LEGO 75324 Dark Trooper Attack revealed!

Update: Check out my review of 75324 Dark Trooper Attack ahead of its launch on 1 March 2022!

After months of heavy rumours – we finally have our first look at the LEGO Dark Trooper Battle Pack, courtesy of German retailer JB Spielwaren.

75324 Dark Trooper Attack is based on that scene from the finale of The Mandalorian Season 2, which gave us all a jaw-dropping look at full-powered Luke Skywalker, mowing down a bunch of Dark Troopers.

75324 Dark Trooper Attack will be released on LEGO.comAmazon and most toy stores on 1 March 2022.

75324 Dark Trooper Attack comes with 3 Dark Troopers – which were previously only available in the Imperial Light Cruiser set set, as well as a brand new Luke Skywalker minifigure.

I’m also glad that this isn’t really a straight forward battle pack – but you also get a great Hallway scene as well, and some play features that allows Luke to dash forward and mow down the Dark Troopers.

It’s not hard to imagine that this is going to be immensely popular with LEGO Star Wars fans, and fans of The Mandalorian TV series.

8 responses to “LEGO 75324 Dark Trooper Attack revealed!”

  1. There’s more to star wars than just this show. It’s honestly overrated. Why does this need to be the focus of lego star wars?

  2. Greg N. says:

    And thus, LEGO unleashed the next great SW army builder upon the world.
    This thing is going to sell out before I can even think about blinking. XD

  3. Glen A says:

    Do you think the extended piece of Lego at the end of the build suggest it’s going to be connected to another build in the future?

    • J says:

      I think that’s a play feature to ‘force pull’ the dark trooper toward Luke.

    • Eggwood says:

      I think the bit sticking out is to do with some sort of mechanism inside. There are gaps in the side and floor that seem to show a spinning section, or you can make it look like Luke uses force push on one of the troopers. Sets that are intended to connect to others are usually connected with simple technic pins.

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