LEGO Star Wars UCS Landspeeder officially revealed – is this the perfect Landspeeder?

After an early sneak peek, LEGO have officially unveiled the first LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS) set of 2022 – 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, the most definitive Landspeeder model yet!

The 1,890-piece LEGO UCS Landspeeder will retail for US$199.99 / AU$319.99 and will available from or your local LEGO Stores, just in time for Star Wars Day on May the 4th.

LEGO VIPs will have early access to the LEGO UCS Landspeeder, with a release date of 1 May 2022, ahead of a general release on 4 May 2022 for everyone else.

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LEGO UCS Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder Key Details

Set number: 75341
Dimensions: 50cm long, 17cm high, 30cm wide
Set Designer: Cesar Carvalhosa Soares
Minifigures: Luke Skywalker, C-3PO

Luke Skywalker’s battered Landspeeder is the latest Star Wars vehicle to join the UCS Collection, following last year’s 75313 UCS AT-AT, and 75309 UCS Republic Gunship, becoming the most detailed and definitive versions of the Landspeeder yet.

The X-34 Landspeeder were typical civilian transports, designed to withstand the rough sandy dunes of Tatooine. First seen in Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke used the vehicle extensively as part of his farm work, travelling across Tatooine’s harsh deserts.

Accompanied by C-3PO, Luke used the Landspeeder to locate R2-D2, when he was discovered by Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

It was also the vehicle they were travelling in when Obi-Wan used a Jedi mind trick to get past stormtroopers guarding entry into Mos Eisley. Eventually Luke sold the Landspeeder to pay for his transport to the planet Alderaan.

There are some really nice details captured here, including the new curved cockpit windscreen, exposed turbine engine (with plenty of nice greebling), and (sadly) plenty of stickers to give it a beat-up look that we all know from A New Hope.

The colours – a mix of dark nougat, dark red, and greys which does a great job of capturing the colours of the X-34 Landspeeder.

Two minifigures are included in the set – a common, garden variety Tatooine Luke Skywalker, and… an exclusive C-3PO minifigure, which features a proper dual-moulded silver leg for the first time ever.

Excruciatingly, this is the perfect incarnation of everyone’s favourite shiny protocol droid, and features highly detailed side arm, and leg printing. I really hope we get him in other sets, as it’ll be a shame for minifigure collectors and Star Wars fans who were otherwise planning on skipping on this set.

The model delivers exactly what the box promises – a highly detailed rendition of the iconic Landspeeder, upsized to be a great display model, if you love Landspeeders and have a strong affinity with A New Hope, which a lot of Star Wars and Original Trilogy fans do.

The proportions and size are exactly what you’d want from a UCS Landspeeder, and although I’m disappointed in the use of stickers as opposed to printed elements, they do add a bit more character and accuracy to the model, although in this case, I think they’re definitely optional for those opposed to stickers.

And yes, it does look great on display, as all UCS sets are designed to do.

Landspeeders have been a staple of LEGO Star Wars, and you could reliably expect minifigure-scale versions to pop up every few years. They’re almost like Police Stations and Fire Stations – eternally relevant and a bit of a running joke among LEGO Star Wars fans.

It’s great that we finally get a proper, highly detailed and definitive Landspeeder but I think this set will be highly divisive, with half of fans absolutely loving it, and the other half that won’t care about this.

I fall in the latter camp, and have even dubbed this the Mehspeeder.

From my perspective, I can’t imagine fans yearning for a UCS slot to be taken up by a Landspeeder. While iconic, I can think of so many other vehicles, or ships that would’ve been my pick for a UCS slot – any prequel ship or vehicle, Jabba’s Sail Barge, a TIE Bomber/Advanced… the list goes on and on.

While I consider myself an outsized LEGO Star Wars fan, this just didn’t make me feel excited at all, with the new dual-moulded C-3PO being the most interesting thing in the set for me.

I don’t know – with so many great LEGO sets out there targeted at adults, and rapidly increasing living costs, I feel like that this is an extravagant model, that no one was really crying out for.

Like, are there people that are genuinely excited about a Landspeeder over all the other cool ships in the Star Wars universe?

To me, LEGO Landspeeders have always been about minifigures, and a model at this scale, without minifigures or characters that you can pop into the cockpit just doesn’t seem right to me, and greatly diminishes the appeal to it.

When I picture a Landspeeder from A New Hope in my head, I picture Luke zipping around, or Obi Wan, Luke and C-3PO messing with a couple of sandy Stormtroopers, not the actual vehicle itself.

That said, I think a lot of LEGO fans will be delighted with what is quintessentially the perfect LEGO Landspeeder display model, and will be really happy with it.

As for me, I think this will be the first UCS set that I’ll not get at launch and will likely wait for a good sale or other offer. Instead, I’ll likely pick up the Star Wars Diorama sets to qualify for the May the 4th GWPs!

75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder will be released on 1 May 2022 for LEGO VIP members, and 4 May 2022 for everyone else, and will be initially available exclusively from or your local LEGO Store.

What do you think of the LEGO UCS Landspeeder? Will you be picking it up at launch, and does this model excite you?

19 responses to “LEGO Star Wars UCS Landspeeder officially revealed – is this the perfect Landspeeder?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Great write-up on this set. I have stayed away from all the oversized UCS sets. They never appealed to me because I like sets you can put the minifigs in. The only UCS sets I have purchased over the years are the Imperial Shuttle, Slave 1, AT-AT and the latest Falcon. However, the landspeeder is the only oversized UCS set that I was excited about after it was announced and I bought it as soon as it was available 5/1. Yes, I am a hardcore OT fan. Personally, the OT movies as a whole with ships, storylines and artistry just stand out more to me than the prequels and sequels. I can, though, understand why some view this as a mediocre UCS model that took up space for something more exciting like a starfighter or cruiser. To me, the level of detail and its place in the OT make the landspeeder worthy of the UCS treatment. I haven’t built it yet but it already has a place on a new shelving unit I bought to expand real estate for displaying my LEGO Star Wars sets. I look forward to seeing the next UCS sets LEGO releases.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and glad to hear that the Landspeeder managed to convince you to get it!

      I too really like minifig-scale (ish) UCS sets, but can appreciate the detail that went into this, as well as the love shown for the OT.

      Hope you enjoy building and displaying it!

  2. Rob says:

    I love this set and it’s the first SW UCS vehicle I’ve purchased. I think the Landspeeder has always reflected Lucas’s love of cars and hot rods, so as a car buff myself, it’s getting a special place on my shelves.

    Is also a great place to put my Lego SW Skywalker Saga Luke with blue milk minifig (swapping out the original from the set).

  3. Thulium42 says:

    Can I just buy that windscreen for a massive minifig-scale cockpit??

  4. Ed says:

    Nothing wrong with getting a UCS landspeeder. Sure a sail barge or a tie bomber or super star destroyer would have been nice, but they can always be released later. All the other OT ships have been done. Even ones with 0.5 seconds of recognizable screen time like the A-wing.

    Prequel ships? They’re pointless because none of them are iconic. For one, they’re pure CGI. You can make any random shape and texture out of CGI as well as morph them into other random shapes and textures, so there’s nothing permanent or physical about CGI ships. There’s no craftsmanship, no practicality. They’re just a flicker of a dream. And of course, being the prequels, the movies themselves aren’t nearly as iconic as the original three. Instead of a wise space muppet, we got a bunbling CGI screwball. Instead of cool new droids, we got repeats of the same old droids. Instead of dashing heroes and princesses, we got a couple of ugly dudes in 90s rat-tails and a whiny little kid that ruined Darth Vader’s image as an ageless and sinister icon of evil. Don’t need any UCS prequel builds.

    • Jay says:

      That’s fair! It is a really nice model and will be the definitive Landspeeder model, especially for those looking for a great display piece – I’ll probably pick it up myself a bit later when there’s a good sale, or if I have cash to burn.

      I’d argue against the Prequel Ships not being iconic. For all the hate the prequels got, I really think George Lucas did an amazing job with the worldbuilding, and designs (Naboo Starfighter, Venator, Jedi Starfighters) and there’s still plenty of great designs to go around.

      It’s probably a generational thing, and I can see why LEGO would still continue to churn out OT builds because a vast majority of deep-pocketed Star Wars fans are adults, and like ourselves, have an incredibly strong connection to the OT.

  5. Monty says:

    I honestly think this is a beautiful iconic set and the colours really pop.

    I have the UCS Gunship (which was just too big – beautiful but large – hence back in the box), the ISD and MF – so enough of the large sets (the AT-AT being the exception, because although large takes less surface space). So very happy to see a ship that doesn’t take half the room to display.

    Honestly, the joke about there being too many is overdone, there really isn’t in the 23 years of star wars and I’ve only heard the police station and fire station relate to .X-Wings (around 16 sets), Millennium Falcon’s (around 20 sets) and Tie Fighters (approx 12 sets), before, so 6 isn’t really that many. Besides, it’s always been a very basic build and often just a part of another set, so I think it’s great to see this set at last in a detailed form.

    Next UCS set should be a sequel set, they should rotate the sets from each trilogy.

  6. Adrain says:

    Genuinely not sure if I’ll bother with this one, despite being my core collecting theme (Original Trilogy). I got a speeder which was released in 2020 or 21 and I’m very happy with it.

    • Jay says:

      Same. I’ll probably wait on this and have a few months (or years) to pick it up.

      It’s a nice model, and I really want to see it in person. I’ll be picking up the Dioramas for May the 4th as those appeal so much more to me.

  7. Ian Hazlehurst says:

    DOH! Just when I spend my VIP points on The Mandalorain Helmet!
    Oh well still will buy it, love the detailing on UCS sets.

  8. Daniel says:

    It looks great but a little distracting how large it is compared to minifigure scale (but likely necessary for the level of detail it needs).

    However, for $200 this is solely lacking in minifigures. Should have an old Ben, R2 and at least two tusken raiders.

    • Tom says:

      UCS sets are generally not minifigure-scale. There are exceptions such as the Millennium Falcons, Slave 1, AT-AT and Imperial Shuttle, but for the most part UCS sets are designed as a super-detailed depiction of a vehicle. Therefore, the minifigures aren’t really an integral part of the set.

      For sure, if it was a $200 play-set/minifigure-scale set, then it should have lots of figures, but that isn’t what this is.

      I’m surprised Luke didn’t receive any updates though.

    • Jay says:

      My friend, The Rambling Brick recently reviewed it, and it’s actually scaled perfectly for Miniland Figures!

      Unfortunately, this being a UCS set means that minifigures aren’t the focus (ironic when there’s a super nice C3PO), but yeah, an Old Ben would’ve been nice.

  9. Mayngen says:

    I have 7110 (my fav), 8092, and 75271. I plan on passing on the 75341 UCS. It’s a great looking Landspeeder (excepting the stickers) . Too pricey. I will be hoping to upgrade my older C-3PO’s with the new one from this set and will be purchasing some older Landspeeder sets, like 75173.
    Love your blog!

    • Jay says:

      Thanks, glad you’re enjoying it! I’ll wait and see with this one as it’s not a UCS set that I personally REALLY want.

      Thankfully, I’m not a UCS completionist, so I can bear without having this one in the collection.

      And there’s something great about minifigure-scale Landspeeders! Just like the Republic Gunship, some vehicles and ships just work so much better in compact form!

  10. Joel H says:

    It looks great. Yes, there are other options that would fill the slot better, but I don’t think there will be any shortage of slots for those ships in the future. This was missing from the LEGO portfolio and I am glad they took a stab at it. I’ll be getting it at some point, but understand those who will pass. It’s well done, just not terribly compelling compared to larger models with more detail and screen time.

  11. Eric says:

    The color scheme is excellent. I really like the model but not for $200 which is more than even the Back to Future Dolorean. And to only add one unique Minifig is a miss. $130 would have been a better pricing.

  12. JD says:

    I don’t own any UCS models, and this certainly won’t be the one that changes that, but I think it makes more sense as a choice, and what I reckon Lego are going for, is less about a UCS Landspeeder sitting next to the UCS Millenium Falcon, UCS X-Wing, UCS Tie Fighter, etc and more about a UCS Landspeeder sitting next to the UCS Delorean, UCS Ghostbuster Car, UCS James Bond Aston Martin, etc. It’s essentially the Star Wars series most famous “car”, and I reckon it would suit quite well in a car collection.

    Still, definite pass from me.

  13. Chris Q says:

    Will definitely be skipping this one. Cool build and very detailed but not something I’m going to use up shelf space to display.

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