Shell and Ferrari LEGO Series 2 promotion comes to Malaysia!

Somewhat surprising news coming out of Malaysia – the second series of promotional Shell LEGO sets went on sale on 1 November 2015 and is available at Shell Petrol stations around the country. For all my Malaysian readers – lucky you!

UPDATE: Photos of the Collector’s Case now added! Scroll down below to check them out.

UPDATE: Info on Collector’s Case has been added below! Special thanks to Shell’s PR for the information and very helpful, timely & professional response.

It’s surprising because it kind of came out of the blue – it’s been awhile since a country has run the Shell LEGO promotion, especially since LEGO cut ties with Shell a year ago due to pressure from environmental groups. I think the most recent country to receive the promotion was Indonesia earlier this year.


The promotion in Malaysia runs from 1 November 2015 to 31 January 2016 with a new model released each week. Ferrari and LEGO fans will be able to collect 7 exclusive models featuring  four iconic Ferrari cars, a special limited edition Shell Tanker, a Finish Line podium and a Shell Station modelled after the one at Fiorano circuit, Scuderia Ferrari’s private racetrack in Maranello, Italy.

Sorry for the slightly wonky image. I hacked the image above using the image I was sent when I wrote about the Singaporean promotion last year. I wasn’t sent anything from Shell Malaysia, so sick of waiting, I took it into my own hands.

Shell LEGO Series 2 Malaysia Promotional Details

Here’s how you can qualify for the Shell LEGO promotion:

Shell Customers may purchase or redeem respective LEGO models after they’ve been released by filling up a minimum of RM40 worth at the pump in a single receipt, or purchase selected Shell Helix 4L lubricants at Shell Petrol Stations in Malaysia.

The release dates are:

  • 40190 Ferrari F138 – 1 November 2015
  • 40195 Shell Station – 8 November 2015
  • 40192 Ferrari 250 GTO – 15 November 2015
  • 40191 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – 22 November 2015
  • 40193 Ferrari 512 S – 29 November 2015
  • 40194 Finish Line and Podium – 6 December 2015
  • 40196 Shell Tanker – 13 December 2015

I’m assuming that once sets are released, you should be able to purchase them as long as stocks last.

The pricing is also slightly confusing as there are different prices depending on what petrol you choose:

  • RM9.90 with the purchase of Shell V-Power 97 or Shell V-Power Racing
  • RM13.90 with the purchase of Shell Fuelsave 95, Shell Fuelsave Diesel or Shell Fuelsave Euro 5
  • RM9.90 with the purchase of one bottle of Shell Helix HX5, Shell Helix HX7 or Shell Helix Ultra engine oils

There will also be a Collector’s Case which will cost RM70.00. Details on its availability or also what it actually looks like are unknown at the moment. Thanks to an anonymous tip, I can now share photos of what the 2015 Shell LEGO Ferrari Collector’s Case will look like! It’s quite similar to the previous promotion’s case and will be an excellent solution to displaying your collection.

UPDATE: The Shell LEGO Collector’s Case will be available in December* at all participating Shell stations. I was also advised that there will only be “very, VERY limited quantities”. Yes, that’s a direct quote so uh.. you best start striking up a friendship with your local Shell station attendants.

*I’m guessing this will be 1st December, but don’t quote me on this.

Shell LEGO Ferrari Collector's Case 2015-001

Shell LEGO Ferrari Collector's Case 2015 Alternate View-001

Shell LEGO Ferrari Collector's Case 2015 With Cover-001

There’s also plenty of small print about the promotions, mostly around purchase limits. The gist is:

  • You can only buy 1x Shell Tanker set at a time
  • You can only buy a maximum of 3x of the other sets in one transaction, even if you spend more than RM120 in a single receipt
  • You can only purchase 1x Collector’s Case at a time
  • To qualify for the promotional sets, you’ll need to present a receipt within a period of 7 days after it was issued

Check out this PDF for the complete Terms & Conditions.

To support the promotion, Shell Malaysia have also produced a TV commercial, which you can view below:


The Shell V-Power LEGO® Collection Promotional Poster (4)


With the promotion rolling out in Malaysia, what does that mean for the rest of us? It being November 2015 and Shell still featuring the LEGO promotion, it wouldn’t be TOO far fetched to assume that the promotion will eventually come to Australia. Maybe early 2016? One can definitely hope since Shell has quite a large presence Down Under.

Anyway, here are more details on the Shell LEGO models, their piece counts and they’re Malaysian release dates.

Ferrari F138 (1 November 2015)

Ferrari F138

  • The F138 is the fifty-ninth Formula One car built by Scuderia Ferrari specifically to take part in the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship™, and was driven to two Grand Prix victories by Fernando Alonso in the same year. The name combines the current year and the number of cylinders – the eighth and final year of the competition for the V8 engine.
  • 42 LEGO bricks are used in this model.

Finish Line & Podium & LEGO Minifigure (6 December 2015)

Finish Line and Podium

  • This playset includes a start/finish line, winner’s podium, Scuderia Ferrari Engineer LEGO Minifigure, pit board and chequered flag.
  • 63 LEGO bricks are used in this model.

Ferrari 250 GTO (15 November 2015)

Ferrari 250 GTO

  • The 250 GTO is one of Ferrari’s most legendary GTs ever produced. Debuted in 1962 with only 39 ever made, it is one of the rarest and most sought after of vintage Ferrari models in the world.
  • 42 LEGO bricks are used in this model.

Ferrari 512 S (29 November 2015)

Ferrari 512 S

  • This 5-litre V12 GT racer was produced in 1970 and debuted that year at the 24 Hours of Daytona, before going on to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and in the World Sportscar Championship through the 1970-71 seasons, scoring 4 overall wins and 2 category wins. Only 25 were ever produced.
  • 49 LEGO bricks are used in this model.

Shell Station & LEGO Minifigure (8 November 2015)

Shell Station

  • This playset is modeled after the Shell station on Scuderia Ferrari’s Fiorano track in Maranello and comes with a Shell Fuels Scientist LEGO Minifigure.
  • 79 LEGO bricks are used in this model.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (22 November 2015)

Ferrari F12berlinetta

  • Debuted in 2012, the F12berlinetta is powered by a 730 BHP naturally aspirated V12 engine, and was Ferrari’s  fastest ever road car.
  • 44 LEGO® bricks are used in this model.

LEGO Shell Tanker Model (13 December 2015)

Shell Tanker

  • Shell Tankers transport fuel to more than 40,000 service stations worldwide each day.
  • 93 bricks are used in this limited-release model, and it is the only vehicle in the Shell V-Power LEGO Collection that does not feature the pull-back motor.

For more information on the Shell V-Power LEGO Collection, visit Shell Malaysia’s website.


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