I bought my Legoland Malaysia Annual Pass!

I finally caved and bought my Legoland Malaysia Annual Pass! Cost me RM200 on Air Asia Red Tix and I get unlimited entries into the first Legoland outside of Europe and the US when it opens sometime in Q4 2012!

I am SUPER super excited about this and will endeavour to visit as many times as possible because:

  1.  I love Lego
  2.  I love Theme Parks

Here’s a map of Legoland Malaysia I shamelessly copied from their official website.

I am especially looking forward to the Huge ass (it had better be huge!) Lego shop there. I’m going to go so far as to believe that we’ll get Pick-A-Brick buckets available there and that it will be the stuff dreams are made of.

The promotion for the Annual Pass ends 16 April 2012, so head on over here for more info on how you can purchase tickets!

Here’s an interesting bit I picked out of the Annual Pass FAQ.

3.2 Where can I redeem the Pre-opening Annual Pass Voucher?

When booking the Pre- opening Annual Pass online you will receive a voucher for the LEGOLAND Pre-opening Annual Pass that is valid for one visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia in the 2012 season. Please go to the Annual Pass office in the BEGINNING zone when you visit LEGOLAND® for the first time and exchange your voucher into an annual pass photo ID.

Holy cow, I am so stoked that I’ll be getting a Legoland Photo ID!

4 responses to “I bought my Legoland Malaysia Annual Pass!”

  1. Awesome! I guess I’m lucky to have a Legoland only 20 minutes away and a Lego store also 20 min away in the other direction. I’v only been to Legoland once (a year ago). I don’t have a pass. But wish my family had some, we had a lot of fun last year. There is one thing I was disappointed about though. Apparently Legoland is not owned by Lego? At least that is what I was told at the Lego store. When you purchase something from the Lego store online or in the store, you earn VIP points (credit when you spend $100USD) but you don’t earn points when you purchase things from the stores inside Legoland since it is a different company.

    And the pick a brick at the 2 Lego stores I’ve been too, not so great. not much to choose from. I wish their selection was as large as online. Same thing with the Build a Minifig. 3 for $10USD but the selection is just not good. They change out the pieces every month and there’s a lot of them, but there is only like 3 different faces to choose from, and about the same for body, leg, hair/hat etc. Hoping you have better/more choices when you go to the store at Legoland. Have fun!!

    • Jay Ong says:

      That’s really cool! I guess that’s one of the cons of growing up in Asia, we have to deal with overpriced Lego and lack of Legoland, but I’m glad my childhood dream will soon be materialized very soon.

      Yes, Legoland was bought by Merlin Entertainments a couple of years back so they administer and run Legolands around the world. They’ve been doing a good job, so it’s good for now. I don’t think Lego was particularly adept at running theme parks 🙂

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