Review: LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures Series 1

After much speculation and teasing, I’m thrilled to be able to bring you my early review of the LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures – LEGO’s very first Marvel Super Hero-themed Collectible Minifigures series!

The LEGO Marvel CMF features characters from Disney+ television shows Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If…?, this series will be officially released on 1 September 2021 globally, and on 1 October for those of us in Asia Pacific.

With 12 incredible characters to collect, featuring iconic MCU characters, and all-new reimagined versions from What If…?, this series promises to delight any fan of the Marvel universe.

Before we dive into the review, do note that there will be some spoilers for some of the shows!

Special thanks to The LEGO Group for sending these minifigures for review.

Here’s a look at the blind bags, which have a “random” Marvel minifigure inside. I like the dark blue colour theme, which we’ve never seen before and makes the characters “pop” on the front.

Each Marvel Studios Minifigures series blind bag will retail for US$4.99 in the US, AU$5.99 in Australia and £3.49 in the UK.

There is also a new LEGO Marvel 6-pack box is also available from Amazon and for US$29.94, which is a really interesting format. It seems to be US-only for now.

LEGO Marvel Minifigures Box Distribution

The box design is also pretty neat, showcasing all 12 characters, and the Disney+ show logos displayed on the side.

The good news is that there are 3 complete sets in each box of Marvel Studios Minifigures – which is great news if you plan to split the box up with friends as there are no “chase minifigures”.

For those asking, here was the order of minifigures in my box. Please note that this is a highly imprecise art, and that boxes can be different if the blind bags move on the inside.

Big disclaimer: My box could be an outlier, so this may not apply to other boxes. Always try and feel your blind bags to be doubly sure.

Here’s a look at the character checklist and leaflet, and instructions on the reverse side.

Like the DC Comics Minifigures series, eachMarvel Studios minifigure also comes with bar and stud element, which attaches to the legs in a variety of angles, allowing you to pose them in all sorts of action poses like you see above.

They add a bit of movement and dynamism to the minfigures when you display them which is nice.

Here’s the complete list of characters.

  1. Scarlet Witch
  2. The Vision
  3. Monica Rambeau
  4. Winter Soldier
  5. Captain America / Falcon
  6. Loki
  7. Sylvie
  8. Zombie Hunter Spidey
  9. Zombie Captain America
  10. Captain Carter
  11. T’Challa Star-Lord
  12. Gamora with the Blade of Thanos

If you click the name of each minifigure, you’ll instantly jump to the corresponding minifigure review! For the “feelers out there”, my reviews also contain a “How To Find One” section with actual tips on how you can best identify the minifigs in their blind bags.

If you’re new to my LEGO Minifigure reviews, I use a 5-point scale review scale to rate each minifig. Here’s what the numbers mean!

5/5 – I love it
4/5 – I really like it
3/5 – I like it
2/5 – I don’t like it
1/5 – I didn’t really like it
0/5 – I hate it

Now all that’s done, let’s jump straight into the LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures review!

1. Scarlet Witch

First up, we have Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch from Wandavision, the very first Marvel Disney+ show.

This is currently THE definitive version of Scarlet Witch, featuring Wanda’s hairpiece which has her crown fused to it. It also features her new updated costume which was debuted in the final episode of Wandavision to much fanfare and approval from fans.

Here’s a look at Wanda’s back printing – a really encouraging bit of detail I noticed about the printing on her torso is that LEGO have finally fixed the colour-matching that has plagued flesh-coloured minifigurs – the bits of skin exposed match her arms and face almost perfectly.

For accessories, she has two red power blasts, and she also has an alternate face with her eyes lit up in red – the smile on this face is slightly disconcerting, and I think an angry look would’ve been a lot more appropriate, given the climax of Wandavision where she goes absolutely nuts.

I really like this version of Scarlet Witch, it’s clearly Wanda’s “final form”, and accurately captures her outfit from the TV show.

Compared against previous Scarlet Witch minifigures, it’s really apparent just how good this Wandavision version is – the combination of her cape, crowned hairpiece, and razor sharp printing on her torso and legs makes this one of the standout minifigures in this series.

How to find one: Try feeling for Scarlet Witch’s large hairpiece which flairs out towards the base. You can also feel for her power blasts which have a curved shape, and handle on the inside.

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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2. The Vision

Joining Wanda is The Vision, aka White Vision from Wandavision.

Cobbled together from Vision’s lifeless body after the events of Infinity War by S.W.O.R.D., White Vision went head to head against Wanda’s re-created vision in the Hex, before settling the score in a philosophical duel, ending with it absorbing all of Vision’s memories, and declaring himself the true Vision before flying off.

The Vision’s minifigure design is fantastic, with the designers intentionally keeping to a strict rule of not using any black lines, as it would be too contrasty and harsh against the pale shades of grey and white.

The level of printing on White Vision’s body is sublime, with generous details all over, including his arms and sides of his legs.

It’s a little hard to make out of it in these photos, but the paint used for the silver and gold sections are reflective, and give off a really cool effect as it bounces light off it.

I didn’t quite like the large gap between the printing on the front and back of Vision’s head – which exposes LEGO’s limitations when it comes to printing on heads.

For accessories, Vision comes with this laptop, which uses printed elements for decorations that feature a keyboard, and a screen featuring the S.W.O.R.D. logo, and a diagram of Wanda and Vision’s house within the Hex which is a nice little nod to the TV series.

For Wandavision or comic book fans, White Vision is a very fitting and welcome addition, and the level of printing is suitably impressive.

It could probably be improved with an Easter Egg referencing the Ship of Theseus, but otherwise is an awesome addition to any LEGO Marvel collection.

Minifig Rating: 3/5

How to find one: Try feeling for Vision’s laptop – the 2 x 1 tile your best bet, or the laptop screen, which feels like a 2 x 1 tile with a bulbous spine.

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3. Monica Rambeau

Rounding out the Wandavision trio is Monica Rambeau, the S.W.O.R.D. agent who acquired the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy when she forced herself into Wanda’s hex – setting her up towards her transformation to becoming a superhero known as Photon.

If her last name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the daughter of Maria Rembeau from Captain Marvel.

Her S.W.O.R.D. outfit is fairly minimalist and sleek – being mostly white with some grey details on her upper torso, with the S.W.O.R.D. logo in the middle of her chest.

The most exciting thing about Monica is her incredibly detailed hairpiece, which boasts a tremendous amount of texture and detail. This hairpiece perfectly matches Monica’s hairstyle from the TV show, and is another great option for a diverse hairstyle that’s unique to Africans and African Americans.

It’s a big plus for those looking to acquire darker minifigure heads and diverse hairstyles – a promising indication of LEGO’s commitment to improve access to diversity, which I predicted last year.

Here’s a look at Monica’s back printing, and another view of her highly textured hairpiece. From this angle, the white sides, and the grey negative space used to give her a more defined waist – it looks a little weird here as the sides doesn’t quite match the grey.

Monica Rambeau comes with a red helicopter, assembled out of several small LEGO parts – a reference to a reconnaissance drone that was sent by S.W.O.R.D. into the hex, which transformed into a red toy helicopter discovered by Wanda.

It’s a shame that the helicopter build is quite basis and doesn’t even utilise a proper propeller element and has no printing or decoration on it to make it stand out. It just feels like a random City Advent Calendar build!

Monica Rambeau is just all right, she isn’t a particularly established character within the MCU, and only got a glimpse of her powers, so fingers crossed we see more of her in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, or a Wandavision sequel.

The lack of interesting accessories is also slightly disappointing, but is slightly offset by Monica being an affordable way to get an African American female head, and hair.

And here are all 3 minifigures from Wandavision!

How to find one: Monica’s hairpiece is pretty large, and has plenty of grooves and texture to it. You can also feel for the helicopter blades, which is your standard LEGO rod/stick.

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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4. Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier is no stranger to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this version from Falcon and the Winter Soldier is an exciting new addition for Marvel fans to collect.

Bucky comes equipped with his weapon of choice – a dagger, and also Captain America’s shield – which plays a major role in the TV series as Bucky and Sam Wilson wrestle with Steve Rogers’ legacy post-Endgame.

MCU fans are going to be excited about this version of the Winter Soldier, as it features Bucky with his Made in Wakanda vibranium arm, which is black, and has gold and silver markings on it.

Here’s another look at the arm, and back printing as well – which features some nice details of his military-esque blue leather suit.

As you can see here, some of his stubble does peek out from under his hairpiece which is slightly annoying.

Here’s a look Bucky’s alternate angry face, and the new Captain America shield, which is identical as the one that comes with The Falcon.

A very cool detail added to Bucky’s face by graphic designer Mark Tranter is the tiny dimple on his forehead, in between his eyebrows, a distinct facial feature of Sebastian Stan that I’m pleased to see finally incorporated into his minifigure likeness.

I really like Bucky as a character, and am very happy to add him to my Winter Soldier collection. If there was one thing I dislike, it’s his hairpiece which is a little too Steve Rogers-esque, and doesn’t quite fit his TV look which has a shorter hairstyle with less tousled wavy hair.

How to find one: Try feeling for the Captain America shield, which is round, and has a handle at the back. If there isn’t some large chunky wings in the bag, it’s the Winter Soldier. Just be sure to not confuse it for Zombie Captain America, who has a rounded helmet, and you can always confirm with his knives, which come in a set together, and feel like separate pieces attached in a sprue.

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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5. Captain America / Falcon

Next we have Sam Wilson, formerly known as Falcon but has taken up the mantle (and shield!) of Captain America. Captain America is one of the most incredibly detailed minifigures ever to pop out of a Collectible Minifigures blind bag with his awe-inspiring wings.

Sam Wilson’s Captain America-coloured wings, and his brand spanking new suit were supplied by the Wakandans. The printing on his torso and legs are just sublime, with plenty of great details, and extremely high level of printed details across his body.

I was blown away by the level of detail in his wings, and just how large they are. As an added bonus, all the details are printed, both front and back, as well as the “flags” that clip on each side.

At the back, you’ll also be able to see Redwing, Falcon’s drone that’s attached to a stud.

Here’s a better look at Redwing.

If Sam’s ornate wings weren’t enough to impress you, I was thoroughly impressed by the printing and design on every surface of his body, from the arms, to the back, and even the sides of his legs –

I just love the little details that the designers manage to squeeze in such as shimmery, metallic paint used for the stars, and his belt, and his goggles as well. This is one of the most detailed minifigures that LEGO have ever created, and to think it’s available as a blind bag is just astounding.

Oh, and Sam Wilson also has a new hairpiece – which just looks fresh. It’s an appropriate hairpiece for African American males, but a lot less “afro” than the previous one.

Here’s the comparison with other Falcons in my collection.

Only 2 minifigures from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but it’s both titular characters, and Captain America is utterly sublime. Might be one of my favourite Marvel minifigures ever, and my top pick from this series due to the sheer quality in every single category.

How to find one: Captain America/Falcon is going to be the easiest minifigure to find, thanks to his large bulky wings. They have a large rectangular shape, with a very noticeable neck clip which will be very easy to feel for.

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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6. Loki

Next we move on to Loki, with the God of Mischief himself. This variant of Loki is decked out in his Time Variance Authority (TVA) uniform – a brown jacket, and dark brown pants.

The business casual details are super on-point, including the square tie, TVA-belt buckle, and even the creases on his trousers as well.

Over on the back of his jacket is the words VARIANT printed in large orange letters, and here’s a look at Loki’s alternate face which is slightly terrifying – it’s a really intense, almost crazed grin which is a little odd, and not a face I’d associate Loki making, especially in the TV show where he’s quite suave and subdued.

And here’s a look at Loki’s neat TVA mug.

Unfortunately just like in Asgard, and with his family, Loki is upstaged by one of the most ridiculous accessories/companions – Throg which is a frog variant of Thor.

It’s seriously one of the cutest things LEGO have ever done, and while Throg only made a small cameo in the TV series, the presence of an actual LEGO Throg does give credence that there was meant to be a more prominent scene featuring the Asgardian amphibian.

Anyway, Throg is adorable, and I love that he’s clutching a tiny Mjölnir, and has armor printed on his body.

Flip him around, and you can also see his helmet which has wings on the side, and a tiny red cape printed on his back.

Utterly adorable, and one of the neatest things that LEGO have done in a while that will sure to make fans of the Loki series really happy.

Loki is a great albeit plain minifigure, perfectly embodying his on-screen TVA counterpart, especially with that great hairpiece, and the addition of LEGO Throg makes for a great pair.

How to find one: Throg is a little hard to make out as he’s quite large, and feels like an indeterminate lump. You can also try feeling for the mug, which has a more recognisable shape with the handle, and cylindrical shape.

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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7. Sylvie

Next we have another Loki variant, this time, a female version of Loki called Sylvie who quickly forms a bond with Loki in the series.

Her full name is Sylvie Laufeydottir (as opposed to Loki’s last name – Laufeyson), and is played by Sophia Di Martino, which is fast becoming a fan favourite thanks to her fantastic performance on-screen, and her ability to enchant her foes and get them to do her bidding.

Sylvie comes with a blonde hairpiece, which has a small version of Loki’s horns (with one side broken off) which is super accurate to the on-screen version, as is the design of her minifigure torso.

Here’s a look at her alternate face, which has a confident grin, and back printing as well. For weaponry, she comes with a long green dagger – the green is a nod to how Loki’s magic manifests itself in the show.

Like Loki, she also has a critter as a companion – a bright green alligator – an Alligator variant of Loki, which is one of the most memorable Loki variants in the series. Unfortunately, the Alligator is missing Loki’s horns, which is a shame – my guess is that the concept art wasn’t finalised, and the horns were added in much later.

Here’s how this Alligator Loki compares against other LEGO Crocodiles. It makes for a perfect baby crocodile, which is good news of you collect LEGO animals!

These animal variants inject so much fun into the series, and I really wish they had given Alligator Loki a crown as that would’ve been absolutely perfect.

Out of all the 3 new Disney+ shows released so far, Loki has been a smash hit, and has been my favourite, so I’m thrilled to get Loki and Sylvie to add to my collection.

It explores such a rich universe, with the TVA and all manner of Loki variants, so I hope this isn’t the last we see of Loki in LEGO as I’d love some more sets, and to collect the other variants.

How to find one: Try feeling for Sylvie’s blades – there are 2 of them which feel flat, but have a rounded handle. Apart from that, you can try feeling for Alligator Loki, who is quite long, especially the tail which is quite thin and has a slight curve to it.

Minifig Rating: 3/5

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8. Zombie Hunter Spidey

We now leave the world of live action Disney+ shows, and dive into What If…?, the animated series exploring alternate timelines and scenarios featuring our favourite Marvel charatcers.

First up, we have Zombie Hunter Spidey, which hasn’t appeared in a What If…? episode as of writing this review, but thanks to his name, you get a pretty good clue as to what he does.

Outfitted in a cape that’s very reminiscent of Doctor Strange, my guess is that in this What If scenario, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, and is tasked with hunting down Zombies.

This is one of the most detailed LEGO Spider-Man minifigures yet, here’s a look at his back printing.

And his arm and leg printing – I love the web shooters on his wrists, as well as the incredible level of detail on his legs, which are dual-molded. He comes with a white webbing string, and also has an alternate head – with Peter Parker’s face.

I also love Peter Parker’s alternate face, which has expression which blends shock and fear into one! I’d look like that if Captain America had turned into a zombie, and it was my job to sort that out!

This is a really fun take on Spider-Man, and while it doesn’t really introducing anything new or fresh other than the Doctor Strange cape, Zombie Hunter Spidey is a fun concept, and I’m excited to see more of him in What If. What makes this a great minifigure is the level of detail on his body, and the new Peter Parker head too, which is quite a rarity as you almost always get Spidey with his mask on.

How to find one: Zombie Hunter Spidey has 2 heads to feel for. Alternative, try feeling for his webbing string, which has noticeable grooves throughout, and studs at the end.

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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9. Zombie Captain America

Part of the What If…? episode that I’m sure is based on Marvel Zombies, is Zombie Captain America, which is exactly what you expected him to look like.

Steve Rogers has been reanimated as a soulless Zombie, turning a bright shade of mint. His iconic Captain America suit is all tattered and covered in dirt and he’s given up on the pursuit of advancing American Ideals, swapping it for the simple pursuit of braaaaaains.

Here’s a look at Steve Rogers’ zombie face beneath his mask, which is pretty typical Zombie-fare, but I do like this new Zombie colour variant which mixes things up slightly from the usual decomposing grey that’s been established in the LEGO universe.

I also really like Zombie Cap’s accessory – a heavily scuffed up Shield, which has a great effect. Perfect if you ever want to set up a fight between Wolverine and Steve Rogers.

The detailed printing across his body is on par with all the other minifigures in the series with plenty of printing on both arms, and the sides of his legs as well. A really neat detail here is on his helmet, which has a bite mark on the left wing.

If you like Zombies, Zombie Steve Rogers is going to be welcomed into your collection, but otherwise, it’s one of the weaker minifigures in this series – it’s a cool novelty variant of the beloved Captain America, but doesn’t really bring anything new or exciting to the table.

Maybe when the Zombies episode airs, my mind will be changed, but as it stands, Zombie Cap is just okay.

How to find one: Zombie Captain America is quite hard to find as his shield is the only defining accessory, so you’ll have to ensure that you don’t mix it up with the Winter Soldier, who has a knife accessory. Your best best is to find the shield and confirm with Captain America’s helmet, which has a smoother rounded feel to it.

Minifig Rating: 2/5

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10. Captain Carter

Up next is another lovely entrant to the series – Peggy Carter, in her Captain Carter suit. The first What If…? episode explored the alternate reality of what happens if Peggy Carter had gotten the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, which sees her take up the mantle of Captain Carter, which sees her don the Union Jack on her costume, and on her shield as well.

This is the second Captain Carter minifigure after the one from the Hydra Stomper set, but this is clearly the superior version as it’s much more accurate to the on-screen captain Carter – plus the red, blue and whites are much more visually attractive.

Here’s a look at Captain Carter’s arm, side leg and back printing – which is now a standard in all collectible minifigures, but I am absolutely loving the level of detail of her boots – down to the strap.

Peggy’s hair is absolutely perfect – in fact, I can’t recall a time LEGO have convincingly NAILED an actor’s hairstyle this accurately. They’ve really nailed Hayley Atwell’s likeness, down to her bold red lipstick.

Her shield with the Union Jack is also superb, and a welcome variant to all the Captain America shields we have gotten so far.

Here’s a look at the Tesseract, which is slightly more in scale, made out of 2 1×1 plates instead of the 1×1 brick that was used previously. It makes use of the opalescent bricks, which has glitter/sparkles within the bricks, giving it a suitable cosmic look that’s much closer to the on-screen Tesseract.

I would’ve liked a flat tile for the top piece to make it look more like a smooth cube.

I was not expecting to like Captain Carter this much, but she’s pretty much flawless and one of the most accurate minifigure adaptions that LEGO have ever done.

Captain Carter is a revelation, and I would love to see Hayley Atwell continue to take up the mantle, and I hope we see much more of her in the MCU.

One of the best minifigures in the series without a doubt.

How to find one: Feel for Captain Carter’s shield, and confirm with the 1×1 plates in the bag. They should be easy enough to dislodge by shaking the bling bag and have sharp corners which you can pinch.

Minifig Rating: 5/5

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11. T’Challa Star-Lord

The next What If…? character we’re treated to is T’Challa Star-Lord, which explores what the MCU would be if the Yondu and the Ravagers picked up T’Challa instead of Peter Quill.

T’Challa Star-Lord swaps Peter’s maroon jacket for a Wakandan-appropriate purple jacket, with gold trim on it. More excitingly for LEGO Marvel fans, this is also the first time that we’ve gotten T’Challa’s face without his Black Panther mask!

Like Captain America, Star-Lord also boasts a new African American hairstyle, with coiled hair at the top, but a smooth taper down the sides and back.

Here’s a look at T’Challa’s back printing – I like the flecks of gold on the back and front which mimic Black Panther’s necklace styles, as well as his Jet Boot attachments on his legs.

In true Star-Lord fashion, T’Challa also comes with his own exclusive Star-Lord mask – which has the same gold plating as Peter Quill’s but with purple eyes to complete the look.

His Quad Blasters also make an appearance, this time in silver which is very cool, and a reference to Vibranium.

Here’s a look at some of the Star-Lords from my collection, and you can instantly see how well T’Challa fits in with the other Star-Lords.

I’ve been a big fan of Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy since James Gunn’s first movie, and thoroughly enjoyed the episode featuring T’Challa Star-Lord – so naturally, this is one of my favourites from the series.

How to find one: Try feeling for T’challa Star-Lord’s helmet, which is the only full-sized helmet in the set – the opening at the bottom should be quite easy to feel for. Alternatively, feel for his Quad Blasters which have a flattish feel.

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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12. Gamora with the blade of Thanos

Last but not least – we have Gamora with the Blade of Thanos, also from the What If…? series. Gamora, who is Thanos’ adopted daughter is decked out in Thanos’ golden amour as well.

The episode featuring Gamora wielding the Blade of Thanos hasn’t been revealed yet, but it does seem to heavily suggest that it’ll revolve around what would happen if Gamora takes up the Thanos’ mantle.

I really like this version of Gamora, and she looks sick with the golden armour. The Blade of Thanos, which is just a simple double-bladed weapon, connected by a pearl gold lightsaber hilt.

Here’s a look at her back printing.

What makes Gamora stand out is not only the contrast between gold and black, but there’s also metallic gold paint on her body, which shimmer in the light.


And here’s a look at Gamora’s arm printing, as well as her angry alternate face.

The level of printing on Gamora is super impressive, especially on her feet. Shame there’s no side printing on her legs, but she’s a really remarkable minifigure.

Here’s a comparison with the Thanos minifigure from the 76141 Thanos Mech set. I think she’ll also look great next to the Thanks from the upcoming Sanctuary II set.

I would’ve like the Thanos Blade to look a little more unique and representative of the movie version, which has a squarish profile for its blades, but still, a pretty cool Gamora variant that I can’t wait to see more of in What If…?

Here are all the What If…? minifigures – the biggest contingent in this series!

How to find one: Try feeling for the lightsaber hilt, which is the only one of its kind, or the flat blades.

Minifig Rating: 4/5

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Final Thoughts: LEGO and Marvel have knocked the very first Marvel-themed Minifigures series out of the park, striking a really great balance between the characters featured.

Having to choose from only 12 characters makes it a much tougher job than it seems, but I think LEGO have mostly done a superb job picking all the big names from the Disney+ shows that will no doubt please MCU and LEGO Marvel fans.

Like Looney Tunes before it, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in the quality of minifigures, especially in the printing department, and it’s really groundbreaking to see such highly detailed minifigures available in blind bags.

Like the source material its based on, when I spoke to the LEGO Minifigures design team earlier in the year, they did confirm that diversity played a huge role in the series, and it’s quite balanced with 5 female heroes, and plenty of African American options with Monica Rambeau, Captain America, and T’Challa – indirectly giving people an affordable way to get minifigure parts that suit those with darker skin.

With a 12-character series, you’re always wondering about what minifigures were left on the cutting room floor, and in this case, I would’ve loved seeing Baron Zemo, Heist Nebula, or Agatha Harkness from Wandavision, but this series seems squarely focused on “good guys” instead of villains.

For LEGO Marvel or MCU fans, this series is a dream come true, and sets a really high benchmark of what we can expect from a series based on external IP (intellectual property), and I can see this being extremely popular given how accessible they are.

As this is the first Marvel series, I do wish that we had gotten a special printed baseplate to mark the occasion – just having the Marvel Studios logo printed on them (similar to Batman Series 2) would’ve been a really special touch that feels like a missed opportunity.

Here are my top 5:

  1. Captain America
  2. Captain Carter
  3. Scarlet Witch
  4. T’Challa Star-Lord
  5. Zombie Hunter Spidey

I highly recommend the Marvel Studios minifigures series, especially if you’re a fan of Marvel movies or comic books!

Overall Rating: 4/5 ★★★★✰

The LEGO Marvel Studios minifigures will be available 1 September 2021 globally, and on 1 October for Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia). Each blind bag will retail for US$4.99 in the US, AU$5.99 in Australia and £3.49 in the UK.

What do you think of the LEGO Marvel Minifigure series? Let me know what your favourite characters are in the comments!

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