etc., I ordered 15 bags from directly. Of the 15, 6 are duplicates 😀 On the upside I got two Centaur Warriors, two Cabaret Singers, two Violin Kids and three Ladybug Girls, but am missing the Ancient Warrior, Beekeeper and Shipwreck Survivor. I really like the quality of these series too though, lots of little details and tons of accessories and spares. Loving the little teal bone toy.

    • Jay says:

      Oh dear, hope you’re doing okay in lockdown! Are there any toy stores that sell them as complete sets? You should trying buying from them to avoid any dupes!

      But 3 Ladybug Girls sounds great!

      • Sharon Donohoe says:

        No, sadly there is only one general toy shop that sells Lego nearby, we don’t have any official stores on the island of Ireland. I’d have to go by plane to England to find the nearest one 😀 I have done that, as my brother lives there and is happily close to the Leeds store.

    • Amerigo says:

      Hi Sharon, were you able to find the ones you needed? I just bought my first figure last night at Target.

      • Sharon Donohoe says:

        I did thank you Amerigo, I ordered via Bricklink. I’ve found them very reliable sellers and the system is really quite secure. Many thanks!

  8. Joeybats says:

    I want to get like a half dozen of the Cabaret singer, take off the heads and pop the Harry Potter kids heads on for a LEGO set I call DRAG NIGHT TALENT SHOW AT HOGWARTS.

  9. Kento says:

    I’m not so keen on the costumed kids ( happy to swap them). Like the beekeeper (must declare personal interest) and the centaur, the Jaguar warrior, the paddle surfer and the castaway are awesome. Might need me a box. Jay, thanks for all your blogs. You come across as a really nice and engaging guy, pity that I’m consumed with jealousy by your lego connection and the freebies (well deserved, but I still wish it were me).

    • Jay says:

      Oh are you a Beekeeper? So good! Thanks so much for the kind words – I’m in a really privileged position to be able to share my love of LEGO with so many people around the world 🙂

  10. Legofan22 says:

    Awesome review as always, Jay.

    I can’t wait to add the Ladybug to the Bonsai and Flower set.

  11. Joseph says:

    Thanks Jay – great review as always.

    Also, tips on how to find the particular fig we might want is excellent – you are dead right that us Classic Space fans will be dying to get our hands on Space Police Man!

    All the best


  12. Mason says:

    Thank you for your review on Series 21!! I’m excited to get my hands on this series soon!
    By the way, where’s the review on Series 20?

    • Jay says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Series 20 is still on the backburner. Along with Pirates of Barracuda Bay, it was one of the reviews I just never got time to in 2020 :/

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