April & Easter LEGO Sales – Australia & the UK

Easter is approaching, and something is definitely in the water because Australian retailers and LEGO themselves are going hard with LEGO sales and offers like it’s out of style.

Including some UK deals this time around because there are quite a few of you from Great Britain on this blog!

Fair warning, you may be tempted to drop a LOT of money. Here’s a rundown of some of the most notable deals.

LEGO Shop @ Home (7 – 23 April)

Now this is something that I’ve not seen in quite some time. LEGO’s online store (commonly known as Shop @ Home) has having a monster TRIPLE, yes 3X VIP Points offer from 7 – 23 April. 

The offer is active on the UK Store , the Australian Store and various other EU stores too.

This offer is quite rare as Double VIP Points are usually the norm. Triple VIP points roughly equates to getting 15% back of the value of your order, which is pretty sweet.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to jump on the Mini VW Beetle offer (free with purchases of AU$60/£35).

As if that’s not enough to convince you to hand your money over to LEGO, there’s also an ongoing 10% off retiring sets sale on both the UK and AU Stores. The Australian online LEGO store hardly ever gets sales, so this is a very encouraging sign of maybe more to come!

What would I recommend purchasing? Big ticket items like the newly released The Silent Mary or modular buildings like the Assembly Square  or even retailer exclusives would be very practical and worthwhile purchases.


Target(Catalogue Link 6 – 30 April)


Target Australia has quite possibly one of the best LEGO sales ever with a flat 20% off all LEGO, but most enticing offer is the Target exclusives, 75098 Assault on Hoth and 76052 Classic TV Series Batcave which are 50% off. 

They’re both sold out online at the moment, but Australian AFOLs have been snapping these up like no tomorrow, so your best bet to locate one would be in-store.

50% off those sets is crazy value. I picked up my Classic TV Series Batcave for $260 and I thought that was a good deal. Shame I didn’t have the patience to wait!

Target’s 20% off sale is also pretty decent and convenient, given that their retail prices are generally a little under RRP, so you will enjoy about a 25 – 30% discount off most items.

The catalogue also has some decent sets which are discounted much more than 20% – 60141 City Police Station is a great pickup at 38% off its RRP. Mighty Micros for $13 a pop is also pretty appealing.

Big W (Catalogue Link 30 March – 12 April)


Big W have a decent catalogue sale as well, which boast some pretty good deals especially if you’re after LEGO Batman Movie sets which come down to close to 30% off their RRPs.

Of note is 70909 Batcave Break-In which you can snag for $129, which works out to about 28% off the original price of AU$180. It’s currently the cheapest Batcave Break-In in Australia so far and is a really great set at that price. If you’re undecided about the set, read my review to see what I thought of it.

Big W’s online store is also offering 30% discount of specific sets, including the range of City vehicles.

Big W is also having a 20% off all LEGO sets offer on their recently launched eBay Store. The best deal on their eBay store is the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters which works out to about 22% off once you factor in postage!

Apart from that, there’s nothing much to shout about on the eBay store because any savings is negated by the postage cost.


Kmart (Catalogue Link 30 Mar – 19 April)

Kmart also has a pretty respectable catalogue sale, with some terrific deals, especially if you’re after LEGO Batman Movie or City sets.

The most notable discounts in the catalogue is the range of City vehicles for $18 each, which is a fantastic price. If you haven’t bought this year’s excellent Pizza Van Truck, $18 is a total steal.



The LEGO Batman Movie sets are also very attractively priced – with savings of close to 30% off the sets featured in the catalogue. It actually synergises well with Big W’s catalogue sale, as there isn’t a lot of cross-over with their selection of sets.

If you’ve also been enchanted by Beauty and the Beast in cinemas, Kmart also has Belle’s Enchanted Castle for $59, which is the cheapest it’s gone on sale yet. Do note that this is the same price as Big W.

So that’s it for now! The Easter/school holiday sales are pretty damn slick – some of the best LEGO deals we’ve seen in Australia in awhile!

Remember to price match as much as possible, to save you the time and hassle chasing these sets down.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve picked anything up from the sales! Happy shopping!

22 responses to “April & Easter LEGO Sales – Australia & the UK”

  1. Michael says:

    In case no one is aware, Big W now has 20% off in store – I pulled the trigger on the Firehouse finally. Am going to build it right, then try a 32×32 modular version. Excited!

    • Jay says:

      Oh nice! I chose to buy online during 3x VIP… so my LEGO budget is blown till May. Maybe I’ll put some stuff on layby, heh.

  2. Chris L says:

    Damn all these Lego Sales. I’ve spent well over $1500 in the last 2 weeks. On the plus side I’ve saved at least 30% on every set i’ve purchased from Big W, Target, K-mart and eBay and I have 2 mini Beetles on the way and a stack of VIP points after ordering the Complete BrickHeadz series and The Disney Castle. I’m yet to tell the wife and kids we are eating 2minute noodles for the immediate future 🙂 At what point does an interest/hobby become an addiction?

    • Jay says:

      Whoa, that’s quite a splurge. But with deals like these, it’s very hard to resist a good deal. I hope you guys enjoy 2 minute noodles!

      I think it becomes an addiction when you start renting a storage unit to hide your purchases there, haha.

  3. Sharon says:

    Don’t forget to mention the Disney castle which in all likelihood will remain a Lego exclusive for Australians is a fantastic but with triple points at the moment.

    I recently purchased it when the double points promotion was on but this is so much better.

    Silent Mary and assembly square are confirmed to be in stores by mid year unlike the castle.

    • Chris L says:

      The Triple Points offer tipped me over the line and I ordered The Disney Castle a couple of days ago. Now to keep it packed away until my 6yo daughter is older. Me thinks it won’t stay packed away long 🙂 I also scored the mini VW which will go nicely with my Porsche GT3, Kombi and Beetle.

    • Jay says:

      Yup, good point! It’s a great time to pick it up.

  4. Michael says:

    I am so, SO tempted by the Assembly Square at Shop@Home. I’ve just never spent $400 on one set before!

    • Jay says:

      It’s also available at Myer, which you could probably wait to get it for 20% off. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on a retail set before, so we’re in the same boat 🙂

  5. Magmafrost says:

    Apart from dropping an ungodly amount of money on modulars which I dont have the room to display, I think the only set I have left to buy that I want is the a-wing vs tie advanced, which is still a colossal ripoff even at 15% off.

    • Jay says:

      Haha we have the same problems, which is why I’m going to sit on the Assembly Square.

      It’s definitely a rip-off. I think you could probably wait a bit longer and hopefully they’ll discount it further. This is the first time that we’ve gotten proper discounts on, and I think that bodes pretty well for more sales to come.

  6. F Averes says:

    #sigh. $200AUD for BatCave. That’s about $220NZD. Here in NZ, they’ve been reduced (Batcave and Hoft) from $500NZD to $350NZD. Only 30% off.

    • Jay says:

      I pulled the trigger on the Batcave when it was 30% off – so you can totally feel bad for me, haha.

      I’d say just be patient. Judging by how both sets have been performing here, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kiwi retailers will discount it further, especially as we approach the second half of the year when they need to clear their inventory for all the new sets coming.

  7. Greg says:

    I got Assult on Hoth as $200 was a great deal. The original price was too high for this set.
    Also grabbed the Star Wars Carbon Freeze Chamber from Target for $31.
    I really wanted that Boba Fett minifigure.
    I picked up a couple of “Hard To Find” sets that I had been looking at on and scored the mini VW Beetle.
    My bank account is now about $500 lighter but I do have a bunch of VIP points I can use when I buy the Snowspeeder in a few weeks.
    There are certainly some great deals around at the moment.

  8. Warmongurl says:

    Fifty percent off on the “Assault on Hoth”!!! I wish U.S. Target stores were having a similar deal. I would definitely pick it up at that price point!

    • Jay says:

      With how poorly the set seems to be selling, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll see similar price reductions in the US in the near future!

  9. Mark says:

    I picked up Classic Batman Batcave and Assault on Hoth @ Target. That offer was too good to pass up. Regarding the triple VIP points from Lego Shop@home you should probably note that points are redeemable on future purchases. The “15% back on the value of your order” comment could be misinterpreted. I know most people that read your blog know how it works but some might not. In light of the 25-30% discounts readily available in local bricks and mortar stores, and the $200 free shipping threshold for Lego S@H, it only really makes sense to purchase exclusives that probably won’t make it to retail. Or if someone really wants the mini beetle gift. Sets such as Assembly Square I would expect to make it retail ‘soonish’ so, if prepared to wait, will probably work out cheaper at 20%+ discount. Is the Silent Mary destined to remain a Lego S@H exclusive for Australia? There are a coupe of Star Wars sets that I want to order from S@H, namely Phantom 2.0 (which isn’t coming to Oz) and the A-wing, but I will wait until the May 4th promotion to tack them onto my UCS Snowspeeder order. 2017 is already killing my Lego budget and I’m acutely aware of what’s to come later in the year! ?

    • Jay says:

      Very nice score! Yeah agreed on buying stuff that we can’t readily get here, thanks for pointing that out!

      The Silent Mary is due to hit stores here in May, and it’s going to be a pretty wide release, so no retailer exclusivity that I know of.

      I am also totally saving up for the second half of the year with all the great City Jungle sets AND Star Wars ones.

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