LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar 2021 – Daily Countdown

Hello there and welcome to the Jay’s Brick Blog Daily daily countdown of the 2021 LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar!

The Marvel Advent Calendar is a brand new addition from LEGO, building on the success and popularity of the LEGO Marvel theme, which has had a massive year of releases!

Note: Iron Man Helmet not included!

I look forward to Advent Calendar Season every year as it’s been a long tradition on the blog (since 2014!), so if this is your first, or you’re back once again, welcome and I hope you enjoy the daily countdown posts, as we work our way towards Christmas!

If you’d like to check out previous Star Wars Advent calendars, here are the links to 2014, 2015. 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 calendars if you’d like a trip down memory lane.

This year, I’ll be counting down 4 Advent Calendars – Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends and Marvel.

To make it easier for you to check out each day’s section, as this post is going to grow longer with every new window, all you have to do is click on the Day you want, and you will instantly jump to the corresponding section.

How does this work?

If you’re new here, I do daily updates on each window of the 2021 Marvel Advent Calendar. I usually post updates in the morning, but sometimes if I get too busy at work, updates will be posted in the evening. I’ll update this post each day, as I don’t really enjoy the practice of creating new posts for each day as it keeps it so much cleaner.

Unlike other sites, I’m actually opening each window as I go, and I’ve been able to be relatively spoiler-free to be as surprised as I can get. All reviews, thoughts and reactions are live as we go along, there are no pre-planned photos or thoughts, unless I happen to be travelling or away from home.

Do note that I’m based in Melbourne, Australia (GMT +11) so we’re ahead of most of the world (except New Zealand) so to avoid spoilers, try to come back to this post after you’ve opened your window and built the daily model especially if you’re located in other timezones like the US or UK.

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Here’s the front of the Marvel Advent Calendar folded out – I really like how clean it looks. There are no spoilers here, and instead, you get an illustration of New York City, from a window from the New Avengers Facility located in New York. The Christmas lights are a nice touch here.

The bottom flap has an Avengers landing pad, with a quinjet in a hanger behind.

As always, the instruction of each day’s builds are printed on the inside of the doors, so be careful and try not to rip them out!

Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the 2021 Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar countdown!

Day 1

Day 1 of the 2021 Marvel Advent Calendar starts off in the strongest way possible – with the most recognisable Avenger, Iron Man aka Tony Stark in a ugly Iron Man-themed Christmas sweater!

I knew this minifigure was coming, as Iron Man was featured prominently all over the box, but totally did no expect such a festive minifigure to kick things off!

The Iron Man minifigure comes with a helmet, as well as a hairpiece, so you can switch between Tony Stark and Iron Man if you want to. For accessories, he comes with some trans-blue power elements for his hands and feet, acting as repulsor enery blasts.

There’s a LOT going on with the minifigure as Tony Stark also has an alternate face, with the heads up display overlayed across his face in blue, with a more serious expression with Tony baring his teeth.

But the highlight of course is the Iron Man-themed ugly Christmas sweater. It has small Iron Man helmets on the front, Christmas trees, as well as a Arc Reactor in the shape of a snowflake which is just perfect.

But we’re not done yet! On the back, we have Tony knitted into the sweater, and another Iron Man pattern. Absolutely perfect.

Here’s a look at Iron Man with his helmet on. He comes with the single-piece helmet, so does not have a flip top helmet, which is slightly disappointing, as it would’ve worked so well with the blue face.

What a sensational start to the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar for Day 1! Check back in tomorrow to see what Day 2 brings!

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Day 2

Soooo… after the exceptionally strong Day 1 with Christmas Sweater Tony Stark, it all comes crashing down to reality in Day 2 – with just a simple bag of Power Blast Elements.

That’s it. Just a bunch of transparent blue bits that you can attach to Iron Man’s hands/feet for more action.

Pretty shocking, and after such a strong start, it does leave me wanting more. I don’t know why these Power Blast elements weren’t just included in the first window – maybe due to size and space?

This just reminds me of the huge chasm of quality and enjoyment between Iron Man 1 and 2.

Hope Day 3 will pick up! Check in tomorrow to see what we get!

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Day 3

We finally get an ACTUAL build in Day 3 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, with this wreath on a stand. There’s actually a trans-blue rod that connects the base to the wreath, but my editing went a little wonky and washed it out, so no, it’s not magic (or Pym particles) that is levitating it

The wreath’s stand has a very industrial look to it, and I especially like the flat silver slopes with grate at the base, which are quite rare as they’re fairly new!

The wreath itself is fairly basic, with a green life ring, and red cherries that serve as holly.

Here are the instructions to Day 3.

Apart from that, it’s fairly basic, but the presence of the clips on each end does suggest that it’s meant to connect up to other builds, which makes me quite excited for the coming days and what else might we connect to the Christmas Wreath!

That’s it for Day 3! Love that we already have 2 festive things from the Advent Calendar – check back in tomorrow to see what Day 4 brings!

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Day 4

Oh wow, after the disappointing Day 2, the Marvel Advent Calendar comes roaring back, and attempts to win me back over. Day 4’s window gives us another minifigure and key Avenger – Natasha Romanoff or better known as Black Widow!

Black Widow is a Russian spy, turned Avenger and is played by Scarlett Johansson on the big screen.

This version of Black Widow isn’t the rarest, as it’s appeared in a number of other Marvel Super Heroes sets, most recently in 76153 Avengers Helicarrier and 76166 Avengers Tower Battle, but to infuse the holiday and seasonal spirit – she has converted one of her batons into a stick to roast a marshmallow!

That said, this is still a highly detailed minifigure, and she has an alternate face, as well as detailed back and arm printing. I especially like the presence of Black Widow’s Bite – her bracelets that discharge electricity on both her wrists.

That’s it for Day 4 so far, and I’m glad that Black Widow also has something festive to bring to the table – of which Tony is only happy to help her roast her marshmallow.

Check in tomorrow to see what Day 5 brings!

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Day 5

Day 5 is a strange, but very Australian Christmas staple – a Barbecue Grill! Christmas is peak Summer and barbecue season for Australia, so this was a very fitting build for us in the Southern Hemisphere. Thor is Australian so… maybe that’s the connection there?

The barbecue grill is simple yet effective, with grates, a fire extinguisher and some tongs on the side, as well as a large chicken drumstick cooking on the grill.

The fire extinguisher is a great nod to the long-running Easter Egg – if you weren’t aware, I’m pretty sure nearly all LEGO Marvel sets contain a fire extinguisher, and this has been a calling card left by LEGO designers in the first wave of LEGO Marvel sets, which has continued on ever since.

Tony’s power blast elements have had a lot to do, first roasting Black Widow’s marshmallow, and not keeping the grill lit!

That’s it for Day 5 – I like how playful the Marvel Advent Calendar is, and I’m looking forward to what we get in Day 6!

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Day 6

I think it’s clear now – the Avengers are massive foodies, and are heavily into partying during the festive season. Day 6 follows on from yesterday’s barbecue grill with a Diner Table, complete with a glass and a brick-built burge

The burger is the best part of the build, and I like how balanced it is, with a patty, cheese and lettuce. Would be perfect if we had some tomatoes in it too.

While the burger and diner table are fun, Day 5 is probably the second weakest day so far – there’s a big picnic/food thing going, but being so close with the Barbecue Grill does reduce the overall novelty of it.

Hopefully we get something that feels a bit more festive, and/or substantial tomorrow in Day 7!

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Day 7

It’s Day 7 and it finally hit me… the Avengers are having a potluck, and each Avenger is bringing their own food item to the Christmas party! D’oh.

Anyway, Day 7 gives us one of the most anticipated minifigures of the Advent Calendar, Spider-man, in a yellow jacket!

The minifigure is a nod to Spider-man Homecoming in the Damage Control Warehouse scene, where he’s dressed in his Spidersuit, as well as a yellow blazer. The arms on the minifigure are teal, and instead of his school badge, there is a Spidey logo on it – quite possibly as this minifigure isn’t meant to be a Homecoming licensed set, but more of a cheeky nod.

The back of the jacket is terrific, with a classic Spider-man logo on it, which is brilliant.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – that’s not fries or pasta in his cup, but churros, which is a nod to this scene in Homecoming, where he reports to Happy that after helping a lost Dominican lady, she bought him a churro, before exclaiming “why did I tell him about the churro”.

That’s it for Day 7 so far! Really love how strong this calendar is so far – 3 Avenger in 7 windows is a pretty good score, and Spidey fans are going to be delighted with this exclusive version of Spider-man.

Check in tomorrow to see what we get for Day 8!

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Day 8

Apologies that today’s update is so late – had a really busy day, and only just found the time to take photos and post.

Day 8 of the Marvel Advent Calendar gives another module – this time, a present-wrapping station! There’s a large flat surface for gifts, a pair of scissors, and some red wrapping paper, which expertly makes use of a car door, for great effect.

If you notice the clips on the sides, it’s actually to allow it to connect to the Christmas Wreath holder from Day 3. It’s looking like we’ll be assembling a mini Hall of Armour, but Christmas-themed!

That’s it for Day 8 so far – glad it isn’t food related, and even if the build is a little plain, I can appreciate that it’s one part of a much larger connected build, so I’m excited to see what other modules we get!

Check in tomorrow to see what we get for Day 9!

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Day 9

Day 9 of the Marvel Advent Calendar continues the festive streak with some gifts and trinkets – an Arc Reactor snowglobe, and a Spidey-Gift! I had initially thought the gift had an arc reactor on it as well, but on closer inspection, it’s actually a robotic spider – plus the blue and red makes more sense as a spidey gift.

The metallic spider is a great accessory, first seen in Nexo Knights sets.

It’s nice that both Spider-man and Iron Man received some gifts in Day 9… but where is Black Widow’s?

I hope we get one on Day 10!

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Day 10

Day 10 of the Marvel Advent Calendar gives us an EDITH Drone, in Spider-Man colours. These will look familiar as they were the Augmented Reality Drones that Mysterio utilised to terrorise people in Spiderman Far From Home.

Don’t mind me, after taking the photo, I realised that one of the binoculars are upside down!

The build is pretty effective, and it eschews the mostly white colour-scheme for a blue and red, Spider-Man colourway – possibly to tie it closer to Far From Home.

I do like the mostly SNOT (studs not on top), smooth design, and it makes great use of curved elements.

Here are the instructions for reference.

Overall, not a bad build, but I would’ve loved a more festive version, but it’s also nice that we’ve not gone beyond food and Christmas material!

Check in tomorrow to see if we get more Far From Home builds or references in Day 10!

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Day 11

Wow! Day 11 gives us the big baddie of the Avengers Infinity Saga – the Mad Titan, Thanos himself! It’s great to get a minifigure version of Thanos, who comes with his own Infinity Gauntlet, a Santa Sack, and a lump of coal. Or maybe it’s a secret Infinity Coal Stone.

Let’s call it the Coal Stone, the secret 7th Infinity Stone that grants the wielder the power to ruin Christmas.

So does this make this variant of Thanos… Santa? San-thanos perhaps? He’s got a great way to dole our presents, none of this Nice or Naughty list business, but pure 50-50. Half the kids are getting gifts, and half are getting a lump of coal.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

This version of Thanos is helmetless, and isn’t exactly exclusive, as he shares the same face and torso as the Thanos minifig from 76170 Iron Man vs. Thanos and Thanos Mech, so great news if you don’t own those 2 sets.

Didn’t expect to see Thanos so soon, and neither did the Avengers – is Christmas in jeopardy? Check in tomorrow to see what Day 12 brings!

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Day 12

Here’s Day 12 of the Marvel Advent Calendar with our very first micro-build – with a Helicarrier – enormour flying command centres that are employed by S.H.I.E.L.D. throughout the Marvel comics and Cinematic Universe.

This micro-version uses upside down dishes for its quad set of turbines which keep these massive ships afloat, and a combination of dark blue and grey elements for the body.

I do like the slightly angled landing runway (in grey), as well as the bridge that’s represented by the trans-light blue and white cheese slopes.

LEGO have created many sets based on Helicarriers, including the recent 76153 Helicarrier as well as the UCS-scale 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier from 2015, so it’s great to see the Marvel Advent Calendar pay homage to it.

I’m currently travelling, so wasn’t able to put together a group shot of all builds so far, but that should return to normal tomorrow!

I really hope we see more micro-builds in this calendar, as they are among my favourite things to get! Check in to see what we get on Day 13! We’re now officially past the halfway mark of the Marvel Advent Calendar!

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Day 13

Day 13 gives us some Avengers-themed presents! Very basic gifts, but they’re clearly references to other members of the Avengers – with Captain Marvel for the smallest present, and a large, Hulk-sized gift.

Both gifts are colour-coded according to Captain Marvel’s and Hulk’s primary colours, and I like that Hulk’s looks like a giant foot, and also has a loop, so you can use it as a baubel.

Very basic day, and probably the second-weakest day since Day 2’s power blasts, but at least they’re Avengers-themed!

Hope Day 14 improves, so check back tomorrow to see what we get!

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Day 14

We’re back in Tony Stark’s Christmas Workshop Hall of Armour with Day 14’s Dum-E, Tony’s sassy AI-powered robotic arm that helps him around his workshop.

It’s a really delightful build, and I love how posable and playable Dum-E is, with his arm being able to swivel in a variety of angles and positions. At the end of his arm is a festive red stocking to fit the seasonal theme.

Dum-E has some great scenes throughout the Iron Man movies, especially Iron Man 1 which kickstarted the entire MCU, so given this Advent Calendar seems to revolve around Tony Stark hosting a Christmas pot luck in his workshop, Dum-E is a great addition in Day 14.

And that’s it for Day 14 so far, a really memorable window and build, so I’m pumped to see what we’ll get in Day 15. Check in tomorrow to see what else we get!

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Day 15

The Avengers Advent Calendar continues to deliver with an exceptionally strong lineup of Marvel’s biggest names, and Day 15 gives us a Captain Marvel minifigue! Her real name is Carol Danvers, and she’s considered one of the strongest Avengers!

With a confident smirk on her face, she also comes with a great, very classic costume, which has a sash running across her waist. She comes with 2 white power blast elements, that you can “flick” forward, by pinching down on the “tails”.

This minifigure isn’t an exclusive as this version of Captain Marvel has appeared once in 76152 Avengers Wrath of Loki, so it’s nice to get this version of her, if you missed out on that set, especially as a 4+ set, it isn’t really a set that adults would buy unless they’re Marvel completionists.

Here’s a look at Captain Marvel’s alternate face print, which has an angry battle-ready face, and back printing as well.

I must say, 5 named character minifigures in 15 days is incredible, that’s one character every 3 days!

I’d be worried if I was Thanos now! Check in tomorrow to see what we get in Day 16!

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Day 16

Day 16 gives us another pseudo-minifigure – an Iron Legion Snowman, a seasonably appropriate model as we edge closer to Christmas.

It’s an all-white build, with laser blasters for arms, and also has a small arc-reactor in the middle of the chest.

I was initially tossing up on identifying this a just a simple Iron Man Snowman, given they share the same helmet, and you could imagine the other Avengers building a Snowman to annoy Tony Stark…

But the transparent round brick inside its head sealed it for me that it makes more sense as an Iron Legion Snowman, given the autonomous nature of the Iron Legion, a group of Armours and Droids make so much more sense.

The plain white Iron Man Helmet is a great new part, and is exclusive to this Advent Calendar for now, so it was a really nice surprise to see this pop out.

That’s it for Day 16 – we’re more than two thirds into the Advent Calendar already, so that means Christmas is just around the corner!

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Day 17

Day 17 of the Marvel Advent Calendar gives us a staple vehicle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – a Quinjet! These multi-purpose jets are commonly used by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers to get around, and have been featured in most Marvel movies.

I really like the unorthodox design of the Quinjet – it has a relatively small frame, and I like the gaps on the inside, as well as the way the curved slopes have been utilised.

The design is based on the most recent LEGO Quinjet (which recently retired) – 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, down to the orange cockpit and predominantly dark blue colour scheme.

While I think the technique of using handlebars to attach the engines to the body is quite novel and ingenious, it does look a little imbalanced, and I’m not a fan of how thin the handlebars look. That said, it’s a clever way to elevate the engines, and a fun playable feature is when you can tilt them downwards, so it can land or take off vertically.

A neat little build for Day 17, so check back in tomorrow to see what else we get for Day 18!

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Day 18

On Day 18, we get yet ANOTHER minifigure – this time, the super pirate spy and former Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury! As an ultra-paranoid spy, Nick Fury is often seen using low-tech gadgets such as pagers, and he comes with an old school walkie-talkie, which has a large red switch on it for some reason.

The minifigure is almost identical to the one from 76153 Avengers Helicarrier and 76184 Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack , except that he has a grey beanie.

That said, the design is great, with Nick Fury in his trademark black trenchcoat/leather jacket, and I like the SHIELD logo emblazoned on his left breast.

A nice little bonus of the minifigure design that I like is that his eyepatch string extends all the way to the back, which is a neat little touch.

It’s insane that we’re only at Day 18 and we’ve so far received 6 minifigures, with more to come. For a Marvel Super Heroes set, this represents exceptional value, as there would be no way you’ll get so many main characters in one Marvel Super Heroes set!

Check back tomorrow to see who, or what we get in Day 19! We’re almost at the end now, which is crazy, and Christmas is officially less than a week away – hurrah!

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Day 19

On Day 19, we get one of the most recognisable Manhattan skyscrapers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – the Avengers Tower! This is our very first location-based build, and it towers over most of the other builds in terms of how well they’ve translated its shape.

I like the light blue panels, and the printed Avengers logo on the side, but what really screams NPU (nice part usage) is the use of the frying pan for the landing/helipad on the side. It’s a really clever use an unexpected part to re-create a significant feature.

And that’s it for Day 19! I really love any type of micro-builds of buildings, and the Avengers Tower is a great addition to the lineup, and one of the more memorable builds for me.

We only have 5 days remaining in the Advent Calendar, can you believe it!? Check back tomorrow to see what we get on Day 20!

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Day 20

Tony’s tinkering in his Christmas workshop continues to bear great results, and we’re greeted by his latest creation in Day 20 – a Clockwork Hulkbuster!

The Hulkbuster Armor is one of Tony’s most well known suits, designed to go toe to toe against the Incredible Hulk, and this is a great micro version which makes great use of a random assortment of parts!

This screams Hulkbuster to me, and not just some random Iron Man armour because of the flat cap used for its head, which does remind me of the Hulkbuster’s flatter dome head.

I love the clockwork handle on the back, which ties the entire build together. Plus, red and gold are pretty great Christmas colours, so this just works splendidly, with Christmas being 5 days away!

Here are the instructions for reference.

That’s it for Day 20 – a great little build to go with the rest of the other MCU and Avengers-themed builds.

There are only 4 windows left to open in the 2021 Marvel Advent Calendar, can you believe it? Come back tomorrow to see what we get on Day 21!

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Day 21

The Marvel Advent Calendar continues to deliver, and Day 21’s window gives us a gorgeous mini rendition of Iron Man’s Hall of Armour! It uses 3 dark red nanofigures as stand-ins for different armours, plus you get an extra one as well!

Tony’s Hall of Armour is an iconic element of the Iron Man mythos (and was recently a now retired LEGO set), so this micro-build fits in with the overall theme of a very Tony Stark Christmas.

I do wish it could be connected to the other modules in the build, but I understand that it’s more of a micro-build than it is a minifigure-scale one.

Very happy with Day 21, and can’t wait to see how we end the Advent Calendar with only 3 days remaining!

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Day 22

On Day 22 we get what I believe is the final minifigure of the Marvel Advent Calendar, Prince of Asgard and God of Thunder himself, Thor!

He’s dressed for the colder Winter months, with a very attractive red scarf (with a bonus spare!), and comes equipped with his trusty hammer Mjolnir, and a set of white power blasts as well.

Here’s a look at his back print, and alternate face, which has an angry electrified face as he channels his Thunder God powers.

There isn’t anything particularly special about this version of as it’s a pretty common variant of Thor, but it’s nice enough to round out the cast of Avengers and minifigures in the calendar.

As the final minifigure in the calendar, I would’ve LOVED to end on a more festive note – Thor dressed as Santa would be great, or an exclusive seasonal torso would be nice, but hey, with so many high quality minifigures in the calendar, it’s hard to complain at this point.

Only 2 days left, so check in to see how we end the Marvel Advent Calendar!

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Day 23

Can you believe it, that we’re nearing the end of our LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar?

Day 23 gives us a most peculiar looking Christmas Tree! It’s quite short, and has these golden spikes/rods protruding from the leaves – it looks quite empty, almost like you need to decorate it with brightly coloured baubels…

At this stage, it should be no surprise that will greet us on Day 24, the final window of the Marvel Advent Calendar… but until then..

You can do what I did, and just use some of the Avengers as Christmas baubels!

It’s Day 24 tomorrow, where we’ll open the final window of the excellent Marvel Advent Calendar! Check back in one last time to see what we get, and for a brief summary and review of the entire calendar, as we recap what has been an incredibly fun December!

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Day 24

On the 24th and final day of the Marvel Advent Calendar, we get the greatest gift Thanos could ever wish for – an Infinity Gauntlet with a complete collection of Infinity Gems!

With the complete gauntlet, you now have virtually unlimited powers, and can snap away half of all life in the universe if you wish!

This was a massive surprise, that LEGO would give us all 6 infinity stones, in their respective sprues so you get 4x of each! These were previously quite rare as the Infinity Stones were scattered across Infinity War sets, which were quite pricey to collect.

As a Christmas gift, this is excellent as you now have a whole, fully powered gauntlet for a really affordable pricepoint.

In addition to the gauntlet, you can use the Infinity Stones on Day 23’s Christmas Tree, decorating it with the colourful and powerful cosmic gems. The Infinity Gauntlet also makes a great Tree Topper!

And that’s it for the first ever Marvel Advent Calendar – despite this being a large Iron Man-themed calendar, I’m sure Thanos is absolutely delighted with the final gift!

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Final Thoughts

For the first ever LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, this has been a resounding success, and sets an extremely high bar for any forthcoming Marvel Advent Calendars.

It’s hands down the best Advent Calendar this year by a mile, and is jam-packed with value.

Getting SEVEN main Marvel characters in a US$39.99 set is just bonkers, and worth the price of admission alone. While most of the minifigures are repurposed from previous sets, with Iron Man and his ugly Christmas jumper being the only seasonal exclusive, many people, especially those that don’t have massive LEGO Marvel collections will be delighted to have nearly all the Avengers.

Despite being styled an Avengers-themed Advent Calendar, this is really all about Iron Man, with a great mix of micro builds, and also modules and toys from his workshop.

So yeah, this was an exceptional LEGO Advent Calendar, and I’m very, very happy with just how strong nearly every day has been (except for Day 2!).

The mix of characters has also been great, although it’s sorely missing the first Avengers – Captain America! I do wish we had more seasonal and exclusive variants like Iron Man, but hopefully we’ll get more Christmas-themed Avengers in next year’s calendar, if they decide to continue it.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following the Marvel Advent Calendar countdown every day, and it’s been a blast to welcome new and old names to yet another great Advent Calendar season countdown!

I haven’t been able to respond to every single comment, but I’ve read every single one, and it’s been so much fun counting down the days to Christmas! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, and New Year’s!

I hope Santa has plenty of LEGO for you and your family under the Christmas tree! If you’re new to the blog, feel free to subscribe if you want to get the latest LEGO news and LEGO Reviews straight in your inbox.

Or you can also follow on Google News, or socials on Facebook, Instagram (@jayong28), Twitter or subscribe to the Jay’s Brick Blog Youtube channel for more LEGO content!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for keeping the old ones around lke this, Jay. I got this calendar a bit late last year, so kept it for this year. And, yes. Day 2 was a bit disappointing. 🙁

    I love the Tony Stark ugly sweater, though. 😛

  2. Stu says:

    Thanks for the blog, Jay. My son has grown up with it, from me reading your comments to him being able to read them himself. We switched to Marvel this year after I took a look at the boxes of the others. Turned out to be a great choice. Happy New Year.

  3. Kimberly Dufresne says:

    Thank you Jay for the insightful commentary. I’m newly returned to LEGO and opened the Star Wars calendar last year. This was certainly a fun one with lots of interesting bits and pieces. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 ❄

  4. Chris says:

    This calendar is easily the best this year – it blows the Mandalorian one out of the water. The only slight grumble is that it would have been cool to see more seasonal outfits on the minifigs – a Santa Thor would have been epic! Thanks for taking the time to post all of the updates, great blog!

  5. Vincent says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post! I’ve come back every day just to make sure I knew what the build was for the day haha You’ve helped me maximize this advent calendar!!

  6. Cindy Stephens says:

    Given how Tony-centric this set has been, I’m kind of surprised the gauntlet is Thanos’ and not Tony’s, especially since Thanos already came with his own gauntlet. A red gauntlet would have been cool.

  7. Jamie says:

    This was a fantastic calendar! Streets ahead of the HP and SW ones, hope we get another Marvel one next year. Thanks again for the blog, Jay!

  8. Lego Savage says:

    An idea for new years : have a competition on who can do the most creative build from spare pieces in each advent calendar. I would love to see what folks come up with.

  9. Stuart Connolly says:

    For me the advent calendars are all about the minifigures and very happy with both the Marvel and Star Wars ones this year (5th year and counting for SW) the mini builds are fun but ultimately they’re useful for spare parts, having said that I thought the gauntlet and extra stones for the Xmas tree was a nice touch

  10. Love the blog Jay. Thanks so much for your information and assessment of each toy . It was fun to hear from you (and others) on what your thoughts were and I enjoyed coming to your blog every day. Happy Holidays!

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    Thanks for the awesome blog, Jay. I loved all the days, especially the ones with the characters Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and Thor. I hope to follow your next blog.

  12. Michael says:

    Great job for this entertaining 24 days of Avengers ! I like your blog very much for these advent cal. reviews. Keep up the good work and merry Christmas to you Jay and all people reading your awesome blog !

    I would love to have a NinjaGo advent cal next year, this is the most successful Lego themed show, so it would deserve it’s own cal ! With a final christmas Lloyd, some Oni, Dragon, Serpentine and side characters like Dareth.

  13. Lark says:

    The box shows ornaments on the tree—perhaps they’re coming tomorrow?

  14. Cindy Stephens says:

    I needed ornaments on my tree so I went scrounging for colored leftover parts and subbed those in for most of the green and mustard ones.

    I even had a second star from the Captain Marvel gift box, so my tree has a star on top! 🙂

  15. Lego kid says:

    The walkie talkie that fury is holding is actually a remote control for the helicarrier or the quin jet cause they are RC toys

  16. MenchieG says:

    I loved Thor on Day 22. Christmas tree was very unique on Day 23. I hope there is some stuff coming to put on the three. I love all the mini-figures so far (Days 1, 4, 7, 11, 15, 18, and 22).

  17. Stu says:

    After such a great calendar, separating the Xmas tree from its decorations is a rubbish way to finish it. Tomorrow will be a bit of an anti-climax.

  18. Peter says:

    I put the other scarf on Spidey to festive him up!

    • Cindy Stephens says:

      Same. I had previously had him “borrowing” other items. He was wearing the Iron Man helmet a few times, and he also had Fury’s walkie talkie at one point.

  19. Mac says:

    Thank goodness for this calendar… It’s been excellent so far compared to a very disappointing Star Was calendar this year.

  20. Hayden says:

    Hi Jay. I found out that the pieces of Tony’s workshop thingy connects to Iron Man Armory At the end of the wall, there is a piece that connects to the clip on ether the wrapping paper station or the wreath. Maybe it was on purpose, maybe not.
    Merry Christmas.

  21. Erik says:

    Really enjoying the blog! I think the “white power blasts” are actually supposed to be snowballs.

  22. Nicolas Lambert says:

    We got Thor also instead of the BBQ… So we have 2 Thors I guess…

  23. forever young toy photography says:

    So I know there will be a Christmas tree for the last two windows, but I’ve been wishing one of the windows will have Hulk or Captain America since they are also in the box’s illustration like Captain Marvel. Crossing my fingers!

    Thank you for this blog. Like the windows, I’ve been opening this site since December 1. Merry Christmas from the Philippines!

  24. Mike says:

    I’m never disappointed to get another minifigure but I was surprised by the order this year. I guess it makes sense to have Tony right at the beginning since so much of the rest of the calendar is themed around him, but it feels odd not to be building up to the most festive minifig.
    All told though, this is easily my favorite of the three licensed calendars with a nice balance of regular and holiday themed builds and plenty of characters.

  25. maskedmustelid says:

    Swapped in a spaceman from the ISS and a spare blue nanofig from the New Asgard set to round out the Hall of Armor with a little variety myself!

    • DB says:

      This year my wife got the Star Wars calendar and I got the Marvel one.

      I have to admit, I was jealous when I realised the Marvel one wasn’t MCU (movies) based, and the Star Wars one was Mandalorian based!

      However, the Marvel one has blown me away! I’m a collector of Marvel minifigs, so there are no “new” characters for me, but love some of the variants. I really hope they do another one next year, although it’s harder to do a unique one every year. It’s such great value – 7 main character minifigures plus some cool builds for £25?! Any kid would be delighted with this.

      The Star Wars one on the other hand… 3 weapons racks says it all.

      Thanks for running the blog again, love it. It has become a Christmas tradition, and I’m really sad it’s almost over ALREADY! I hope you have a great Christmas, stay safe!

  26. Holly DeArmond says:

    My son’s box didn’t contain the advengers tower on day 19. It was a repeat of the jet! He is super disappointed. Who should I tell? Thanks so much for your blog. It had been super helpful!

  27. Menchie G says:

    Thanks for the blog. I really enjoyed looking at it all of the days so far. I think if you have the advent calendar, you will get two or one mini figures in the rest of the advent calendar.

  28. me says:

    I thought the arms on the clockwork HulkBuster armour looked and fitted much better turned around – attached by the clips.

  29. Eric says:

    I wonder if the paddle would have been better on the Avengers Tower than the pan.

  30. Paul Castle says:

    I think if there were more micro-builds of buildings and ships, and less of a party theme, I would have been tempted to buy this. It’s still great to see you unveil them each day, but the mainly micro-builds focus of the Star Wars calendar since 2011 really set the bar for my expectation of an Advent set.

    Mind you, there’s less of a focus on vehicles and places in the MCU, isn’t there? Comparing SW and MCU is like comparing apples and oranges. I guess this is why I’ve only bought two Marvel sets (Captain Marvel’s spaceship, and Bro Thor’s New Asgard) and dozens of iconic vehicles and set pieces from Star Wars.

    • Jay says:

      With the first advent calendar, it’s quite clear that the minifigures and characters are the draw. With Avengers, there also aren’t that many iconic locations, or even vehicles than say Star Wars, and if you look at the LEGO sets, you always get random vehicles, mechs and ships.

      It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here! I’d like one focused on different locations and planets in the MCU – maybe a Cosmic/Guardians of the Galaxy themed one next year. A Christmas Tree Groot would be absolutely perfect!

      • Håkan says:

        This is limited to the MCU, as well. There are several pretty iconic vehicles and locations from the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises, but this calendar seemed focused almost exclusively on Spider-Man and Avengers. (I could have imagined a miniature Gridiron Daily Bugle, but apparently the likeness to the Gridiron building would require extra licensing costs…)

  31. Stu says:

    My son thinks Nick Fury is holding the controls to the EDITH drone.

  32. Judy says:

    So bummed! We opened Day 19 and it was another Thanos minifigure. Hoping the remaining days are not messed up. Anybody else have an issue?

    • Jay says:

      Oh no, this can sometimes happen – you can get in touch with LEGO’s customer service, and let them know that you’ve had a duplicate and they’ll send out the correct one in the post. Hope that helps!

  33. Ben says:

    I feel like the Nick Fury is holding a remote control controller. Originally I thought for the mini quintet. But now I think it’s possible it is for the tiny avengers tower. My son and I, at least, are moving it around the party scene like it’s a roomba

  34. Shannon says:

    Jay! Thank you for this BOMB blog!!! I got my family LEGO advent calendars (Star Wars & Avengers) on a whim this year. We are new to LEGO, and though we love the Marvel universe we kept getting stuck identifying the objects—until we found you! Not only are you helping us navigate this seriously fab new world but your writing is joyful and a delight to read each day.

    Merry Christmas!!
    —Shannon & family

  35. Peter Mostachetti says:

    The Avengers set is my fave of the 3 I’m running!! I suspected it would be mini-fig heavy which I’m loving!!!

  36. Thomas says:

    I think the Nick Fury minifigure is supposed to be flying around the hellicarier from day 12 with his remore control (aka walkie talkie).

  37. Stef says:

    Hi Jay! I’m new to your blog, but wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it. Your energy is palpable, and I appreciate you explaining things in terms a 40-something mom like me can understand. 😉 Thanks for this terrific labor of love!

  38. Canadian Lego Fan says:

    Your quinjet wings are on the wrong way, I think. The instructions were a little misleading but all over the packaging they were shown facing towards the back, not the front.

  39. Jay says:

    Anyone else feel like the wings on the quinjet are backwards? It looks really weird to me with the flat edge in the front and the sloped edge in the back.

  40. Em says:

    Hey, anyone know what the tiny white circle pieces on day 16 are for? The instructions have one off to the side but is it for something?

  41. Jules says:

    My five year old son JB is really enjoying your blog as he opens his calendar each day. Thank you!!

  42. Paul Burrows says:

    Caotain Marvel also came in the revmcent Heleiarrier set.

  43. Jules says:

    Is it just me or is Captain Marvel’s hair super light this time? Any ideas why that was changed?

  44. Ciaran says:

    Captan Marvel has snow blasts aka “Snowton” blasts.

  45. Adam says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this blog. The in-depth knowledge is brilliant! Thanks for posting

  46. Nekras says:

    I believe it is not a present fot Hulk but more likely a Hulk’s christmas stocking. Thanks for your awesome work, I am following the calendar with you for about 4 years now. 🙂

  47. Jo says:

    Day 13 – stocking for Hulk?

  48. Vicky says:

    My 4 year old daughter and I have been opening her advent calendar every day and have really enjoyed following along with your blog. Super helpful! Thanks for doing this 🙂

  49. Jason says:

    I had interpreted the hulk thing as a stocking to hang on the mantlepiece, rather than a present.

  50. Nick Gaston says:

    The Hulk stocking was a nice addition today, I wonder if we’ll get a tiny hulk (or Banner) in the upcoming days.

  51. Tony says:

    This is the first time I got the wrong thing. Instead of getting the bricks for this, I got the ones for the grill from day 5 again. At least this was a pretty minor one to miss.

  52. Claire says:

    Isn’t it Hulk’s stocking? With the look to hang on the fireplace?

  53. PC says:

    The Hulk’s stocking!

  54. Brian says:

    Great work, I’ll be back!

  55. maskedmustelid says:

    I ended up sticking some of the circular blue transparent studs from the on each of the helicarrier engines to look more like the ones from the Winter Soldier movie.

    This mini-set was one of the primary reasons I went for the advent calendar, a far more affordable helicarrier that isn’t discountinued!

  56. Stu says:

    Than-ta Claus according to my son. He found the lump of coal bit hilarious. A big hit in our home.

  57. Evan says:

    Very useful and informative. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  58. Felix says:

    The microbuilds are my favorites too.

  59. Gonzo says:

    I feel that Thanos needs a Christmas jumper and a happier expression, he’s so misunderstood. Even Vader had a Christmas jumper.

  60. Michael says:

    ah ah too bad for (san-)Thanos, he comes to make peace with Avengers and bring some gifts along (not kind of “gifts” the mad joker would bring) but Avengers are not so good and friendly after all. Or it’s just the Thanos story, he did what he did because he was rejected, he want to show them what he’s capable of. Quite a classic story.

    Nice picture, you really put advent calendars to whole new level !

  61. Stu says:

    As a regular Lego advent calendar aficionado I have been very underwhelmed by this set, but your blog truly has added value to it in both helping explain what half the sets are but also adding awesome commentary to go along with it.

    Thanks Jay, you’re the spirit of Christmas present!

  62. CraftApple says:

    Super grateful that you are explaining what all of these are! We open the little daily sets, then if we can’t figure them out we come here! Thank you!

  63. Marisa Urim says:

    This is the best breakdown, thank you!

  64. Ray says:

    All I gotta say is thank God for this blog. I’ve been going through this with my son and some of these builds we had no idea what they were!

  65. Eric says:

    Day nine is actually “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart”, not a snowglobe.

  66. Canadian Lego Fan says:

    Maybe the metallic spider is a black widow, so it represents them both? Hoping we see some of the minibuilds soon!

  67. Eric says:

    Tony’s cheeseburger. Think back to Ironman I. Morgan asks for one at the conclusion of Endgame too.

  68. Laura Stothard says:

    I’m sure that the mini builds are a mini avenger’ headquarters.

  69. James Nash says:

    Great work, thank you for this!

  70. Holly says:

    Day 7. We got a duplicate of day 1. No spiderman.

  71. Jenalyn Bullock says:

    We are SO grateful that you are here to explain some of the intricacies of these characters because we would be lost. We’ve been having a good laugh over them so far but even more so when able to read your blog here to better understand exactly what is going on with them. Thank You! As long as we do these advent calendars, we will be here, waiting to see what you will have to say about them. This Mom is super appreciative.

  72. Cindy Stephens says:

    For the day 6 build, I wanted tomatoes on my burger too, so I went back through the leftover pieces from last year’s Star Wars Lego advent calendar and found 4 individual red pieces and interspersed those over two layers (2 red, 1 yellow, 1 green on each layer), so I’d have lettuce, tomato and cheese in each layer, before I put the top bun on. I love the way it looks!

  73. Natalie says:

    On Day 5 my son got Thor in the BBQ spot. Even the door flap has the instructions for the BBQ, but alas; Thor!

    • Amanda says:

      Alas, Thor!?!?! Those two words don’t go together! Maybe the barbecue will pop up on another day. I think I’ve seen all the burger pieces in lego friends jungle rescue station, or similar. Which your son probably doesn’t have. But you can find all those pieces at the thrift store or on eBay, whereas Thor is… well, Thor.

      I think you’ve invented a new inside joke that has to go in the next movie… Thor walks in and for some reason, the person greeting him has to look disappointed and say, “Alas, Thor “.

      • MRHH says:

        This happened to my son, too, wrong build every day. We finally figured out the “tray” was inserted incorrectly, so we opened the side end of the box, rotated the tray 180 degrees, and put it back in. Now he is getting the correct builds on the correct days. Hope that helps!

  74. Julien says:

    Day 6 : I think it’s supposed to be a Shawarma, like in the post-credit scene from first Avengers movie, also it’s the same design featured in set 76167.

  75. Chip2k11 says:

    Is it just me or is the burger a reference to Tony wanting a burger when he got home in iron man 1?

    • A H says:

      And allllso, referenced again at the end of End Game when his daughter says the same thing. Proper Iron Man throwback and 100% perfectly related to the MCU.

  76. Dave says:

    The burger should have beetroot too.

  77. Aberline says:

    We got two bbqs in our window. Before I knew what it was I said to my son “winner winner…chicken dinner”….he looked at me, held up the build and said “literally!”…ha ha

  78. Jamie says:

    Kiwi here, it is absolutely fantastic to finally get a barbecue in an advent calendar 😂

  79. Brad from San Diego says:

    Day 5 – I know that many call it a “Chicken Leg” but for Christmas I think it’s fun to call it a “Turkey Leg”. Good job Lego for tying in Christmas and thanks Jay for your fun analysis.

  80. Paul Castle says:

    I think her angry face comes out when Tony burns her marshmallow…

  81. Kelvis and Mega Milo says:

    I’m thinking Day 3 might be a small representation of the Avengers Compound in upstate New York! Maybe it will connect to some others…

  82. Lego kid says:

    Yeah, when I noticed that feature I decided to get more of the armory sets to make a gigantic armory. There’s also one more in the calendar that also connects to the armory. It pretty cool

  83. Nick says:

    My first thought when I saw this one was that it was a high tech fireplace, but when I saw the clips on the side, I thought it might be an armor station similar to the ones from 76125 and 76167. Looking at those, the base is almost identical to those so I’m now pretty much positive that’s what this is. Hopefully, we don’t get multiples of this build similar to the first Harry Potter advent calendar, but it is a fun and festive way to display the new holiday themed iron man armor alongside the other iron man armors in my collection.

    • Graham says:

      Yep that’s exactly what it’s for. It click in right between two Iron Man Suit stations. Pretty neat idea, I think!

      • Ironmagnus says:

        The real charm of this mini-build is that it gives some needed pieces, like the shiney slopes, to convert misc hall of armor sections into armor alcoves for ironman suit collectors.

  84. Jay (but not the Jay's Brick Blog Jay) says:

    I saw somewhere else say that it’s one of those Iron Man suit display cases which, given that there’s a space where you could stand a minifig, that makes sense to me.

  85. Laura says:

    We come back to your site every year for this! Thank you!

    My kids have quite a few Lego Avengers sets, and my son noticed right away that the day 3 wreath stand is the same base design as the Iron Man Hall of Armor set and snaps right on! We thought that was pretty cool! Like you said, hopefully there are other items to snap onto as the month goes on.

  86. Alex says:

    Day 3 isn’t a wreath stand, its an armor stand compatible with 76125 (hall of armor)

  87. Kris says:

    The wreath is actually a similar build to the iron man hall of armor sets! It looks like we could connect it to that and place Christmas sweater Iron Man on the stand

  88. homas Healey says:

    The wreath is supposed to connect to the Iron Man’s Hall of Armor that we got a couple years ago for Endgame.

  89. Tyson Tross says:

    The day 3 build is actually meant to connect to the Iron Man Hall of Armour Set, so most likely no other things to connect, but we’ll see.

  90. Phil Pursglove says:

    I took one look at this morning’s and thought ‘Oh no, it’s a weapons rack’…

  91. Stewart McLelland says:

    Thanks for this!

    It’s my sons first lego advent calendar, he opened it himself today and I had no idea the instructions were on the door haha!!

    He also opened number 7 on day 1, the font isn’t ths clearest haha, at least I know we have the day 1 awesomeness still to come!

  92. Wonghy111 says:

    I believe that the wreath’s stand is meant to be one of the iron man suit holders like we see in the movies and some sets

  93. Nate Clark says:

    I thought that It was kind of disappointing since there wasn’t a character or a build but just bricks. But I liked it cause I needed some blue energy blasts since I only have orange ones

  94. Hey, Iron Man 2 was pretty good. This movie had to do a lot of heavy lifting to give us the mcu we have today.

  95. Jamie says:

    You know day 2 is bad when you wish you’d gotten a weapons rack instead 😂

  96. StrangeTales says:

    This is the marvel version of weapon racks 😂😂😂

  97. Deb says:

    My kids were excited about day 2 lol.

  98. Anne says:

    This is our first Marvel LEGO set, so we were excited to try out different configurations of the pieces. You talk like you get power blast elements every day! And I came online looking for a hint as to how to connect two elements in series, but my daughter figured it out by the time I found your review. I think the elements are great, but my daughter thinks they might look better in the same standard clear blue plastic as the cone pieces of Day 1, not the cloudy/clear blue plastic they used.

  99. Eminem says:

    Hi Jay, just wanted to say Thank you for all your hard work, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without your Blog, which are as always ssuuuuuper helpful!😁Wish you all the best and a Happy Christmas!

  100. Mike says:

    Good to see I wasn’t the only one who found day 2 a bit lackluster. But I can see how having power blast elements to go with yesterday’s Iron Man would be fun for kids who might not have a bin full of spare power blasts like many AFOLs.
    And it’s still not the multiple weapons racks of past Star Wars calendars or the house flags of the first Harry Potter calendar. 😉

  101. Canadian Lego Fan says:

    I was extremely disappointed in opening day 2, I already have endless bags of those powerups that I will never use. Can’t believe that Lego actually put that in our calendar.

  102. Cregkly says:

    My son was a little disappointed on day one when the power blast elements were missing. Day 2 was like Christmas for him, he was ‘over the moon’ happy.

    While I can see why adults would find this a let down, I think Lego know what they are doing when it comes to kids.

  103. Jamie Graham says:

    You’re doing so many calendars this year!

  104. Ian Hazlehurst says:

    I got this for our daughter, she’s a Marvel fan. Bet she’s made up to get Tony Stark especially in a Xmas Jumper.

  105. Laura says:

    We’re back for the umpteenth year. Absolutely love your blog. Can’t wait to follow you through o Christmas Eve. 😀

  106. Nieve (mummy) + Liam (son - 10) says:

    We are delighted you are doing the Marvel one!! Woohoo think this is our 5th year following! We’ve lost count! Brilliant tradition

  107. Corey McCandless says:

    In case you didn’t know: the single-piece helmet and blue-faced head for Iron Man are the same combo used for the 4+ Marvel sets, such as 76152 (Avengers Wrath of Loki).

  108. Mom who does not know avengers says:

    Thank you! You are a hero! Just opened and was like wtf?!?! Built and explained to the 4y/o with ease!

  109. Mac says:

    It’s not Christmas without your advent calendar blog.

    Merry Christmas Jay.

    Thanks for all your work.

  110. Nice start to the season Jay! I’ve always enjoyed following the advent calendars on your blog every year. The Iron Man minifigure looks great. I do prefer the older style helmets more and am sad that lego is phasing them out now. But that torso print is the best sweater lego has made.

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