Editorial: Dear LEGO Australia, please let us buy your product

LEGO Sad Clown

An Open Letter to LEGO Australia

Dear LEGO Australia

I write to you as a massive LEGO enthusiast, not as a LEGO blogger. We’re now in the second half of 2016 which means that all the new LEGO sets are available to be purchased and some of them look absolutely stunning. I’m particularly excited for the new Elves, Friends, DC and Marvel sets and maybe some of the City sets.

LEGO 60134 Fun in the Park Box

Every year, it’s the same old story. These sets go online on but they’re nowhere to be seen on Australian retail shelves. It’s June and retailers in the country have just gotten the new Creator, Juniors and Duplo. Speed Champions also just arrived but they’ve been out everywhere else in the world for months now so I don’t consider them new.

I’m quite traditional in a sense that I like going to my local toy store to browse through the LEGO aisle which often results in purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I like online shopping but there’s nothing like picking up a LEGO box in person, rattling it to hear that oh-so-very-satisfying sound of bricks and being amazed by the size of some boxes.

I also like buying at retail because I am not wealthy enough to spend a minimum of $200 on an order everytime I buy LEGO to qualify for free shipping online. I’m much more predisposed to make several sub $100 set purchases because it suits my lifestyle a lot better.

It’s unacceptable that Australians don’t get the opportunity to buy so many of the new LEGO sets at retail while the rest of the world get to enjoy the entire second half of the year offerings.

What gives?

LEGO 75149 Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter Box

I don’t know if you realise, but LEGO in 2016 is a global phenomenon. Australian LEGO fans are part of a global community and conversation but sadly we do not have much of a voice right now.

As our American, European and Asian fans all contribute their thoughts, photos and experiences of the new LEGO Star Wars, City and Marvel sets, us Aussies are stuck with only new Creator, Junior and Duplo as conversation topics. Trust me, we’re hardly the life of the party.

All the new sets in Myer

All the new sets in Myer

Sad state of shelves in Kmart

Sad state of shelves in Kmart

So when do we get the new sets? No one knows, well not at least till the new 2HY catalogue comes out and no one even knows when that will go online.

If we go by 2015’s release dates, we’re potentially looking at getting new City, Star Wars, Friends, Marvel, DC Comics, Elves in August.


A full two months after everywhere else in the world gets their hands on these much anticipated new sets.

LEGO 76057 - Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle Box

At least in 2015, we got the new Marvel and DC sets in June, which kinda helped tide me over till August.

Where are the new LEGO sets? Why are you making it so hard for us to buy them from you?

Allow me to put on my LEGO blogger hat for a bit. As someone who primarily writes reviews, I am looking at a potentially massive gap of new content till August. I’m as excited as everyone else about the new Super Heroes and Elves sets but you’re making me jump through so many hoops to buy these sets so I can review them.

Adding insult to injury, just because I buy some sets early, review and potentially recommend them, it’s not like my Australian readers can go out and buy them eh?

Do you want to know how many emails and Facebook messages I get from my readers asking when the new sets are coming in? Unfortunately, I have to reply with a canned “I don’t know” every time.

Reader Enquiry Facebook

In fact, look at this Facebook message I just got from a reader. She (like me) cannot comprehend why the new sets are available for purchase online but are nowhere to be seen in stores.

This old fashioned and archaic way of doing business needs to stop. Your fans are clamouring to buy your products. They, like everyone else in the world are excited about new sets and play experiences that’s testament to your head company’s innovation, creativity and penchant for creating products that’s beloved the world over.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Sadly, LEGO Australia doesn’t seem to care about getting these products into the hands of Australians in a timely manner. I mean, if my home country of Malaysia can have all new sets on shelves on the first day of June, it shouldn’t be too much to expect the same in Australia right?

Australian LEGO fans deserve better and we deserve the equal opportunity to simultaneously join in the global LEGO conversation with our American, European and Asian counterparts.

Thank you for reading.

I don’t really know what we can really do to get this message across to LEGO Australia. I don’t even know if they will really care.

If you are as disappointed and upset as I am about this, I urge you to let LEGO know by either :

I’m an optimist, so I believe that things may change if enough people make this a big deal. Right now, I’m just a little disappointed that I’ll have to wait to get my hands on all these exciting new sets.

72 responses to “Editorial: Dear LEGO Australia, please let us buy your product”

  1. Charlotte Walker says:

    Really Interesting article, I am a lego fan so that’s why it is interesting to check such articles.

    Well I think one of the new lego sets that are interesting which I also found on Kidstuff ( site is the Lego stars wars falcon and the Lego Batman Set 2018

  2. Falcosun says:

    Now it is the year of 2019 and the what this article pointed out is still very true. It is toward end of Jan now and there is no where, neither online nor in physical stores, to find the 2019 new Technic sets. Elsewhere in the world they are on the shelves for at least a month. Nothing has been changed. REALLY disappointed.

    • Jay says:

      I believe the Technic sets are coming out in March. It’s a huge pain, but at the very least, I think they’ve made SOME progress, so it’s not all bad.

  3. Jackson Cohen says:

    Wow this is exactly the problem that all of us Australians suffer, you summed this up perfectly, I tried to get some new sets off the Lego Shop website but it went wrong and it didn’t work and I’m super bumbed about it

  4. Brett Colbert says:

    New Zealand is lumped in with Australia for release dates, so I am waiting for the release calendar to drop for the second half of the year. For us we have to spend $400NZ (currently $372AU) to get free postage when we order from the official Lego online store – so I will never order from it.

  5. VorpalRyu says:

    It seems everything is shipped from a TLG warehouse in Sydney these days, if so, why is the free shipping limit still AU$200? Myer it’s AU$100 & Target is AU$75…

    Two other factors that are a constant irritation are cost & Polybags.

    \We regularly get some of the highest costs for sets, four sets (talking MARVEL/DC/Star Wars for a fair comparison) costing US$39.99, one will be AU$49.99, two will be AU$59.99 & last will end up $69.99. TLG really needs to get more uniformity on price for Australia, as some are overpriced for what they are.

    Europe, America & Asia are awash with polybags, but Australia is a desert in this regards. Of the Marvel polybags, two were pre-order bonuses for video games, most of the DC ones have been the same. With both DC & Marvel, we’ve had less than a half dozen all up, yet check Brickset & there have been quite a few, similar story for Star Wars… Sick having to buy these from overseas sellers, but it’s still cheaper than local speciality stores.

  6. apricots says:

    I bought a couple of sets online recently because I wanted the Fountain promo – Fun in the Park, Hot Dog Stand, and a small Star Wars set (for the stormtrooper minifigs). Fun in the Park and Star Wars are on backorder until (iirc) 10 June – but they’ve shipped out the Hot Dog stand and the fountain already, in a seperate shipment! Is this why shipping is so expensive? You have to pay for multiple shipments? I would rather pay less and just wait the extra week for everything to be in stock.

    Despite buying online, I really would have preferred to pick up these sets individually and more spaced out. It would have extended the fun.

  7. Andy says:

    And to add insult to injury, yesterday i was looking at and got very excited when at the top of the
    screen said Free delivery, for orders over $35, Ran straight for the credit card, then realized i was on the U.S. site.

    Speaking of not wanting to sell new sets to Australia, last year i picked up the Star Wars sets Shuttle Tydirium, and Death Star final Duel, these sets were only in our stores for 2-3 months before vanishing forever once the Force Awakens sets came in , Because of the rare nature of these sets, i spotted them recently in a toy collectables store on sale for $200 each, even though you can still buy them from

    I believe the High pricing is due to our Aussie dollar being so Weak, the powers that be want our dollar to remain low, so that other countries will spend there money here, keeping many of us in jobs, allowing us to spend our hard earned money on lego.

    • Jay says:

      Hey Andy, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yeah, that’s another issue, shops not stocking sets that are still for sale in LEGO’s active inventory, but I can kinda understand why since managing inventory is a big challenge at retail.

  8. Kit says:

    Not to pour salt on your wounds Jay, but just wanting to help prove your plea here.
    I live in Malaysia and guess what I found in my local TRU yesterday? All the latest sets from General Magmar’s siege engine to Spinjitzu Battlegrounds to all the new City volcano sets!
    It shocked me too as I was expecting them in July or August.

    • Jay says:

      Haha nice. Malaysia is getting it so good right now thanks to really great support from LEGO Malaysia! Guess it helps that you guys have plenty of LCSs too, heh.

  9. Kay says:

    Very well said Jay! It’s definitely frustrating that we have to wait so long for some sets when smaller markets like Singapore get everything and have their own official Lego stores for polybags and exclusives. They really are discouraging us to spend on smaller sets as most can’t fork out $200 every time. With the new factory in China, you’d think that should bring shipping cost down for this region.

    They really need to pay more attention to us. The new store in Gold Coast will be a start but here’s hoping they will open more official stores in other major cities.

  10. Not a happy Lego fan. says:

    Go Jay!

    I can’t agree more with this, what bugs me is that we live in a globalised world, movie, game even book release dates are all falling within the same week, world wide. I understand the logistics of release lego sets world wide in the same week would be a bit of a headache, pumping out all those bricks, etc etc.

    But really bugs me is that us Aussies don’t get the same chance as other people around the world do to be Lego products. I spent months searching in stores for the X-men set, Target, K-mart, Big W, Toys R us, everywhere. It wasn’t until I found out that it was only available online and by that stage it was no longer available. Hey, at least I can go online and pay three times the price it was. Along came the Ant-man set, same thing, months searching for it, found it was only available online, too late again.

    So know we have the latest batch of Marvel sets, do I buy these online? or do I wait for them to come to retail? I don’t like buy $200+ of lego online, I don’t like to put down big orders online. Given this day and age of where Lego is “more valuable than gold” I don’t trust the postal services to get it to me. Especially if it is coming from overseas.

    So, my rant over, does Lego Australia ship these sets from their headquarters in Aus? or do they come from overseas?

  11. Jonathan Wilson says:

    I do wonder how much of this is down to the retailers (specifically the giant retailers like K-Mart, Target, Big W and MYER that dominate toy retailing in this country) and what they want. Retailers in this country generally don’t want new toy products at certain times of the year (e.g. January just after xmas or July just after their mid-year toy sales have happened) and they dont want too many new toys in a single brand/category in one hit. (because then they have nothing that is new on the shelves in August/September/etc to boost sales in those months)

    Also for licensed sets its possible the IP owner has a say on when the sets get released in different markets. (e.g. Disney/Marvel may want the new Spider-Man sets to be “new” in shops at the same time as the tie-in cartoon show episodes are airing)

    Something very interesting to throw into the discussion though is this post in the “Aussie Sales” thread on Eurobricks:
    The guy who posted that said “Picked up the Ghost Rider team up from K-mart, I love knowing someone who is a manager at K-mart! “. That implies that at least one K-Mart store somewhere in Australia (probably in Newcastle going by a previous post from the same person) has received stock of the Ghost Rider set but wont (or cant) sell it yet.

    Now there are several possibilities here:
    1.This is a mistake/lie from the poster (i.e. there is no Aussie K-Mart store with stock of the Ghost Rider set)
    2.This is a mistake by LEGO or LEGO Australia (i.e. one or more stores have received stock of the Ghost Rider set when they should not have been given that set yet)
    3.LEGO did intend to send stock of this set to this store but has placed a street date (a decision that may not have been 100% LEGO with Marvel having a say perhaps based on local releases of any relavent filmed or comic content that these sets are based on) on the set so K-Mart can’t sell it yet.
    or 4.K-Mart itself has decided not to sell the set yet (possibly intending to launch it for their mid-year sale or hold it back until after their sale or something)

  12. Roy Leung says:

    Absolutely agree. Online shopping can never take place of shopping at retail. Waiting for delivery is one of the most painful torture.

  13. Anthony says:

    This. All of this. I have my money all ready to go to buy some of the star wars sets coming out, and it is burning a hole in my wallet. I did cave and buy some stuff from Lego direct (pretty much only to get the fountain set) but the $200 free shipping limit is annoying.

    And the postage charges for orders under $200 are really high. Too bad if you wanted to buy a $20 item… And then the restrictions that come with the postal service, can’t use PO boxes or parcel lockers despite them being much safer and secure, especially given the potentially very expensive products. When I ordered my helicarrier, it was just tossed over the fence.

    And splitting orders. I had one box arrive with just a Star Wars poster in it. Seriously?!

  14. Karrakazul says:

    Not only is it incredibly annoying that we get everything much later, but we don’t even know how much later so the only course of action is to prowl through the stores every other week. WA retailers are pretty bad at updating their online presence so I was lucky that wandering through Myer on a whim the other day netted me the Speed Champions stuff that had finally decided to turn up. Maybe we’d have more of a ‘market presence’ if they could have things turn up in a more timely manner and actually deign to let us know when that is.

    • Jay says:

      Yup, release dates definitely help plan, especially since fans need to weigh up waiting for them to come to retail for a discount, or biting the bullet and ordering online.

  15. Shazli Hassan says:

    Here Here. I agree.

    Like you Jay. I also want to support my look bricks n mortar. Yes i know that is old fashioned. Also I can not spend $200 at a time to get the free shipping. Hope Lego Australia get this soon.

  16. Charlie says:

    Come on LEGO. I’ve wasted time and fuel driving around to try and get the Fun in the Park set. Your treatment of Australian consumers is terrible. is it that you know people will get impatient and spend $200 on your S@H. Not me anymore. I’ve got so disillusioned I’ve stopped buying sets and just collect Minifigures now. This is why I’m sweating on the fun in the park set. So Lego, get your act together in Australia.

    • Jay says:

      Sorry to hear that. I caved and got together with a few friends to order several Fun in the Park sets online, but I understand not everyone has the luxury of doing so.

  17. Adele says:

    Great letter! Completely agree.

    It is absolutely ridiculous and I feel like we are living in 1999 still.

  18. Dion says:

    I agree. I’ve been extremely disappointed in the lack of sets and the range we get in Australia. To the point that I’ve basically stopped buying sets. I’ll use Bricklink and other markets to get parts and make more interesting models myself than we get here in Aus!

    • Jay says:

      That’s a good way to go around it. In the past, I’ve made purchases from Barnes & Noble and Amazon for smaller orders.

  19. Lisa says:

    Totally agree. It’s not always feasible to spend $200 to get free postage from the shop. If these sets were available in the shops at the same time I would buy and support Australian shops. It’s time to lift your game Lego Australia and keep us current with the rest of the World.

  20. Vicky Lego Mum says:

    I’m with you on this. My son is desperate to get the new Bionicles with his own pocket money he’s saved and it’s always the same – we have to wait. Thing is, I don’t mind waiting so much as the fact we don’t get the choice, we never know when & what will be in the shops and it seems we’re always behind everyone else. Like you said Jay, LEGO is a global phenomenon and Australia is not treated the same as elsewhere.

  21. Vicky Lego Mum says:

    I’m with you on this. My son is desperate to get the new Bionicles with his own pocket money he’s saved and it’s always the same – we have to wait. Thing is, I don’t mind waiting so much as the fact we don’t get the choice, we never know when & what will be in the shops and it seems we’re always behind everyone else. Like you said Jay, LEGO is a global phenomenon and Australia is not treated the same as elsewhere.

    • Jay says:

      Ah Bionicles is a really good example since you they’re relatively low cost, which makes it irrational to have to spend $200 online to get free shipping. I hope your son isn’t too bummed out. He should write in and let them know, I think LEGO would really appreciate to hear that from a young fan.

  22. Matt Merrill says:

    I feel your frustration. I live in the American Midwest, and our selection was completely stagnant for a while at our local Wal-Mart stores to the point I just stopped looking for new sets. The toy department in our store in town must have changed managers, because suddenly, we wound up with too many new sets to the point of them having to add risers in the area, which was a welcome change. Too often, these toy departments in these stores are managed by individuals who have little or no interest or concept of what’s in demand, then I travel to a neighboring city and see what well stocked lego aisles look like, complete with physical displays of new minifigures or even light up dioramas of some bigger sets. Here’s hoping Lego Australia gets the hint and changes their ways!

  23. Monty says:

    Doesn’t bother me, I have never been one for having to have something first. I can wait 6 months or longer for the product I want, and I like it through retailers here (helps offset the price with 20% discount and loyalty points – making most sets par with US prices when factoring in the exchange rate). I do buy some sets from Lego direct, but only during their double points, or if a ‘bonus’ set is something I ‘really’ want.
    For me the frustration does not lie in when the sets become available, but rather IF they will become available for sale at retail.
    For instance, although I tend to focus on mainly two to three themes in the Lego range, I am very interested in getting the Temple of Airjitzu. I would prefer to get it retail at a 20% discount, however, as it has been nearly 12 months since we first saw the set and it still hasn’t hit our shelves, then I would purchase it through the Lego store at their next double VIP.

    So although you have produced a well articulated article, I am afraid I am happy to wait, but would appreciate an improvement in communication on what sets will or will be made available retail in Australia. Sorry Jay 🙁

    • Monty says:

      *will or will not …..

    • Jay says:

      Fair enough. I too am waiting for some of the new sets to get here and get discounted before buying them, so we’re definitely on the same page there.

      I really hope the Temple of Airjitzu shows up in the country during the Toy Sale. That set’s absolutely gorgeous and it would be a huge shame if it didn’t show up here.

      Personally, I’m still waiting for news of 31044 Park Animals! A tiny Creator set that came out at the start of this year but is nowhere to be seen. It’s June too!

      • Monty says:

        The park animals is a lovely little set – I purchased it during the double VIP. I suspect, don’t know, that it might be like the rain forest animals 31031 which was only available at Target.

  24. Very well said mate, I absolutely agree. C’mon LEGO, don’t leave Australia waiting!

  25. James says:

    Not that it matters anyway. Prices are getting too expensive for what they are… Minecraft Village, UCS Hoth, Angry birds line, Star wars X Wing for example? What with the website (when working) suddenly not having stock of new lines, and with prices that are so divorced from realistic retail prices in stores… (i mean who buys lego @ full RRP?), Lego’s reduced range and utter lack of meaningful sale items or promos (compared to other regions), one wonders if they regard Australia as a market at all.

    • Jay says:

      Prices! That’s a whole other can of worms to open up. I was really excited about the new Octan Station but at $120, it’s a little too expensive for me.

      • Craig says:

        I was so excited about the petrol station that I went ahead and bought some Octan minifigs to go with the set but when I discovered it was $120 there was no way I was going to get it. Saved my money and got the Detective’s Office instead rather than spending $120 on something I could build in a couple of hours.

        • Jay says:

          Yeah, the Petrol Station is horrifically expensive for what you get. LEGO could’ve given us fewer vehicles (since most fans probably have enough city cars) to bring down the price.

  26. Stuart says:

    Totally agree!! So frustrating! Lego please reduce cost of shipping down to $100!

    • Jay says:

      Let’s face it, living so far away from everyone else does make shipping stuff to us quite expensive. Outside of investing in a proper local distribution system here, I’m afraid that things will stay that way forever.

      That said, I do wish that the $150 threshold came back. I used to buy so much from LEGO online, but $200 is a wee bit too pricey for me.

  27. Michael says:

    Well said.

    Not only is this kind of delay silly, the shop@home website was stupid all June 1 – I got the Bridge Battle, even though it alternated between coming soon and out of stock. Because of that, I didn’t add Fun in the Park to my cart, so now I’m hunting for that one. So frustrating!

    BTW – went to Southwest Brickfest in NSW today, run by Rainbow Bricks LUG. Great little expo!

    • Jay says:

      Oooh nice! I’m still tossing and turning about the Bridge Battle, but I might just wait a little bit for it since it’s pretty pricey and I’ve got other things I want. Argh!

      Glad you had a great time at Southwest Brickfest! Rainbow Bricks LUG are pretty cool, I always enjoy seeing their displays.

  28. Karrot says:

    Thanks for this Jay. Please LEGO, listen to your fans and customers!

  29. Mark says:

    I don’t get the disparity in distribution either. It’s like the company runs as completely different entities in various regions. Is is dependent on how the local retail system works? For example, one of the biggest toy sales of the year is the mid-year sales. Do they use this to clear current stock first before rolling out the majority of new sets? Interestingly though its not just Aussies crying foul. Jang from Janbricks (USA) was complaining today that he had to order the 2016 Ninjago sets from overseas and pay hefty shipping fees because the new Ninjago sets will not be released in the US until July at the earliest. Same for Elves.

    • Jay says:

      Your point on retail sales cycles makes sense, but you’d think the best time to unveil the new wave of sets is when everyone is in a toy buying mood. Build up on excitement driven by blogs, Youtubers and LEGO news sites and you’ll have new sets flying off the shelves.

      Instead, we just have a massive gap of sets till August, which is very reminiscent of the post-Christmas shelf situation.

      Ah good point with Jang. The US has their own little quirks as well, but it’s hard to feel bad for them since they almost always get everything else served to them on a silver platter! I can feel his pain though, since reviewing sets is his actual job.

  30. Ken says:

    We did get the last wave of Star Wars well ahead of the US ?!?

    • Jay says:

      The last wave was a little odd, with the US getting a lot of sets a lot slower than the rest of the world. I think they were an outlier then.

      • Duncan says:

        That was purely annoying, i have learned to sympathize with those who don’t get the sets as early.

        My attitude is optimistic when sets are late, i’ll just get them later. But as a blogger myself I understand why people want quick reviews so they can share them.

  31. Justin says:

    I am Dying to get my hands on the 76052 $400 Batcave. I will NOT buy from shop at home not because I not like shop at home. I won’t online buy it because i myself don’t trust Australia Post to send it to me undamaged. I want to see it on the shelf, admire it, pick it up and feel the weigh of the goodies inside and last but not least walk to the counter with my $400 cash and my son (yeah i guess i better bring him along lol) and then take it home and play fight with him on the car trip home who is going to build the 66 batmobile.

    • Jay says:

      Haha nice. Yup, I’ve had a few too many large boxes damaged by Aus Post myself. I don’t usually care about boxes, but I can definitely empathise with people that do. I’ll be grabbing the Batcave when it comes out here too!

  32. I suspect it’s just because we’re such a small market and we’re so far away. It’s horrible. Hasbro Australia is similarly awful with Transformers.

    • Jay says:

      I honestly don’t believe we’re that small of a market, given that our purchasing power is relatively strong and LEGO is a beloved household name here.

      Singapore has a fraction of our population – a country with much lower birth rates but they get the entire release on Day 1.

      • BradC says:

        We’re also several magnitudes larger in area, and our population density is much lower. Larger distances for transporting goods + less density of consumers per shop means more cost and less profit. Now I’m personally not happy with that, but I understand the logistics and business issues with shipping and selling things in Australia.

        • Jay says:

          That’s a really good point. It may be also due to storage issues which is why we get staggered release dates. Thing is, LEGO has been posting great numbers in Australia – I believe last year sales were up by about 15% in Australia? Surely, that’s a good indicator that there is plenty more demand for sets.

  33. rup says:

    Well said Jay. I’m a new Lego enthusiast and it saddens me that so early in my adventure I am already feeling the bad vibes from Lego as a company. There’s no love from Lego and I feel like a second class fan purely because of my proximity to the South Pole. It might not the real reason for the animosity but that’s how I feel as the customer.

    • Jay says:

      Thing is, I don’t think it’s LEGO’s (the main company) fault. As the local distributor and sales office, LEGO Australia probably makes these decisions about what sets to bring in and when.

      Communication is almost zero (unless you’re a retailer), and till this day, I’m still waiting on them to get back to me about the local release of 31044 Park Animals. It’s June and there’s still no sign of that set here. How convenient eh?

      • Michelle says:

        What? Park Animals? How have I not even HEARD of that? I get very frustrated by this exact topic, good on you for putting it out there.

        • Jay says:

          Yeah! It’s a really cool set too – one of the best (in terms of design & value) Creator sets too.

          I hope to offer up some solution to this in the near future. Stay tuned!

  34. Kelvin says:

    Totally agree with u. Just, listen clearly, I just got the new speed champ yesterday from Rick James Bricks. All these sets are not new for world but Australia. Im looking for the airshow city set as well. But it seem i have to wait for n days to get it. Could not spend $200 everytime to get free shipping from Lego Shop.

  35. Peony says:

    I have to agree on the same frustration for living in Australia. I was out to MYER, Target, BIG W every other day last week trying to spot for the new sets releasing on 1-Jun but nothing available. I asked the staff at MYER and she said those won’t arrive in store till later this year… “Fortunately”, there are so many new sets that I want so I can spend AUD200 on LEGO Store Online to qualify for free shipping, but still I have to wait… I would have been happier if I can pick them up from shop immediately and play with them “now”. I really hope LEGO will have official stores in Australia or have new sets in their retailers about the same time as with the rest of the world, so LEGO fans in Australia can share the same joy.

    • Jay says:

      Yup, agreed. There’s nothing like instant gratification LEGO.

      Also, I shouldn’t need to spend $200 just to pick up a $40 set. $200 is a lot of money to most people. It’s so much easier to space out a $200 purchase in a few weeks rather than having to spend it all at once.

  36. Scott says:

    Here here nice one Jay. Agreed.

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