LEGO’s 10318 Concorde lets you build an icon of supersonic flight

LEGO has unveiled its next Icons set, 10318 Concorde, paying homage to the supersonic icon that’s arguably one of the most well-known aircraft in history.

This highly detailed scale model of the Concorde is made from 2,083 pieces and will be released exclusively on or your local LEGO Store on 4 September 2023 for LEGO VIPs, ahead of a 7 September general release.

See below for regional pricing and product pages:

The Concorde is the world’s most recognisable commercial supersonic passenger plane, famed for cutting down what would’ve been a 7 hour flight between New York and London to about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Conceived jointly by the French and British, it continues to marvel the aviation community, long after its final flight on 26 November 2003.

LEGO have designed and delivered an epic homage to the supersonic legend, with this incredible model that’s fit for display.

It’s incredibly large and impressive, measuring 102cm from tip to tip, so you better ensure that there’s enough space to display this majestic model. Just to put things into perspective, the LEGO Titanic is 135 cm long.

I think LEGO have done a fine job capturing the Concorde’s distinctive design, and I really like how the ogival delta wings are rendered here.

And yes, one of the Concorde’s most recognisable feature, the Droop Snoot, the nickname given to the way its nose bends forward during landing so as to not obscure the view of the pilots.

It works in tandem with the landing gear, which is a feature that fans of the Concorde will appreciate.

Here’s a look at the mechanism on the inside that enables the landing gear and nose to work together, as well as the cabin seats inside.

And to top it all off, a specially-designed stand which allows the Concorde to be displayed in an attractive take-off or landing mode is included, which has this lovely printed plaque on it.

Here are more lifestyle photos supplied by LEGO.

I think LEGO have done a marvelous job with the LEGO Concorde and fans of this historic supersonic plane will be quite happy with the scale in which this has been rendered.

It’s definitely not the most substantial LEGO set in terms of volume, given its narrow aerodynamic fuselage, but the size and overall footprint will definitely make for a striking impact.

It’s size alone, at just over 1 meter (3.2 feet) long is massive and assures that this will look fantastic on display. It also might be a bit too large given its huge footprint, so it’ll be a set you’ll have to plan around.

Price-wise, I think it’s decent, at US$199.99 / AU$299.99. You’re pretty much paying for the design here and its value is in the build, and how it’ll present on display. Given the prices of LEGO recently, I think this one is priced decently, and will attract a specific niche of those who were alive and marveled at supersonic travel during the Concorde’s heyday.

10318 Concorde will be released on from 4 September 2023 for LEGO VIPs.

What do you think of the LEGO Concorde? Will you be aiming to make space for it?

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8 responses to “LEGO’s 10318 Concorde lets you build an icon of supersonic flight”

  1. Stay Safe says:

    Yes lego have done well in this design, shame about the knodes showing.For a little extra cost lego could have been kind to the british,as thay played a very big part in the devolpment of this aeroplane.And placed in the box the colour bricks in UK livery.Maybe thay should offer that as a freebee to the UK market. Has anyone found a good lighting set for the landing lights etc yet. word of warning thair are lepin lights for other lego models,like the Lamborghini,thay do not work and can be dangrouse.

    • Stephen says:

      The colour scheme is not unkind to the British, as it is based on the livery carried by the prototypes assembled in both France and the UK.

  2. Maxim says:

    Did you really did do thee concord

  3. James Steven says:

    Hi, just like to let everyone know as of 11/8/23 Concorde was not available to order, I was told the story had been leaked and it is not available till 7/9/23. Scooter

  4. Mark says:

    Given the size and display restraints, I’m considering a triptych of this, the Saturn rocket, and the space shuttle mounted vertically flat against the wall.. all 3 striking in profile.

  5. Lego_Dude says:

    It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for this set for years.

  6. Debelius says:

    Wow, that’s an impressive set. Very, very tempted despite my lack of any more display space. Only gripe is that it doesn’t look like you can have BA or Air France stickers?

  7. Mitchell B Schecter says:

    Love it! It is about time. Looking forward to building this.

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