Here’s a look at LEGO’s SDCC 2023 exclusives and their Blockbuster Video-themed booth

LEGO has traditionally had a pretty decent presence at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), and this year, they’ve decided to go retro with a Blockbuster Video-themed booth, aptly called LEGO Brickbuster Video!

Pop culture is the central theme of LEGO’s Brickbuster Video Store, with displays of the latest LEGO Star Wars and Ahsoka sets, a dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog section, and plenty of LEGO Dreamzzz.

As is tradition, while LEGO seems to have moved away from the Clamshell LEGO SDCC Exclusives, there are still exclusive minifigures and merch that you can only get at Comic Con.

Check out a closer look at the exclusive Brickbuster Video minifigure torso, which has the words Be Kind, Rewind on it that you can get at the booth.

Many have already made their way onto eBay and are already fetching pretty high prices. They seem to be readily available, and I do think this is a slightly better take on LEGO SDCC Exclusives – it’s themed based on the booth, giving it a stronger connection to this particular Comic Con, and it doesn’t rely on popular comic book characters gated behind artificially limited exclusives.

UPDATE: Exclusive San Diego Comic Con Ninjago Riyu

This is gonna hurt for Ninjago fans, but Doc Wyatt, one of the writers of Ninjago just unveiled on social media that another San Diego Comic Con exclusive was handed out – a powered up version of Baby Riyu from Dragons Rising, with electric eyes!

This was handed out during the Ninjago Dragons Rising booth signing for free, and it’s a true SDCC exclusive, so expect this one to cost a fair bit on the aftermarket.

Yikes. I feel bad for Ninjago fans, especially younger ones who simply can’t afford to travel to Comic Cons to have to miss out on this.

And thanks to Andrew (akanei12 on Instagram) for permission to share this, there is also a larger prize pack that you can win by participating in a scavenge hunt, featuring more swag and merch from LEGO’s Brickbuster booth.

These pins in particular are really cool! I hope I can find a set on eBay for a decent price.

To see more of LEGO’s SDCC 2023 booth, check out this video from Beyond The Brick!

Really cool stuff from LEGO, and attending San Diego Comic Con has always been on the bucket list for me, so hopefully one day the stars will align and I’ll get to attend!

Are you lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic Con this year? What did you think of LEGO’s booth and how does it compare to previous years?

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